Why is my infant fussy?

My baby has been a happy baby since birth until the past few weeks. She’s two months old. Each day she has gotten more and more fussy. Last night she screamed for hours with gas pains. We have her on similac alimentum, she’s always had gas on it and we could hear her stomach but it seems to be worse lately. She’s also fighting sleep horribly. Should I try switching to soy? She’s also constipated often. We give her gas drops and gripe water but nothing seems to help. The only other thing I know to do is try soy.


Try the sensitive one first. Have you done that one yet? If that doesn’t work then switch to soy

Is she on powder or pre made?

DO NOT CHANGE FORMULAS WITHOUT TALKING TO YOUR PEDIATRICIAN. I’m talking from experience. My daughter is one and it’s been hell. It could be acid reflux as well.


Dr. Brown bottles and acid reflux medication works wonders! Premade alimentum worked better for my baby than Any powder formula.

Ask the pediatrician before changing her and a teaspoon of dark karo syrup will help the constipation. Swaddling will help with the bellyache, some love it some don’t. Praying for your precious baby.


Try different formulas. We had the Same issue. Also switch to anti colic bottles like dr brown or avant

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Dont keep trying different formulas it can make it worse, my boys suffered terribly from acid reflux, which they didnt wana lie down sounds like what your babys going through see your doc or paed, they can prescribe gaviscon , it may help


Try mixing Karo syrup if she’s been constipated

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I had the SAME EXACT problem with my 2 mo son, by his 2 months I was on my 4th formula, the last one being Similac Soy Isomil. It seems to have helped, however I had to also give him 1oz of prune juice every day because of his constipation, and he still someone’s only goes every couple days (which seems to be alright) just up until a couple hours before he poops-THEN he gets a little more fussy. Anyway-I tried EVERYthing for his belly. All types of the gas drops, colic drops, thick-it, lactase enzyme…you name it. I finally decided to stick with the soy for a while, coupled with the prune juice and occasional dose of the gas drops and he’s way, way better. It took a few days for him to adjust to the soy, but he did just fine in the end.

Give her similac pro sensitive. Same thing was happening with my baby til we switched her and shes doing amazing now.

Soy will make the constipation worse. Theres also a growth spurt around 8wks that will make her fussier than normal.


My daughter tried the similac and had the same issues. Bubbly tummy, gas etc. we switched her to enfamil gentlease and that’s helped ALOT! Plus we’re using the NUK simply natural bottle as well! She’s 2 months now.

And PLEASE do not give her sugar syrup or juice. Its normal for babies that age to go days without pooping. If her stool is firm, you can give her an ounce of water but dont add anything to it. The other stuff might make her poop but itll tear her belly up.

Dip your finger in Dr Pepper and let the baby suck off the Dr Pepper it works my daddy done that with my son and it does work

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She probley cutting teeth ot put tep cereal in her bottle went thouh with my daughter but frist call her doctor

My daughter had the same issue and we had to put her on soy milk

Both my boys were like that. 1 took soy and the other took added rice. We use the parents choice from Walmart with added rice and it works great for him.

Luke warm water and a tiny bit of brown sugar will help

Gerber Good Start formula! It has probiotics in the formula as well

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Talk to your family dr, enfamil A+ gentlease, worked wonders for my one son who spat up alot and had gas alot and stomach problems.

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Why are you using alimentum? If it’s a dairy allergy, soy can trigger it as well because the protein structure is similar (found out the hard way). I’d definitely recommend talking about reflux with your doctor. Try bicycling her legs before laying her down and look up baby massage for the gut. There’s some good moves to help with constipation naturally

Look up belly rubs and bicycle legs or gas drops to help w the gas also look into the wonder weeks app, she could be going through a leap causing the sleep troubles

An oz of prune juice will help with constipation. My baby had anal stenosis we thought was colic. We caught it early enough that we just had to dilate. No surgery.

Other than changing formula, you can try ‘bicycle legs’, sit ups or anything that will ‘crunch’ her belly. My oldest son went through this as a baby. I also would lay him across my legs so that my leg was pushing into his belly while I rubbed his back. Or lay her over you shoulder, same concept.

