Where can I get baby perfume?

Anyone use baby secented spray and if so which one ? Jsyk (I don’t use it but seen a lot of it for sale so curious)


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. https://answers.mamasuncut.com/t/where-can-i-get-baby-perfume/20819

I feel like this was totally a thing when I was a baby/kid and totally forgot about it til now.

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Why would anyone want to spray perfume on a baby? Serious question


Just give them a bath and rub them down with baby lotion. I’ve never heard of perfume for babies.


You mean the perfume called baby or skin so soft. Or something like that?

Babies don’t need perfume, Just give them a bath


Not sure why this would even be a thing. Bath and some lotion and babies smell amazing.

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Never mind I come in earlier here’s the perfume you can buy at Walmart

Baby scented spray? Like spit up or diarrhea?


You talking about the old school perfume!? Or like actual perfume for a baby!? :thinking:

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I don’t use their products very much but we occasionally use this and it smells really good


Baby lotion smells good

Google it Amazon Walmart several other places

Jafra has the most amazing smelling baby products

JAFRA makes a baby lotion and perfume that smells so good, I like to use it on my infant as well as my other kids… they always get compliments!

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I found this one on Amazon

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Seriously? There’s nothing better than fresh clean baby smell

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