Why is my boyfriend actin this way?

I just moved with my boyfriend across the country and he has been acting horrible to me ever since I got here and prior. He got a good paying job and we moved here for his job. I’ve been looking for work since I got here 4 days ago. He calls me lazy he told me I’m useless. I don’t have a car right now because it’s been late for me to get my license but he continues to put me down instead of encouraging me. He says it’s tough love and he’s treating me like an equal but telling me I’m useless and stupid and degenerate for making simple mistakes like not letting the toilet flush properly or leaving something on the counter or getting overwhelmed and hanging up on the internet guy. Is this normal for a man to do? I paid for the rent for the first month I got him new tires for his truck and I gave him 1000 dollars before our trip for whatever he needed it for I can’t remember he got angry when I asked said he’s tried of explning… anyways I don’t have any family here I have no friends and I don’t have a job yet. I quit my job to move here with him. Any advice I’m so upset and so lost.