When to start babies on cows milk?

Usually a year
All my 5 was, but ended up breast fed until 18month

Somewhere around a year. My kids were all different, my last kid we started at 7mo

I started my son on 2% when he was 3 months old. He is 39 years old now and he has never been sick except he had poison ivy one time. I started him on baby food when he was 4 months old. I did a lot of research before I did this and the research encouraged the change.


We started about ten months. 3/4 formula and 1/4 cow, and continued till 1/2 and 1/2 then 3/4 cow and 1/4 formula then all cow!

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No …… do your own thing if baby happy momma happy

I waited until 12 months because thats what i was taught in college and the drs said. My kids also had gerd and stomach issues so i didnt want to screw them up anymore. And when i did it was whole until 2 and then 1%.

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12 months then its vitan d whole milk for a yr

They usually suggest the child be at least a year old.

I started the change around 10 months. I gradually introduced whole milk with formula. I started out with 1-2 ounces of whole milk and the rest formula. Then I just decreased the formula until they were drinking whole milk. But there’s really no set time that it has to be done. You can do it whenever you and baby are ready.

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We started on whole milk at around 12 months, but do what you feel is right!

Talk to your doctor, he can give you some idea when to do that.


Technically babies don’t need cows milk ever… they need either formula or human breast milk. After that they eat normal food and can drink watered down juice and water and stuff. Cows milk is never really a necessity.


At their 1st birthday or when doctors say it’s okay to start switching over


We introduced the day she turned a year old. However we don’t give her dairy milk. She drinks dairy alternative: we give her Ripple milk (it is a plant based alternative). It is recommended to wait until they are a year old before giving it to them :heart: You can talk to your pediatrician as well!

Never! A cows milk is produced to nurture a calf, not human. Just as you don’t sell your milk to cows to drink. Different types of bodies need different nutrients.


Honestly each one of my babies switched after turning 1yr.

I went by what mine were eating. Once they can eat a reasonable portion of food they dont need formula because it will make them gain too much weight.


At a year old…mine personally dont like it as I think I use to breastfeed . But my 5 year old has two little cups warmed up as he calls it “a cup of tea”

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Moo, Moo soon. Vit D needed for bones.

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We didn’t give either of them milk until 1 but both pediatricians didn’t recommend cows milk

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My eldest was 6 months cause he was Freddy.
Other 9/10 months old x

Mine was 8 months :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine did too for some reason at 10 months, I wish I went to 1yr. My child is smart, nothing really changed lol, that’s just what I wanted to do though.

Pedis usually say at 1 year. But you do not have to ever use cows milk at all. You can use the toddler version of your baby’s formula or you can use other milks such as almond, pea, coconut, oat, etc. Cows milk is not a requirement.

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Wait until they’re a year old


All 3 of mine was a year old or just a little over a year.

not before A YEAR their little bodies cannot handle processing milk like an adult does…I work for head start with birth to 5 year olds…


One years old the pediatrician will yell you

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We never did. My kids are 3&4 and still don’t drink milk.

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Tell them u will when pediatrician says to.

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From 12 months on that’s what I was told
Dairy should be the last thing you introduce to your baby and honey

After a year is what they suggest. My daughter is ALLERGIC to dairy and hasn’t ever drank any milk other than mine. Vitamin D and calcium is in much more than just milk. Children do not need cows milk so don’t rush it until you’re ready. It’s your baby!

3 kids here,
1st at a year
2nd at 11 months
3rd 10 months
No issues at all


I started mine on cows milk at 10 months and that was solely because I could not afford formula at the time and he did great.

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You are not supposed to introduce it until they are 1. And even then it is not a necessity. If you are breastfeeding there’s really no need. If you are formula feeding you can slowly ween them off the formula at 1. So if baby is drinking 6oz then you would mix up 5oz of formula and add 1oz of cows milk. Do that for 1 whole day. Next day 4oz of formula and 2oz of cows milk. Keep slowly decreasing the formula and increasing the cows milk over that week.

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Personally I plan to start around 10-11 months. I did that with my first, my 2nd is only 6 months right now. But I do plan to start doing like 50/50 or maybe 60/40 to get him “acclimated” so it’s not so harsh on his tummy. Then gradually reduce the formula however I see fit depending on how he handles the change.


no there is not If younare brest feeding keep it up it is best for all babies .

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We started at 11 months cleared by theor pediatrician but mixed with formula. If the baby eats 8oz bottles we did 1oz cows milk 7oz forluma/breastmilk. The next week increase to 2oz milk 6oz formula/breastmilk.

You can wait as long as you want. You can also decide to give almond or oatmilk instead of cows milk. Just clear it with the baby’s pediatrician because of calcium/other nutrients.

I got told fro 1 year old

Do what you feel is right. My daughter wasn’t eating like she should every one said that was ok. Dr said to make her eat. She had no appitite. Mothers.know what is best.

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I had to do goats milk for my second until she was 3 bc it gave her diarrhea. Now she is on lactose free bc lactose intolerant. Makes sense. My first was started at 1 and never had an issue with whole milk.

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2/3 of kids it was well over a year old. 1 was a preemie and baby 3 didn’t tolerate dairy a lot. So we use Nido powder milk. You do what u need to do.

