Why does my newborn constantly breastfeed?

Hey! I’m a new mom to a 3 week old baby girl. I’m currently nursing with her. She does great. My concern is that she’s constantly on the boob. She wakes up and is hungry again. The one and only way she can fall asleep it seems. I’m even pumping and she still needs to eat afterwards. Any tips of advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Completely normal in time she will.do This to increase milk supply

Breastfed babies nurse every hour to three hours during growth spurts

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At 3-4 weeks this is absolutely normal. It’s called cluster feeding - it allows babe to eat lots while she goes through a growth spurt! My advice would be to keep giving her as much as she likes… this may help her to sleep longer stretches and will definitely help her grow.
I know it’s tough but it is temporary. My youngest is now 9 weeks and she’s doing 3-4 hour stretches, except for early morning when she just wants to comfort cluster nurse.
Hope that helps!

this is normal they dont drink enough get tired fall asleep so wake uo hungry. try an express produces more milk.

Totally normal. It won’t last though. She’s growing and developing so much these first few months and she’ll slow down, and then it’ll kick into higher gear when there’s a growth spurt for a few days. But it shouldn’t last a long time. And when you start her on cereal/oatmeal whatever you want to call it, it will definitely keep her fuller so don’t stress. Just be happy your supply is up and going good for now!! :+1:t3::+1:t3:

Sounds like cluster feeding. Its normal and she is trying to help increase your supply. Its exhausting but it will pass :slight_smile: it does happen with each growth spurt though so be prepared.

It’s normal. Babies will fall asleep at the breast but if they’re still sucking they’re still nursing. It’s important to keep her there because you want her to get the “hind milk”.

Completely normal momma.

Sounds like a newborn, she is helping to increase your milk supply by nursing frequently!

Completely normal, she’s cluster feeding to increase your supply. I remember this like it was yesterday, literally stuck on the couch the entire day/night feeding until I thought I was going to lose my damn mind. No one told me about cluster feeding before I gave birth, and I almost gave up so many times thinking my supply wasn’t enough for her and that’s why she was constantly wanting to feed. Stick with it though mama, it will pass. :heart:

Growth spurt, hang in there the longer she nurses the more your body is told to make more milk, also try coconut water/milk

My son was like this. It’s called cluster feeding. He just couldnt get enough! He was a little piggie.