When should babies start walking?

My 15 month old will not walk. She stands up on her own and walks when her hands are being held. But when letting go she goes down right away. How can I teach her how to walk?


Following I have a 15 month old and he does not walk at it he walks with his walking toy he can stand up by his self and walk around the table the couch but will not take off by his self

don’t rush her when she’s ready she’ll just get up and walk. also talk to your pediatrician .


String heave her hold one end you the other let them lead then let go of the string

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Let her do it when she’s ready


Make sure she has on good shoes to support her ankles.

Shell get there, keep walking with her with your hands and encouraging if she tries to take a step. Mine was 16m before he walked :woman_shrugging:

It actually helps to put shoes on as little as possible. They should only wear shoes if they need them at this age (like outside) it’ll slow things down if they wear shoes too much.


Just leave her… she’ll take off when she’s got the balance, coordination and confidence…

Hold out a yummy treat to have her take a few stwps towards you. If she drops and crawls to you,stand her back up, and hold the treat out again. Its a good way to modivate a few steps. She will get there when ready though. Keep modivating her and be patient.

When she’s ready she will take off, don’t rush her not all kids walk by one


Maybe try early intervention

my son turned a one on March 25th. he started doing this all of the time while holding onto the couch and our hands. you could tell he was terrified of letting go so hed just sit down. we started walking with him hand in hand very slowly and then letting go. he officially started walking about a month later on easter, when I was across the room loving on my moms dog. he let go of my mom and came right over. he fell and we just praised him as soon as he fell, telling him he did good and stuff. he had been walking ever since :slightly_smiling_face: i would try to use things you know your child likes to encourage walking. it really worked for us! good luckb​:heart:

My baby is the same way , he’ll do fine walking around holding onto something but we’ve realized that if he has something in his hand like a toy or my wallet he’ll take off walking by himself

Don’t rush! She’ll do in her own time. I wouldn’t even worry. Avoid shoes as well! They hinder development, coordination, agility, mobility, don’t allow the feet to properly development, etc.

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She will on her on time

I used a walker for my daughter. She could still walk holding on to somthing but then would let go with one hand and then the other

So let her him you finger for awhile switch it out for something the same size but keep walking besides her, do this a few times then one time stop she’ll keep going

My 2nd kid started walking at 17 months. Sometimes they just take a little longer.

Do the walk between 2 ppl close together then move farther apart. Try ro walk side byvside holding her hand then eventually letting go.

My son walked and spoke really late. 17 years ago didn’t have a lot of tools to lead them on. I think he started walking at 17 months and talking around a year and a half. I also coddled him to every extent.

I just went through this with my daughter who will be two in September. She wouldn’t walk either unless she was holding my finger. Everyone said she would just do it one day. And that’s exactly what she did. We were watching a movie, when it ended she stood up and walked away and walked around the house and yard for two straight hours. She’s been walking since that happened a couple weeks ago.

Put candy on the other side of the room. Start to walk with her then drop her hand & run to your kids candy like there is no tomorrow see how fast she beats you to it :joy::joy:

Don’t rush her. She might not be ready. Talk to her pediatrician. She may need pt if she has weak hips or ankles

My middle didn’t walk until 16 months one day he just took off. A walk behind toy is helpful. And ditch the shoes except for outside.

She. Will on her own
In time​

Just give her time, she will.walk when she is ready.

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I use to prop my daughter up against a wall and try to get her to take a few steps to me. It ed vdngually worked.

But your child will walk when he is ready

Give her old fashioned clothes pins … one.in each hand

Give her an incentive to walk across the room. Such as her favorite toy or food item she loves!

How? Turn your back, she’ll be off and running and you will miss her first steps! Happens every time LOL

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My daughter had to hold a coffee cup in her hands for her to walk straight at first :joy: if she didn’t have the cup then she looked drunk. After a while she was go go go go all day

I used the old style clothes pin had them grab the pins and they wpuld walk with arms in the air thinking they are still holding my finger

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She will walk when she is ready. She stil has time before she is “behind”

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My oldest was almost 3.But it could been from having cancer at 1 and doing chemo for 7 months.Your daughter will walk when ready

The walking milestone happens between 9 and 18 months being considered the normal range. So she is by no means behind developmentally. Just keep encouraging floor time and giving her the space to crawl around to build up her strength and muscles and if shes healthy otherwise, she should get it by that 18 month mark

She will,when she is ready!

we thought the same thing with our 18 month old grandson. He just started walking and he’s all over the place. You can’t stop him now, I would not worry about it.

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She will walk when she is ready. Some don’t walk till 18months

Hold a toy in each hand then have her hold onto the toys. Walk with her until she trusts that you are holding the toys. Then let go!

I had to get my daughter one of the toys they have to walk around. She was the same way. Then one day out of n oh where she just got up and started walking like she had been doing it forever lol

Your child will walk when ready don’t push it

Set up play date with kids around her age they are walking. She’ll walk when she’s ready but it’s helpful if they see “big kids” doing it.

My son is 14 months and still not walking. He does the same thing will walk fine holding my hands. I’m not worried though. He is close and on track with everything else. Every baby does it at their own time. Dont stress momma and from what I have be happy because once the start you will never get a break lol

Mine at 12 months does the same thing. Someone was rude to me in public telling me my son is “delayed” because hers walked at 9 months. That is the EARLIEST they can walk, but most are around 14/15/16 months before they have it fully on their own. No worries until 18 months. Even after that, some kids just take a little longer. It’s not “wrong”… Don’t push them, and let them explore and they will figure it out

Get a little push walking toy. They hold onto the handles and walk around by themselves and it has sounds and other things that the baby can interact with. But I wouldn’t worry if it takes her a while. She’s on track and not behind.

You can’t really TEACH her. When she feels secure in balancing her own weight and movement, she will walk.

she will just take off one of these days dont wory i had one that didt walk till seventeen mpnths nothing wrong with her though when she crawled it was not on hands and kmees but she would sit on her butt nd hitch across the floor

A walker that she can hold onto and push around

Have you had her ears checked?? My nephew had to get tubes in his ears, then he began to walk

I put a cape on my son and told him it was magic. I stood him up, walked away, and held my arms open and he walked to me.
She may just be scared but with magic she is protected.