When should a newborns poop turn hard?

At what week/month should a newborns poop turn to hard? I know they go through the stage of the tar looking poop, then mustard seedy, then watery, and then hard poop. When has this happen for your babies?


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Not until there on food xx

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Are they formula fed or breast fed? because they have different poops as well


Depends. Poop is going to be different for each person, but it also makes a difference if you’re nursing or formula feeding. Mustardy/seedy poops are the norm for breastfed babies for a while. Their poop really shouldn’t be hard; that’s a sign of something being off in their gut.

Could be dehydration. Speak to a doctor if you’re concerned

Generally speaking an infant should not have fully formed stool. It should continue being a paste type consistency until they’re on solid foods.


My baby didn’t have hard poop until we started giving her solids

Not until solids are introduced

Not until solids are introduced, even then they are still pretty much mush.


Sometime after they start solids. 6 to 12 mo

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Adults poop should not be “hard.” Baby poop will not become more solid until they begin to eat solid foods unless they are constipated which isn’t a good thing.

Can’t have solid poops without solids. Well unless baby is constipated of course

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Breastfed babies, it gets to be less often but isn’t solid until they’re eating a decent amount of solid food.

About the time they start eating solids

It shouldn’t for a newborn. At 6 months + after solids are started is when it is more solid.

when they are eating food.

Solid food = solid poop

This is how a newborn’s poop is supposed to look.