When will my milk dry up?

It’s been 10 years since I had my last baby. Could somebody kindly remind me when my boobs will stop draining milk all day and ruining all of my clothes? 7 weeks 2 days post partum.


Straight up got hella confused by the wording of this. :rofl: Cold cabbage leaves


I read that as you’ve been leaking for 10 years!! I was like: girl, go see a doctor!
I don’t remember having a problem with them drying up. Best of luck to you!


Put fresh cabbage leaves on you and when they dry up replace them. Will work instantly and great relief! Or at least it did for me!!


This is temporary. I was an oversupplier and leaked through clothing until about 6 or 7 months post partum. Breastfeed on demand and wear high quality nursing pads. The lansinoh nursing pads were always the best for me, the cheaper ones are okay when you’re not having frequent let downs and leaking lots. Try using a Hakka on the side you’re not feeding from while you’re feeding.


I found a trick to dry up faster is take antihistamines everyday. You will need to drink lots of water with them but it will help dry you up faster. I’m pretty much dried up in a week and a half


The last sentence really changes this whole situation haha. I only leaked once this whole pregnancy so I have no advice but it will end. Don’t face the shower!! My HV told me it mimics the baby patting on your boob for milk or something so restimulates

Pretty sure they should have by no… Unless you have nursed? I’ve had 3 kids and it took anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks for me

With my first it took me 2 years to dry up and I stopped breastfeeding when he was 4 months old with my 2nd about 8 weeks to fully dry up. I just stopped pumping stopped stimulating my breast and wore a tight sports bra with breastfeeding pads in them so you don’t leak on your clothes

Was done for about 1.5 years before mine finally stopped completely (but had been nursing for the last 5 years between two kids). It all depends on you.


Freeze cabbage leaves. Place frozen cabbage leaves in bra. Change out as they “soil”. Milk will dry up within 2 days.

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Depends if youre bf or not.

Took my milk about 6 weeks to fully dry up after 18 months of bfding.

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I had my son two and a half years ago and I only breastfed him here and there for like 6 months but I can still squeeze milk out lol or if I’m like carrying something or if I lay in such a way that my boob gets squeezed then I’ll have to change shirts

Been over a year and I still have milk in my nips. I don’t leak or anything but I also bf for 4 years.

Mine started regulating at about eight weeks. If you’re pumping I guess you might be a bit leaky as you’re producing more? If you’ve decided to stop breastfeeding, I believe your Dr can help with that.

I made some milk almost a year after I quit bf, like I could express some if I tried - but if you’re wondering when your supply will regulate, it’s different for everyone, but 3-6 months is typical.

It takes another few weeks before milk regulates. Up till about 3 months. Then you should be good.

Are they trying to stop beat feeding that early? I’m not sure I understand.

But after 2.5 years, I stopped pumping as often, massage and free-poured in the shower, I used soft ice packs.
It still took a few weeks and even months later I’d randomly get milk again lol

Mint ice cream lol sounds funny, bit the mint dries you up

Mine was about 2 years til I fully dried up… my son would cry an although I bottle fed it would leave little wet patches from him crying. Lol

I’m so confused…. 7 weeks 2 days post partum but it’s been 10 years since your last baby?!?! That doesn’t make any sense!!!

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I have to ask why it says that it’s been 10 years since you’ve had a baby? That parts really confusing


Your doc can give you a pill to help dry up!

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I took Benadryl for a week and was dry by the end of it.

Frozen cabbage leaves. Just change when they start to smell. Dried me up in a week.

Wrap an ace bandage around them as much as possible. Kind of tight and it will dry it up quickly


Frozen cabbage leaves work!


Cabbage and Sudafed is what I did!

Sudafed has been known to dry up your milk.

Coke and peanuts dried my milk up in 1989

Mines dries up in 2 weeks

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If you want to dry up quickly just take Benadryl for a few days it will dry you up

I was still dripping at 6 months pp

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Mine took until about 7-8 months my obgyn said it could last up until 18 months… and I did not breastfeed
Hope it stops for you soon

Your doctor can prescribe you something


I didn’t dry up after breastfeeding my last child for a lil over a year untill 3yrs after stopping breastfeeding

You could go to your doctor and get your prolactin levels checked and see how fast this process is tracking for you.


Nearly 7 months and I still have some

I actually have heard that it can last until menopause

There’s a pill you can take

Phew mam :sweat_smile: I really thought you still had leakage 10 yrs later holy cow


If your absolutely not breast feeding rub camphor on your nipples it will dry within a couple days

It took forever for mine to completely stop producing milk!!!

