When to start potty training?

My daughter is 16 months on the 25 of this month. She follows me to the restroom all the time and when she goes potty in her diaper, she tries to take it off. So my question is, is she ready to be potty trained?


Get her a little potty in there with you and try it out

Yesss she is. When you go potty, make her potty.

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Yes! I started potty training my daughter at that age.

My daughter just turned 16 months. I have her sit onnthe potty before we take a bath.

I would certainly try mom,that would be awesome to get trained sooner then later.

At that age…why not start introducing it. Make it fun and dont put any pressure on it at all. Good luck.

I introduced potty to my daughters at 10 months… they were both fully potty trained by 15 months except for accidents. The sooner the better to introduce the idea … otherwise it’s like ‘hey remember how I taught you to go in your diaper- we’ll forget all that and now do only this’ I also kept a potty in the car.

Definitely never too early to start! I started my daughter at 10 months old! Brought her in to her own potty whenever I went, if she went cool if not no biggie! She was potty trained before a year and a half never had an accident. It just became part of our routine and she got the hang of it. Better to do it before they are older and have a stubborn opinion about it lol


Yes, hey her a little potty of her own and take her everytime you go, it won’t take long for her to figure it out

In never hurts to introduce it, just don’t be surprised if she loses interest. My son goes through stages of being fascinated and wanting to use the potty to complete refusals

I would think so,for sure