Where were you at when your water broke?

Hi mommies what were you doing when your water broke?


Watching American Horror story

Sleeping with my oldest and laying down with my youngest

I had to have mine broken in the hospital with all 3 of my kids because I was at 10cm and it hadn’t broken yet.

Getting car insurance

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In the elevator at the hospital heading to the birthing ward. :joy:

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In the middle of grocery shopping!

I was waiting in L&D for my midwife to assess me.

First one I was in the hospital
Already prepared to be induced the next morning

Second it didnt break they had to break it

3rd I was riding in the car going to the hospital and then she was born in the car

Climbing up and down friends stairs for about ten minutes

I was delivering my daughter

Sat on my birthing ball to relieve pressure and it just went everywhere!

Son-woke up and it broke as soon as I set up.
Daughter-just stepped out of shower.

1st, doctor broke it
2nd, I was picking up my car from the mechanic
3rd, I was in the back yard, then it finished in my parents car on the way to the hospital

Lying in the hospital bed

Trying to get ready for bed

I was sleeping at the hospital. I had gotten some morphine for my pain so I woke up to my little girls dad saying ew you pee’d! :joy:

Walking the dog. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Was just ready to make food for my kids and boom they broke… Got such a fright :joy::joy::joy:

Just gotten into bed. F*cking typical.

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Standing in Target picking out Mother’s Day cards

First time: Taking a shower.

Second time: Screaming through a contraction.

Laying in the hospital. Lol Mine had to be broken all 5 times by the doctor.

1st i got woke up thru the night with them breaking. Hed done the toilet in me so went everywhere was all dirty. Second son was in house in the morning but wasnt alot n kept going from them on for hours. 3rd im currently patiently waiting on themgoing at 38weeks pregnant lol ad gladly see them just now lol

I was enduced and my 2nd child i was at the weekly appointment and my water broke

mine as a small tear with a trickle and then my contractions stopped

I fell and then got up and sat down, when I was sitting my water broke.

Just got off a dirt bike 🤷

I had been dancing around. Trying to twerk.
Went downstairs and my water broke.

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My 1st I woke up and felt a pop, ended up being a high leak. With my 2nd I was at a friend’s house swimming we were laying on pool rafts sat up to get out and my water broke.

Bouncing on a pregnancy ball!

Sleeping :joy: I woke up as it broke

In a hospital bed all three times lol

I was fortunate enough with both my children, I was in bed.

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I sat up in bed in the middle of the night. I wondered what happened :joy:

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My water didn’t break on its own with any of my 5 babies! Thank goodness, I had an excess of fluid and when they broke my water, there was a splash every time!

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I was sleeping on a blanket on a floor i rolled iver to go pee and get ready for school and boom. Thought i peed myself but it didnt stop and it didnt smell like pee so bing light bulb called my mom (i was at the bd’s place) and off i went.

In a hospital bed having them broken and 2nd time pushing

I woke up with a wet bed. Thought I had wet the bed. So washed and remade the bed.

Giving the cats water

Getting my epidural 🤦‍♀

I was in the hospital in labor already

Watching Monster House or sleeping

At the market with first one. Hospital with second one

In the hospital all 5 times, that was the only thing that never would happen on its own for me.

Layin in the hospital, was in labor twelve hours and didnt know haha they had to break my water

Sleeping! It woke me up. It was the funniest thing and I remember lying there gushing water with each contraction telling orders for my husband and sister to get towels on the carpet so I could get up.
I was laughing because I literally gushed so much everywhere with every movement I made.

Walking in to work on my last day before they were going to induce me… Thought I was peeing my pants at first…lol

In the hospital. I had been induced early. I don’t even remember my water breaking or being broken.

Just laid in bed after putting fresh sheets on it.

Laying on the delivery room table with all 4. C-sections.

First 2 babies they broke my water at the hospital. Second 2 babies I was home and went to pee & my water broke on the commode.

Baking a heart cake and I was mopping the kitchen floor!

My first came early and they broke it. My second I was asleep and getting up to pee and portions came out.

Pushing both times had to be burst

doc broke it when I was 9 1/2 to 10 cm. was in labor for 18 hours by that point and 20 mins later my son was born

In the hospital with my first and in the shower with my second

I’d just got back from eating lunch and I had been holding my pee. When I got back to work someone stopped and asked me for help and a lil pee came out and I ran away to use the bathroom. When I finished and stood up more came out. I did a double take and said that wasn’t me

I was trying to go back to sleep for another hour before my doctor’s appt.

I was sitting on the couch

Went pee in the morning and walked out of the bathroom not even a min passed by

Woke up to pee and stood up to flush the toilet and thought I was still peeing! :joy: it was around 3 in the morning with my first. After hours of labor she was born via emergency cesarean. My next two were born scheduled cesareans so my water didn’t break with them.

