When should I take a pregnancy test?

Hey guys! so I am a mama of 3 and we’re not exactly trying but we’re not exactly preventing if you know what I mean lol.So I breastfeed my 1yr old and I got my period in August, I then missed it in September, got it in October and I have yet to get it in November. I tested in beginning of November it was negative.My question is, do I wait until December to test? Maybe because I’m breastfeeding my period cycle is just a every other month ordeal? and I’ll get it in December? Or should I test now?Not a FTM so seems silly for me to ask this but never had this type of cycle

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Id buy a test to just ease your mind, but breastfeeding can throw a cycle off, some women don’t even get periods the whole time breastfeeding or they get one every so many months. So it can definitely be a factor in your cycle

Just test anyway they’re only a dollar

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After my third my cycles went to about 55 days while breastfeeding. Test again but your cycles might be longer now