When is the best time to try for another baby?

I’m 32 in a few months & we have a 5 month old. My husband is 38. We started trying late and I had a near perfect pregnancy and birth experience. When do y’all think would be a good time to start trying again for the age difference between children? We want it to be soon but I read so many conflicting opinions like “you should wait a year in between to let your body heal” and “wait 6 months then try again…” I’d like someone to tell me from experience what they think…


My first two kids are 3 yrs a 1 month apart. I’m pregnant with my last baby now and my kids are 9 and 6 now

It’s different for everyone. There is no telling how easy or hard your pregnancy will be. Only you know how you feel.

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Everyone is different… I got pregnant when my daughter was around 5months. My kids are 13months apart. I did great with my first, even better with my second. However I’m on my 3rd now and I’ve had almost 3years to recoup and this is my hardest pregnancy yet lol :joy: having kids close in age is wild, but super fun!

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My littles are 16 months apart… I would do it asap. Nice to have them close in age

My daughter is 11 months old & I’m 6 months pregnant :woman_shrugging:
Whenever you feel ready, its different for everyone.

My daughter is 6 and lonely. If i had my time back i would of given her a sibling immediately.

Never​:raised_hands: one and done :joy:

I just turned 32. And just had my second child may 6. My kids are 2.5 years apart. I love the age difference but I wish I would have tried harder to get my oldest potty trained first because it’s a pain in the butt having 2 kids in diapers

Are you breast feeding? I think a lot of ppl wait the year to breastfeed the first. It can be painful to nurse when pregnant and your supply can dry up. But it really depends on when YOU feel ready!

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When the child is 3 or 4

My kiddos are 16 months apart - for pregnant with my son when my daughter was 7 months. I’m so glad they’re close in age.

Mine are 2 1/2 years apart. My second pregnancy was awful, labor was shorter and quicker, but she had shocked breathing when she came out. Went to nicu and came right back to us in a couple hours :slightly_smiling_face:

They say you are healed until 18 months after baby. All my kids are about 2 years apart. My older girls are 17 months apart, but I had issues and gave birth 3 months early.

My son is almost 5 and my daughter is almost 1 month old and I love the age difference my son was able to be so involved with every aspect of the pregnancy and caring for his sister he’s so protective and such a great little helper! Love the age difference!

My oldest two grandkids are 14 months apart.

I have read that it takes a year for a body to recover. My oldest are 2 1/2 years apart, which (I felt) gave them each a chance to be the baby.

Also, I will add that my kids are best friends … they do everything together. Don’t get me wrong… they fight like cats and dogs lol :joy:… but they keep each other company and they’re never lonely. My son is 2& my daughter is 3. About to be 3&4.

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For my husband and I, our ideal age difference was 2 years… We have 2 sons that are 2 years and 2months apart to the day. Our oldest is 2 1/2 (3 in October) and our youngest is going to be 6months next week (1 in December ) It has been total bliss. Our 2 year old is not as needy since he can do a lot on his own. As In eat food, get iteams he wants within reach, tells us when he wants changed, can say what he wants, plays on his own. He was also never jealous of his brother. He loves his little brother and helps out with playing with him, giving him his binki, soothing him when he cries with hugs and kisses and talks to him gently. he is a great big brother and Im glad they are not any closer in age. I also exclusively breastfeed my 6month old and my 2 year old has never been jealous of his brother getting a little more time with me than he does.

i have 5… 1 boy 4 girls… had my 1st at 17 and my last at 27…

1st-2nd -18 mths apart
2nd-3rd – 3yrs 4 mths apart
3rd-4th - 3 yrs 9 mths apart
4th-5th - 13 mths apart … these two fight morning to night…

I think it depends on your lifestyle and your body. For me I had issues with many miscarriages and had my son (now 14 months) at 35. I don’t want him to be an only child, but I wanted to ensure my body was fully healed as well as I’m a stay at home mom, and the caregiver to my 80yr old mother. (So trying too soon would have absolute chaos for me lol)So we’re just thinking about trying again…but if we have no luck by the time our son is 3 we are going to look at adoption.

