When to transition to toddler bed?

I am thinking about transitioning my son’s crib into a toddler bed soon. He’s 19 months old and not sleeping through the night anymore. He use to sleep all night up till a couple weeks ago. My husband works third so it’s just myself and my son at night. I am looking for tips and advice on this topic, please and thank you!


When you switch him he will be able to get up/down which could be a problem especially if he isn’t sleeping all night.

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Get a baby gate for across his door so he cant get out.

My son will be 2 in may, we moved to a new house last month and decided if were already moving to just get rid of a crib and move him to a twin. He wasnt sleeping through the night either. It took a few days but he slept 7pm to almost 8am the past almost 2 weeks :raised_hands:

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I totally wouldn’t do it. I changed over to toddler bed when my son was 2 and man I regretted that choice. He never stayed in the bed then. He wouldn’t lay down he thought he would lay until I left the room and then get up and play. It was 20 million trips to tell him to get in the bed and sleep. Let him stay in the crib as long as possible… definitely gonna be doing that with my daughter. I learned my lesson the first time. Lol


Baby gate and patience cause it could be a couple nights before he stays in bed.

He will be escaping everytime he opens his eyes.
You won’t sleep peacefully

I had all my kids in toddler beds at a year old.If you are afraid and don’t hear him get up use a baby gate at his door and maybe a baby minoter. I have always been a very light sleeper I heard and woke up as soon as I heard theirs feet touch the floor.

All of my kids were in beds before 18 months!

Transitioning from crib to toddler wont help the sleeping as the mattress is the same. If anything it will cause it to be worse as then babe will be able to get up when they wake up. Kids can go through sleep cycles and regressions several times. Its possible thats what is occurring. However all 3 of mine where transitioned into big beds by this age. I just went to twins with 2 and youngest to toddler then twin

We moved our son to a big boy bed at 17 months. We were moving and instead of moving the crib we gave it to a family who needed one and bought him a big boy bed from a place that would deliver for free! :wink: we had a couple of rough nights (waking up and coming into mommy and daddy’s room) but it didn’t last long and we were consistent.

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My son was like 3 1/2before I switched him to toddler bed. he was ok with being in the crib, waited until he was starting to climb out made the transition much easier than battling with them and hoping they sleep all night.