Why is my 4-month-old always fussy?

I have a four month old who is always fussy. When he wakes up he is all smiles and happy for about a hour and then he starts to get fussy. It seems like I always need to walk around with him and stimulate him to keep him happy. I can’t put him down for even a minute or he will start screaming his head off! I am a first time mom so I’m not sure if this is normal?? Do any other mamas have this problem??


Maybe he’s ready for a nap by then? My almost 4 month old is on an “awake one hour, sleep one hour” routine during the day, by his choice, and he sleeps 8-10 hrs through the night also. Babies require a ton of sleep. He eats (20-30 mins), plays for about 30 min, and then naps for an hourish and we do that over and over until bedtime. Only time he really gets fussy is when he’s ready for a nap. I use a bouncer seat to help him fall asleep because he’s a sleep-fighter. All babies are different, but might be worth a try, good luck momma!

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It seams that you have a … four month old baby . Welcome to parenthood x

My third child was like this. I put him I a walker put blankets around him so he would not fall forward then pulled him with me as I did my household chores. That way he was stimulated but I wasn’t carrying him.

He could be sleepy or bored? My 4 month old wakes up plays for about 30 min then goes down for a nap about an hour after she wakes up… wash, rinse, repeat lol if she’s fussing she’s bored and wants to play, hungry, sleepy, or her reflux is flaring (but that’s a whole different pain :sweat_smile:) and sometimes she just wants those mama cuddles and she’s stuck to me all day! :joy:

Have you tried baby wearing? Lifesaver for those clingy days! Running the vacuum can also work wonders on a crying baby :two_hearts:

My almost 5 month old was like this too and has just now started to settle down. He is my third and my other two boys were not like this. I spent a lot of time with him in his baby wrap carrier. That way he was happy and I could still get things done.

Yes totally normal. Exactly what other Mama’s have said tired more than likely. Try a swing or bouncer seat or baby wearing him. See what works best for him :slightly_smiling_face:

My 4 month old gets bored… If you’re not in her face entertaining her, she isn’t happy. :woman_shrugging:

My son was the same until about 5 months old then a switch flipped and is not like that anymore. Much more content. Hang in there, it does get better!