Not before a year. But you actually never have to introduce cow’s milk.

My doctors had me do it at 1 year

I waited until my daughter was 13 months

My daughter was around 15/16 months. She was still bf and only wanted breastmilk.

My kid absolutely hated it cow milk and actually still doesn’t drink it.

After the 1st year is good

My son will be a year old in a week. We have tried to start introducing milk but it doesn’t set well on his belly. we will continue to try to do like an ounce with his formula and if that doesn’t work we will go to lactose free.

I started my kids on cow’s milk at a year.

I started at 11 months with 2-4 ounces a day just to see if there was an allergy or anything. Per my pediatricians recommendation

All 3 of my kids was 6 month’s old.


Wic gives formula for a year, so 1 year seems right unless Dr. says different.

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Typically 1 year is recommended. We started both of ours on whole milk around 10 months.

You can start goats milk basically from the beginning just make
Sure it’s pasteurized

I’d give taste of it now…in sippy cups to start the transition

Mostly everyone waits til theyre 1 year old

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With my first, he was a big boy and the Dr put him on cows milk at 3 months. With my 2nd she was so tiny she was a year. With my third she was breast fed until 9 months and couldn’t take cows milk. So went back to breast milk until a year and 1/2. Finally got lactose free milk and she was good.

Well, with a formula shortage milk is much cheaper & easier to get.
My 3 year grandson started on it at about 10-11 months & still drinks lots of cold milk at 3 years old

I waited until my kids were 1 year old.

I would ask her-he Doctor.

Go by what your pediatrician says.

You can introduce your babe to Homogenized milk at the age of 9m

Or not at all.
Cows milk is for baby cows, not baby humans. Your milk is for your baby. Goats milk is a better option. Less likely to develop allergies :green_heart: all the best xx


I k ew because my kids wouldn’t drink the formula anymore. One was 8mos, 10mos, 6 mos and 11 mos.

We did it at 10 months. She is still alive and thriving

Whenever you feel like it since it’s your baby. Also doesn’t HAVE to be cows milk.

Jfc ask u pediatrician


Pediatricians are not dieticians or nutritionists.
Also with the hormones, puss, sugar, salts, dyes it has, your better off doing pea protein or something similar. No milk is a meal. You need to give a full and good diet . Milk shouldn’t be given in bottles as meals or supplemental.

I didn’t start mine until after 1 year and even then, I didn’t really do it until I was done pumping breast milk. Which was about 1.8 years in

Both mine were 6months old and still love cows milk as adults


7 months with all 3 of my boys, 1 ounce to a full bottle of formula for 2 weeks then 2 ounces then 3 until no more formula. Also my boys were eating baby food by 2 and 3 months then real food 100% by 9 months. They are still eating me out of the house!


I did baby led weaning, so from 6 months she was eating everything I did. So mash potatoes with milk, weet bix with milk, she was also having formula at 6 months.

At one year old! Ask pediatrician.


Humans don’t need milk from other animals


1 year but my daughter really didn’t like it so I continued with toddler formula for another year


Cow’s milk is supposedly fairly indigestible for humans so the later the better. Maybe a yogurt milk blend.

I didn’t do it til my kid turned a year old.


Their tiny stomachs can’t digest it till at least 1 year

I introduced cows milk after 14 months of breastfeeding with my 3rd child. My other two got it after 12 months.

Humans literally don’t even need cow milk.


After a year. If you’re not nursing you can gradually switch using the toddler formula…

Please don’t do it wait until I year old and if you can wait until 3 year old.

1yr. start to early theyll have belly issues

Tell them that’s not their business…

This is a question for your doctor.

Don’t be seeking medical advice online. Gave my daughter milk at 10-11 months though. Every kids different.

You’re supposed to start around 9months, mix it into their formula/breast milk, that way they can get used to it. Also helps make sure they don’t have reactions or they aren’t lactose and tolerate.

You start when your ready.

i started mine at age of 7 months old - dr. said after 1- month she was very healthy and put on 3 lb.s

I started both of mine at 12 mnths

Never… it’s not needed.
My almost 6 year old has never had it. My 17 and almost 15 year old haven’t had it almost their entire lives. I haven’t had it in 36 years.


I never gave my kids cows milk. I waited until they were 1yr old and moved on from baby formula to toddler formula. My pediatrician also suggested oat milk.

1 year is the standard to gradually introduce cows milk. But, please don’t take that common advice. You should talk to your babys Dr. No one here knows your child, or it’s health. Seek the pediatricians advice on this topic and future health questions.


When mine turned about 11 months I started offering it in a sippy cup.

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When we lived in the old days when made are own minds up most of the kids drank caned milk mixed with water from the well and many of us are when into are -90- and above do what you feel is right for you and your family not some one else


My peds dr said I coukd start with watered down it 9 mons to see how well it was tolerated.
After, all mine preferred it to the bottle. :woman_facepalming:

Start when you want. I live in Australia but, my Doctor said not till about 12 Months and start with a small amount at first ti make sure Bubs can handle it.

Mine started at a year and drank it for a few months before preferring water or juice

Between 10-11 months i slowly offered small amounts mixed in with formula because switching them straight over to cows milk could upset their stomach but I’d say talk to the pediatrician first just to make sure.