Sleeping… I thought I somehow peed myself cuz I was only 34 weeks… Cleaned up, put the sheets in the wash and went back to sleep… when it happened again I got the clue, lol. My water didnt break like that with my first… was definitely weird.

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With my first, trying to get my son to even out the dilation process (doctor broke it to encourage him to drop against my other side). With my other two, pushing them out is what broke my water.

With my third, i had just started my shift at work lol…I was there probably 7 minutes and it broke! My other 2 pregnancies it didn’t break. With my first I had a slow leak then it stopped…when I went into full blown labor the random Dr on call made me push the bag of water out (ew) !!!..with my second the Dr broke it. :slight_smile:

With my first, I was in bed sleeping in the middle of the night. With my second, I was driving my oldest to school lol

I bent over to get a plate from bottom cupboard my mom had made me spaghetti for dinner then we were going to the hospital for induction… When I stood back upright it gushed… I never did eat that spaghetti :joy:

Sitting/laying on hospital bed with contractions lol

  1. It was early in the morning, and I was in and out of sleep. I felt a small gush, and I was like, “Oooooh no…” - I dashed into bathroom and as soon as I sat down, WHOOOOOOSH! Never ending waterfall and I was hollering for my FIL :joy: “Daaaad?? Daaad!? DAMMIT DAD COME HERE!”

  2. I was on the OR table for a sceduled c-section

Laying in bed trying to sleep, I thought I was peeing myself at first lol!

Was actually at the hospital to be induced when he decided he was ready on his own :woman_shrugging:t2:


My water didn’t break until minutes before I had my kids so at the hospital for all 3. My youngest was 4 minutes from the time my water broke till the time he was born.

I don’t know. Lol. Never felt it break with my first 2. There was not a rush of fluid like movies make you believe. Lol

The Dr had to break my water with both babies

I was asleep when my water broke around 1am. I just went back to sleep :woman_shrugging: because I wasn’t having contractions. I didn’t have him until 25 hours later. My first they broke my water at the hospital.

Dr. Was breaking it when I was in labor! Not everyone’s breaks like the movies!

Snuggling with our dog on the bed, Talking to my hubby, rolled out and bed and it broke

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Sleeping both times lmfao
Only woke up because i had to pee :rofl::rofl:

My first daughter they had to break my water. With my second 9 years later I woke up at 3am thinking I was peeing the bed. Never had my water break so I was kinda freaked out at first. But the best is my best friend who’s water broke while Black Friday Shopping! And she waited in line to pay for her shit before going hospital lol

  1. Relaxing on the couch before being induced the next morning (42 weeks)
  2. In the shower @ 37 weeks
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In the hospitals triage getting ready to be examined

Wait 2hrs before going to hospital…

I was in bed asleep and at 6:30 am I felt a tear below my belly button so I got up slowly and made my way to the bathroom where it gushed out all over the floor lol for my first baby I stayed really calm!

With my first I had just sat down in my car after leaving an ob appointment. My second I was in the hospital and they broke it

First one - cleaning the bathroom / second one - unloading and loading laundry!

Had just stood out of bed at 11 PM to go to the bathroom…got to my footboard and thought I pissed my pants :joy:

Laying in the hospital bed cause they broke my water for me lol

Both times laying in a hospital bed with a crochet hook inside me. (I was induced each time)

First kid: Eating pizza and watching TV on the couch. Second kid: during active labor.

Jus going through the comment section waiting for mine to break😒FTM I don’t even know what to expect or how it feels…let me just learn from here.

Laying on a hospital bed (induced waters broken for me).


Stood up to go to the restroom both times.

In the hospital. Mine didn’t break for either of my boys!

I was getting cramps, I was about to leave to go to my moms it was thanksgiving in the states and we were gonna go Black Friday shopping , my sons father said to just sit or lay on the couch until cramps stop, I sat down and my water broke all over the couch, needless to say I never made it to my moms and my son was born 12:13am he was my Black Friday baby

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My water has never broken outside of the hospital

Laying in the hospital bed looking at my boyfriend while my dr broke it lol

I was crawling over my boys’ father “we were staying the night with his cousin so he was on the floor & i was on the couch”
It was like 3am id just gotten up to go pee & was crawling back to bed when i got back to the couch it broke. All over his cousins couch :joy::joy::joy:

Just woke up from a nap and wanted to go grocery shopping… took one step and my water broke!!!

Asleep the first time. My husband woke me up because the bed was wet lol… Second child the doctor did it at the hospital to induce labor.

Sitting on the toilet :sweat_smile: