Where do you leave your cookies for Santa?

Where do you guys leave the cookies for Santa? We don’t have a coffee table in our living room, and we have one end table, but it’s on the opposite corner of the room from the tree and stockings, so I’m not really sure where to put the cookies, lol


If you dont have animals…put a placemat or a gift box under the tree with the cookies and milk on them.


Only allowed to eat at the table so thats where Santa eats too

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Same, left ours on the table

Where ever. The kids won’t question it. I don’t have a coffee table either but the dining room is the same room so the dining room table it is.

Kitchen counter, I don’t have the tables either.

Just put it on the end table

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: Be safe

The stove or counter, but stays in the kitchen.

We have dogs lol.

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We use to take a kitchen stool and put it by the tree with a plate of cookies, a glass of milk, and snacks for the elves and reign deer on it. It’s been years since there’s been anyone young enough to do this, but we will be starting again this year now that I have my son. Since we don’t have a stool anymore, we’ll be using a chair.

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We put them on the kitchen table.


Usually dinning room table or kitchen island/table usually.

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Why not under the Christmas tree :christmas_tree:

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We have dogs, cookies get left on the kitchen stove


We don’t have a coffee table or end table so we leave them on our kitchen table where we eat.

Use a chair by the tree .

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As a child, we always left them on the kitchen table.

On the dishwasher top we have dogs.

Always on by the fireplace so Santa can see Them when he comes down the chimney

We leave ours on the kitchen table. Otherwise one of our furry children would get into em.

We leave them under the tree on a small stool and Santa always leaves a note thanking them for the nice snack :joy:

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We don’t have a coffee table either but we put it on a plate in front of the tree

We out ours on the dining table because our dogs will eat them otherwise lol

We have put them on a tv tray by the tree or on the other side of the room by the TV… We have 3 dogs so we don’t want them to get them

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Ask your child. My daughter is scared Santa will make a mess if we leave it by the fire place. She doesn’t want him to accidentally spill things. We have an open kitchen living room setting so we just leave them on the counter or kitchen table.

Tv stand next to the tree.


Tree is in entrance and we put them around the corner in the dining room. I’ve never even thought they needed to be closer to the tree till maybe now lol my kids have never questioned it. I wouldn’t worry about it. Also I make " footprints" to the cookies and tree.

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Don’t worry…Santa always finds the cookies!:santa:

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Anywhere near your xmas tree I would say.

We left cookies and milk for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer.

Leave them on floor or on a stool beside tree

We leave them on the hearth of the fireplace.

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Just move the table for the night!

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We used to keep ours near the front door coz we didn’t have a fire place.

Could you move the end table temporarily to be closer to the other stuff if that is the concern?

We always left cookies and milk on the kitchen table and told kids santa knows where to look

We place them on the hearth of fireplace

We get a stool or a chair and place it by the tree with the cookies, milk and carrots on it with a thank-you note to Santa. :cookie::santa::carrot::deer:

I place a tv tray by the tree and we put it on that. My kids always leave a cut up apple for the reindeer and a thank you not for santa with his milk and cookies, He often leaves one in return.

You have to ask the internet where to leave cookies for Santa?? If you can’t think for yourself, you really shouldn’t have kids. My g*d.

Get a chair and leave it by the tree or leave a plate at the dining room table.

Move the end table near the tree and stockings

No where. ‘Santa’ doesn’t visit our home.

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I have a sofa table next to my back door and tree so I leave them there.

Always on the fireplace but I’m in England x

We always put them on the kitchen table and a note on the tree telling santa where they were and thanking him and Mrs.claus for being so kind.

Well not a Mom but–As a Dad we always left milk and cookies on the fireplace hearth right next to the screen – I would always leave a few newspapers laying fairly close to the fireplace for fire starting and would take one of my boots and place fire ash on the bottom and put a footprint or two on the newspapers for effect to show he was there along with half a glass of milk with lip marks on it and just a few crumbs on the plate–Worked like a charm


Well we always left Kentucky Fried Chicken because you know Santa needs something besides cookies. Lol but Santa seems to find it wherever it is so…

We had a special plate and cup that my mom got my oldest when he was 2. We used all the way up to last year when my youngest was 11… my oldest is now 21 son 19 years. Unfortunately we had to retire it because Santa is thing of the past :disappointed_relieved:. We always left it on the kitchen table with 3 cookies and a 9 carrots for the reindeer.

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