Why does my child fidget when eating?

So when my daughter breast feeds (almost 5 months old) she never stops moving. I think in the last 2 weeks we haven’t had one feeding where she doesnt squirm so much she almost falls out of my arms. I find it easier to be laying down on my side and feed her that way but she still is constantly latching and unlatching because she just wants to squirm. How did you guys deal with this? It hurts so much when she tugs me all the time.


Swaddle her. Then feed. Might take a ehile for her to get used to. But hope ot helps

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My son is 5 months old too, he’s bottle fed but I find when he’s teething he’s uncomfortable and it squirming.

Maybe try introducing a bottle with breast milk??


I personally didn’t feed him if he wanted to play he ate for like 10 mins start moving a lot and then we did tummy time and played games I wore out his energy and then fed him

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My som is 10 months and still does this. Just keep trying.

My 4 1/2 month old was doing something similar. It could be she’s not getting enough milk. How’s your supply? Has your diet changed ? Did you recently start exercising?

Around that age they’re curious. In fact for us it started around three months. I had to be in a quiet room with nobody else present. If not, her would constantly squirm and look to see who’s there and not feed well.

I always took it as a sign they weren’t hungry yet :woman_shrugging: I’d stop nursing and play with them until they could focus to eat lol.

Not that one but do know that sometimes you you feel if they do something one more time you are gonna pull your hair out and they never do it again.Not to say that don’t go into a new thing…
Hang in there Mama, you are giving your the very
best start in life.

My daughter headbutts me like a bull, kicks her feet, pops on and off and blows raspberries. Sometimes I think she’s not hungry so we play a while. She crawls after her dad and the cats, her brothers, and then eventually comes back to nurse just to act the same way :joy:

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Sounds like she isn’t latching properly. Check this video out <3 Good luck.

My 4 month old is doing the same thing, she wants to wiggle and look around and try to grab everything around me. If I try to eat a snack she just looks up and laughs at me, if she starts flailing her arms around she will hit me in the face (not on purpose) and it hurts. Just hang in there, they need to eat lol.

At that point it’s honestly easier to pump and bottle feed. I did that with my daughter and my son is the same age and does that stuff to so he mostly gets pumped bottles

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Gas will make them squirm like that maybe burp between boobs that’s what I do.

Has it been 2-1/2 to 3 hours since she ate last?