I was told it takes 2 years for your body to heal but honestly it’s completely up to you. My kids are 2.5 years apart but that’s because I didn’t want to buy formula and diapers for 2 babies at the same time.

Personal, you should wait a year, your body needs to rest. You body has changed,

I was 28 when i had my first and 31 when i had my second. Mine are almost 3 years apart. My mom had my little sister when she was 39. I would wait a year because it takes your body a year to fully recover.

I got pregnant with my 2nd when my son was 2 months old, they will be exactly a year apart. I have 3 younger sisters, the closest being 16 months younger than me and we were best friends growing up!

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Back in the old days they just had a pile of babies!

My boys are 18 months apart so I got pregnant when my first was about 9 months. Both pregnancies were healthy full term. Things happened sooner in my second pregnancy being so close to the first. Like, my stomach filled out faster. By 8 weeks my clothes didn’t fit. They said it was because my body was still in pregnancy mode, but they were never concerned about that. I also only gained like 17lbs the second time around.

I’m about to have my second making my two 3 years apart and I feel like it’s too soon. I would have wanted at least a six year gap.

I wpuld definitely wait at least 18 months. My 2 are 3yrs apart & i had an easier 2nd pregnancy than with my 1st

my kids will be 21 months apart

My daughters will be 22 months apart. I’m due again in September and I think this is a good age gap.

6 yr difference between my girls they don’t get along too much of a gap

I was 21 with 3 my oldest is 4yr older than #2 then My last two are what’s called Irish twins. They’re not even a year apart and have always lived as twins in their own naturally.
I have to admit having done both… together was best for me

My brother and I are 10 months and 2 days apart. My kids are 17 and a half months apart.

Almost 3 year difference between my boys. My oldest loves his little brother and tries to play with him. My youngest is 3 months.

I’ve had 3 girls within 3 years. I think it just depends on your body, finances etc. My girls are 2, 1 and 3 months and they are all three in diapers which does suck lol but other than that I manage. And am a SAHM

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If you had a c section you should wait at least a year to avoid complications.
I know someone who had her kids very close together (less then a year apart for two of them, then a year or so between the rest)
Waiting until kid number one is out of diapers would be ideal, mostly for your wallet lol

My mom has 5 children. My sister and I are 11 months apart. And my two youngest brothers are 11 months apart.

There was 3years between my 1and 2. There was 2years between my 2and3. Between my 3 and 4 there was 10and half monthes. Last 2 were csections. I
Last was easy pregna cy

I think it’s really all a matter of personal opinion & when you feel physically and mentally ready to have another, personally I got pregnant with my second daughter when my first was only 3 months old! We wanted to have our kids rather close together as my boyfriend is mid 30’s and wanted to be done having kids by his late 30’s💁🏻‍♀️

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If you had a csection I would wait a yr. But if not go for it! I’ll be 42 next month and I’m 29 wks pregnant with my second child. My 1st child will be 9 in September.It’s high risk b/c of my age but so far so good.

It’s your body but most Dr say to wait 1 year

My kids are 21 months apart and now that they’re grown I’m glad they’re so close in age because I didn’t have to wait an extended time for them to be out the house. That being said drs recommend waiting 3+ yrs before getting pregnant a second time. It gives your body time to heal.

My kids are 6 years apart and my last pregnancy was way worse than my first. Hard to say because each of our body’s are different.

It’s all up to you. I would say since you are older just do it now.

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They can still be close to each other with about 2 to 4 years difference and that gives you time to enjoy the first one stop being your baby before you have to focus on a new baby and your body will be better able to handle doing it again.

Do it when y’all feel ready

I have a three year old when she was one I found out I was pregnant with my now 19 month old when he was 7 months I found out I was pregnant with my now 2 month old. I didnt really have complications besides a little more tender each pregnancy mine were all c sections. With my last I went into labor early twice and had to have shots to strengthen her lungs and then she came on her scheduled day. But after her my body knew I was done and I could feel it.

