When Should You Stop Showering With Your Kids?


“Hey mommies, I wanted to get your guys opinions on when you should stop taking a shower with your toddlers, specifically boys currently; I still shower with my four years old it saves me time and helps to keep an eye on him since I do have a two-month-old also, and I don’t really trust him alone with the baby…till when did you moms stop taking showers with your little ones.”

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“I think he’s too old. Everyone is different. Could you have him play a game outside of the shower? Or sit outside of the tub to talk to you?”

“For me it’s when they start noticing the difference between us. You right to raise your child the way you want.”

“I stopped at 4. He was getting curious. But the way I see it is, I’d rather him kill his curiosity on me than with some random little girl or boy. He knows what boobies look like and knows that boys and girls private is different.”

“It should be what you’re comfortable with, I didn’t bathe with my son but my preference ever.”

“I stopped when my son turned 4. He’s curious and i just felt awkward. Unless you wear a bathing suit or something.”

“Depends on your own comfortability factor. Myself I’m a nurse so nudity and nakedness is nothing in our house and not a big deal. I still on occasions still shower with my 9 years old girl as she loves to just sit in the shower and some days; I haven’t the patience to wait for her lol so it’s move over I’m showered too. She also has long hair that it easier to brush and comb through conditioner in the shower. My son, I think I stopped showering with him at about 6, he could wash himself thoroughly at that age. But he still see’s me naked or in bra and knickers on occasions. Again; in our house, it’s no big deal.”

“My son will be 5 in two weeks & I have no plans on stopping anytime soon. He knows that girl parts are not to be touched & that no one touches his. He doesn’t ask about my body parts. He just plays & we wash him & I get out & he usually stays in to play to he is done.”

“When they get uncomfortable in my opinion. Mine is 5 and when we’re pinched for time I still shower him with me.”

“Or you could teach your child that everybody’s body is different, and that it’s not nice to stare in case it makes someone else uncomfortable, teach your children nudity isn’t sexual and don’t hide your body away when they get curious. #nudityisanaturalthing.”

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I showered with my son until he was about 7 and said he could do it on his own. It is up to you and your son when he is comfortable taking one on his own. Ask him he will tell you how he feels and his feelings are the only ones that matter

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I think it depends on the child and the parent. I would will stop at 1st grade. I want my children to be comfortable with bodies and nudity. I don’t like the American purity prude ideology that gets pushed. I’d much rather have my children have a European idea of the body and its no big deal.

I have bathed with my daughter but as a baby and never with my son. Just never seen the need for it I guess. Not against it.