Where are the ED pills going?

Starting last year multiple times my husband and I tried to have sex and he could not stay hard. He is 12 years older then I but it’s never been an issue. Come to find out he had ordered some pills that are similar to viagra. But now all the sudden it’s though he doesn’t need them, no issues. But still orders the pills and they are getting used( I counted them) . He claims he’s giving them to friends. But I just can’t believe it. And we have sex maybe 3 times MAX a month and when we do he isn’t using them. I’m starting to think there’s someone else and when he does ask for sex it’s so I don’t get suspicious. A few months ago I seen he added lots of girls on different social accounts and lied about it around the same time told me if I don’t give him sex he will have to get it else where. What are your thoughts?