Try soy! My daughter stayed constipated and her pediatrician told us to give her 2 ounces of warm water with a teaspoon of sugar mixed in it twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. Then work it down to once a day. Eventually her body will start to regulate on its own and you will no longer have to do this. It didn’t take long for our daughter. We also give her a probiotic supplement to help with her digestive system.

Try a little prune juice in cooled boiled water, also try giving a little extra formula as could be a growth spurt and a warm bath with Epsom salts and lavender will help relax her and relieve some of that trapped gas.
Do not change the formula as you can make it worse.
See your paediatrician before changing

Get gentle ease… its easier on the tummy


My daughter was allergic to milk and diary products,some babies have to go to goat milk or soy




Clear Kyro syrup. Small amount in the bottle. Helps them poop

Either soy or I had to use this milk with a rice base it stopped all the stomach problems my son had

My baby did not agree with similac at all. I had to switch him to enfamil gentlese. No problems since then.

Talk to pediatrician!

All of this happened to my baby because I was over feeding her. (Not saying that how are) But it wouldn’t hurt to double check with her pediatrician to make sure you’re feeding the right amount and times for her age. Just one more thing to rule out. Good luck. Also, my pediatrician approved for me to make my own fennel water. You could ask your pediatrician if that would be okay for your baby. You can mix it in with formula or put a little bit in the bottle by itself.

If you switch to the GMO brands mentioned above, your not getting the good prebiotics and DHA and superior vitamin contents, your also avoiding a long list of toxins, pesticides, stomach inflammants and irritants.

talk to her doctor and see what they suggest

My pedi told us that we could give our son a little bit of pear juice to help with constipation because has sometimes has that problem. He is a little over 2 months old.

Two of my kids were the same way, Soy worked wonders for them and they eventually outgrew the need for it. I will warn you that the diapers are particularly nasty on soy.

Yes try soy my son did the same thing on similac

Ask dr before switching but sounds like it might be a good idea

My baby girl liked the nutramigen from enfamil much better than the alimentum. The similac formulas all were more frothy than the enfamil and gave her more gas. After that we went to the gerber

Switch to nutramigen, it’s the best, you’ll see results immediately!!
We had the same issue, our pediatrician recommended that…

EVERYTHING IS A GMO. However, try a sensitive. And some gripe water to help with the gas. Possibly switch bottles, or just try a different nipple,style. The formula isn’t always the problem. Maybe she’s not getting a long enough burp.

I use enfamil gental- ease, works great… 2 month shots will make them cry more and tummy time might help also bicycle movements… extra water(an oz for every month old) in bottle helps constipation also juice apple/pear

I would switch to alimentum RTF. It has the least amt of milk protein, soy and corn of all the hypoallergenic formulas.

try to change his bottles for DR Brown ones, helped my little boy :+1:

my son was on nutramigen and it help him

Try it ,it won’t kill her

It could possibly be silent reflux. Sit straight up to feed and burp twice(halfway thru bottle) dont lay fat. Put blanket under the head of crib or whatever she sleeps in , let sit upright about 20 min after feeding… ask dr Bout it. They scream because it burns. If thats what she has. She would need a special formula that has rice in it to thicken to help stay down.we used one by Enfamil. Good news at 7 months she was all well. For 4 months we thickened her formula with cereal. She had silent reflux 3 months cried all night. We never slept. Only took the special Enfamil 3 months back to gentlease at 41/2 months. We used the MAM bottles. It helped.

Same problem for me, switched to soy huge difference sometimes lactose is hard on a babies tummy

Have you tried sensitive? I use members mark from Sam’s club now after switching from Similac sensetive. My daughter had gas on it too but after using a few gas drops and doing tummy rubs and such it helps. Remember it takes a while for the body to adjust and grow could be growing pains too. With my son I went through just about every formula due to pediatrician recommendations or wic policies. Overall he had a hard time with every formula until we got him on the sensetive one and still doesn’t due cow’s milk well since not being on formula he just drinks almond milk now.

I was a shocking sleeper according to my mom.
Back then what was recommended was brown raw sugar dissolved in warm water . Maybe try your baby with a few sips and see what happens.

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Check with you pediatrician, might be other reasons for stomach pain.