My milk dried up right on the delivery table.planned on nursing,had milk right up until I delivered.


If you are not bf ask for the meds to dry it up if u are bf use breast bags

Cabbage leaves work wonders!!!

What’s the 10 years about??

Go to ur Dr asap. I had a cyst in my pituitary gland after baby, had to take pills to shrink cyst, then milk dried up.

See your doctor. They can give you some medication to help dry up

Wait are you 10 years or 7 weeks pp? Im confused :sweat_smile:

Where a padding over your nipples I’m sorry this is happening maybe breast pump and sell to mothers in need

10 years :thinking::thinking:should be all well & trueley gone :thinking::thinking:

If your still breastfeeding or pumping then you’ll obviously still produce milk, your milk supply will eventually dry up on its own, then more than likely your boobs will become very enlarged and painfull, speak to your Dr for advice, every woman is different x

Is OP trying to dry up or just trying not to leak everywhere?

I so read that wrong I thought they had been leaking for 10 years till i went back a reread it I think cabbage can help dry them up also they use to have a shot or pill that helps just put cabbage in the fridge to chill then put in ur bra over ur boobs then in about 2 hours change them out

Get nursing pads to cover nips. Keep nursing if you are

No stimulation to breasts. Wear tight support bra. Breast should dry up quickly. Don’t let hot water in the shower get on your breasts. Stimulating causes milk to start up.

Eh ?! You had your last baby 10 years ago?

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Take mucinex. It’ll dry you up.

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Im almost 2 years in from quiting breastfeeding and my boobs still leak.

Bay leafs In ur bra and will be dry next day

im confused. is your child 10 years old or 7 weeks old?

OmG this post had me thinking you were still leaking milk 10 years after!!!:woman_facepalming::rofl::rofl::rofl:


MyLa Lache teacher was in her fifty 's. She could still make milk. She explained it as once a mother…just like a cow. Idk seems like you could store and sell your milk

Every pregnancy is different. We have 6 kids and it was different after each pregnancy. With my 5th even after 2 years I can still squeeze and get a stream of milk. With my last it only took a couple weeks, not long at all, but I was also dehydrated and was busy and not getting rest so my body was just not up to par to produce it. It will eventually stop just use the pads in the mean time. Birth control can also help dry you up if your interested in birth control anyway.

My youngest will be two years old in a week, I stop breastfeeding 6 months ago and I’m still leaking.
I seem to remember leaking on and off for the past several years regardless of breastfeeding or not…

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When will my milk dry up?

It’s a disgusting process. As long as they are stimulated they will keep producing.

You have to keep them dry and stable.
It’s painful but it’s worth it.

The dr can give you medicine to make your milk stop

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It’s been 3 years since I last nursed and I can still squeeze out a drop here and there :joy:

Antihistamines :heart: congratulations momma!

Frozen cabbage leaves. Use nursing pads in the mean time

Cabbage and liquorice root

Soon! 10 weeks is when my boobs leveled out finally

You can try cold cabbage leaves, or you can do what I did. I froze two baby bottle freezer packs and put them in my sports bra. I was so swollen and my boobs were on fire so it literally only took like doing this 2 days

I think it’s a sign to breastfeed :laughing:

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10 years since last baby but 7 weeks pp what

I haven’t breastfed in over 2 years, & im still leaking


See a doctor. They have a shot for that.

Cabbage on ur boobies. The doctor did this for me and saved my life. My boods were constantly over full n draining on everything. Just lay some raw leaves on you.

Lol mine went on for 4 or 5 years after my last breastfeeding. It’s just hormones

This might sound strange but if u freeze cabbage leaves & place them on ur breasts while still frozen it should help. It’s what my son’s pediatrician had me do

Wrap your boobs in red cabbage leaves over night, it works!

It took me 4 and half years to dry up naturally :grimacing::sweat_smile:

10 yrs or 7 weeks - pick one -

This isn’t clear if you are breastfeeding or not. If you’re not breastfeeding and trying to dry up then antihistamines and wrapping will help dry up quickly. If you are breastfeeding then it really varies by person. Most around 8 weeks will regulate and not leak nearly as much but some people continue to leak so your best bet would be getting some good quality reusable breast pads to help soak everything up and keep from leaking on your clothes


I leaked for a couple years. Shit was nuts

I wear the boob pads. I leak all the time :rofl:

I was still leaking milk 4 years post partum
before u got pregnant again. I would like to know too lol

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U can dry it up yourself if you aren’t going to nurse or pump at all. Get in the hot shower and gently knead the knots out and/or put ice packs on them