Where to hide adult toys?

someone just brought up the subject of sex toys. my question is, where do you guys keep yours when you share your room with your child/children?


put In your bra drawer. or in a box a little higher than they can reach.


In my underwear drawer


In my underwear drawer.

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I had a lock box hidden in my top drawer… reason for lock, neighbors child (2) brought out her mothers double dong out at a birthday party for her brother


You can order big lock boxes on amazon.

I have them on a high shelf in a box, but I should probably invest in a lock box

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I dont have any but I would say a box or bag on top of the closet where they can’t reach it.

I have a fancy purple tote bag with a zipper pocket and I keep mine in there because my little won’t mess with it so it’s safe.

Used to keep it in my underwear draw but moved it to the wardrobe in the drawers that can’t be reached

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Mine is way in the back of my underwear drawer. They stay in my room til their about 2-3 so they can never reach that far and it’s not like we have the chance to use them when their cohabitating so they stay pretty tucked away hidden until the kid is weened into their own room. Lol

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In a locked box under the bed( pleasure chest🤣)


If you share a room with your kid, then dont have any…


In the box it came in up high. A few are in toy bags thought still up high. Clean them with cleaner then put in bag

I keep mine in a make up bag in the bathroom lol


mine r in a bag in my nightstand…my 3 yr old has only took the bag out once saw him wearing it bought him a similar bag told him that one was moms special bag he couldnt wear it lol

Closet up high where they can’t reach it?

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We got a cheap lock box at Wal-Mart for ours. We don’t share rooms but we have a preteen and 3 teens so yeah…lol

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Buy a filing cabinet and lock it up.

In a drawer. My children are pretty young.

Closet is another good place to hide them