Who is the love of your life?

Who is the love of your life? Spouse or kids?


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Kids and then spouse :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Both but my kids come first. Always

Hubby but Ma kids come 1st regardless

They are different kinds of love. The 2 don’t compare. :woman_shrugging:


Both ! But the one who currently ranks is my little first grandchild! She has my heart in the palm of her hands :raised_hands:

My husband. That said, love of spouse is completely different from love of child. For me it is #1 God, #2 Husband, #3 Kids.


Those are very different types of love. But if youre asking who comes first in the pecking order-your spouse should come first. If you choose to put your kids first, good luck keeping your family complete.


The love of my life is God. He keeps me sane in those moments that I want to unleash everything. He keeps me grounded with just talking to him. He blessed me with the ability to have children, then sent me an amazing man to help me raise them. So he is first and foremost, the love of my life💞

My partner is the love of my life. My kids are my kids.

Spouse…however all of our children are loved immensely…the 2 don’t compare! 

They’re literally different kinds of love. Why would you compare them :unamused:


Both. But, the kids come first. Period.

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My kids are forever, a spouse can change at any time.


Both but different ways. My partner is first and the love of my life ultimately

The thought that kids come first or that we need to put them on a pedestal whatever is what’s wrong with this generation. If more families were putting their God and their spouse first then kids would be much better off 


My daughter, I feel like I could never love someone more then her.

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I would never make anyone choose. They’re all on the same level of love-of-my-life, but in different ways.

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My husband is my soulmate and best friend, as well as the love of my life. My kids don’t come second tho, the love for them is just different. But they are still the loves of my life as well.

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My children. I’ll never love anyone as much as I love them.

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My daughter will always come first, before anyone else. Period. I can have a person I am with and love, but she will always be priority.

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All of them plus some. You can’t put value on just a couple of people like that. It’s all different loves but it’s still love.

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My husband is the love of my life, my kids are my life :heartpulse:


God, Spouse, then children

You can have more than one, because you love them differently.
My mom is the love love of my life, of course my daughter and my niece , my niece was the first baby in the family and she showed me a different kind of love . One that I have never felt, she is 24 and still my little solecito

My kids are first always you carry them close to your heart for 9 months and forever after
Losing a child has to be one of the worse hardships to.bear

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Both due to my husband is a different kind of love than what my babies are. All of them are my everything

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The 2 just aren’t the same. Two different types of love if you ask me


My spouse of course.
My kid saved my life, and I’ll always love them for it.

There’s a different kind of love for each person.
I can never love anyone as deeply as I love my children. Ever
But I love my best friend, my bf, my sister, God… all endlessly and all in different ways.

myself and my kids and grandkids…everybody else i can live without

Different types of love


My kids first! Then husband!

My kids are a piece of my heart, walking around outside my body. They will always come before everyone, even myself.
My fiance is my best friend, the love of my life.
The two can’t be compared. It’s a different love.


tbh I can’t Compare them I love them differently.

I don’t really have a solid answer for this. My husband is definitely my true love of this life. We got together at 14 & 15. We turn 35 & 36 this year! My daughter is turning into my best friend and my son I’m pretty sure is my soulmate. He just has a different type of hold on my soul and heart but I love them all tremendously!


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Spouse butt my kids are my world

The love you have for your spouse is a different kind of love than you have for your kids. You look at your spouse differently than you look at your kids. The two cannot be compared and your spouse should never be in competition with your children.

Spouse is ALWAYS first.


It’s myself. Because I have to love me before I can truly love or properly care for someone else.


Kids alwaaysss :dart::dart::dart::dart::dart::ok_hand:

The love of my life is me because if I don’t love myself correctly I can’t love anyone else

Neither. The grandkids and the dogs :rofl::rofl::rofl:

God, kids, parents and then spouse

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