My husband and I have 4 kids. #1 and #2 are about 18 months apart. #2 and #3 are about 2 yrs 1 mo apart. #3 and #4 are exactly 23 months apart .

I got pregnant with my second one when my son was 9 months old. So far so good. It was definitely not planned but still wanted. Our second is due October 8th and ill be 32 October 27th. My oldestest will only be 18 months old. Same boat.

The age gap was 8 years between my first two. It was way too big! They don’t connect at all and they could never do the same things. The age gap between 2 and 3 is 10 months and it’s much easier. They play together and I can take them both anywhere and have them both be able to play or go there and they watched the same tv shows etc it was just so much easier for me.

My two are 3 years apart. Didn’t want 2 lots of nappies. But it’s personal choice. Most docs recommend waiting 1 yr to give body time to heal especially after a c section.

Unless you have anything Physically wrong with you or you have postpartum depression, bodies do not need a year to heal after giving birth. If you are healthy and ready for another child go for it!

I have 5 boys (now grown), the closest together were 14 months and the furthest apart were 30 months. The 14 month was too close. About 2-3 years if you plan on having more.

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Really, 18 months between delivery & pregnancy is the guideline for any type of delivery or pregnancy.

I only waited nine months. And i think its perfect. Theyre only 18 months apart and ya they rough house but what siblings don’t. They hug hold hands and play together. They’re different genders oldest a girl and youngest a boy. I love every minute even when i’m loosing my mind

At 35 my OB told me to wait 18 months before trying again. I ended up waiting 15 months but miscarried that pregnancy. Waited another 12 months, and now I’m 22 weeks with my last baby. You are approaching the 35 year old mark but that doesn’t mean you can’t carry. Plus at 35 you get alot of extra scans and test without hassel.

I waited only six months and it jacked my body up bad, developed a vitamin deficiency and hormonal issues, severe postpartum depression…its risky. BUT if your health is great and you take some organic food based prenatal vitamins and DHA religiously every single day, you may be okay. I was under extreme stress and was on my 3rd, I also didn’t take my vitamins regularly or for a long enough period of time. You also need to eat as clean as possible as well which helps tremendously. Hope that advice helps.

I got pregnant 4mo pp. I had a good pregnancy and delivered him good but I did however hemorrhage very badly. Not sure if getting pregnant that close together had a part in it, some other lady’s on here may know. But I just wanted to share that Incase it was from getting pregnant again too soon.

My first two half 10 and a half months between them. My second and third a year and 10 days between them x third and 4th I yr 5 months between them and fourth and fifth 1 Yr 4 months between them. I was 33 before I had my first x I healed fine but like people have said every person is different x

My oldest is 13 years older than my second. My second and third are 14 mos apart. I had the last two at 40 and 41. My third snuck up on us lol. But if she hadn’t, I wouldn’t have her. My second is a holy terror and I was not planning another. Some days it’s good because they are 2.5 and 18 mos now and play together. But when it’s just me and them it can get stressful. Trying to get us ready to go somewhere and they are running and screaming and won’t get changed. Then fighting to get them in and out of the truck. One likes to sleep and the other hates it so nap/bedtime is crazy. I have to put them in the shower with me if I want to get them both washed. My husband works a lot so he’s not always here at night but it’s usually easier without him. He distracts them from going to bed. My oldest helps me when she’s home but she has school and work so she’s not always here either. I had a high risk pregnancy with my last. High blood pressure(with last two) and my placenta stopped working with my last because it was so soon after my second. She was my smallest baby because of that, 6.5lbs, but still healthy and now at 18 mos almost 30lbs lol.

I have 4 kids ages 12. 8. 4 and 3. Dont matter they all fight with eachother :joy::joy::joy:

Do it when you’re ready to not when everyone else wants you to

There is 17 months between my oldest and middle and 15 months between my middle and youngest. They are all grown now and very close best friends.

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