When does sleep regression end?

When does this 1 year old sleep regression end it’s kind of scaring me she turned one 8/17 and screams her self to sleep and wakes up all hours of the night


Not sure my 17 yr old awake all hours of the night. I think when I turned 32 I was like hmmm I’ll enjoy sleep now. :joy: enjoy parenting xxx

When they move out, I assume. I have a 6.5 year old and a 22 month old. I haven’t slept in 7 years.


I’m currently up because my 3 year old has it. She went to bed at 8 woke up around 1 and has been awake for 3 hours. It’s bloody killing me.


What does the doctor say?

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I probably wouldn’t let her scream herself to sleep.


Every kid is different. I had a kid that woke up multiple times until she was in kindergarten, and another that’s slept through the night at 9 months with the exception of night terrors randomly from 18m - 2.5 years (that sucked)

Does she have an ear infection? When kids lay down and they have an ear infection, the fluid pools and hurts them and keeps them awake and wakes them up at night. I thought my child was having a sleep regression until she went in for a routine appointment and they checked her ears and found out her ears were infected. By the 2nd day of antibiotics she was back to sleeping peacefully.


When you put a child in the crib and let them cry themselves to sleep they feel abandoned so for lack of knowing how to talk, they scream and cry hoping someone who loves them will come comfort them-
The idea of “Ferberizing”
Letting your child “self soothe “ is one of the reasons I have a job today!
It causes anxiety, depression and stress.
I’m a behavioral health therapist!
Love your baby, read to her, rock her to sleep and don’t get upset when she cries for you! That’s her way of saying I love you mommy and I need you to comfort me


Why is she screaming herself to sleep? Please go hold your baby and comfort her…


This is how one of my kids was. It didn’t stop until we moved him out of our room into his brothers, he was 1.5. I asked the pediatrician multiple times, even took him to the emergency room because he would scream ALL night. It was so bad even my neighbor came one night asking if everything was okay. They found nothing wrong with him. Idk why it happened & idk why it stopped.

Whoever is telling you to put these babies in a room and let them scream all night alone is probably the owner of a huge therapy center. Because that’s where your kids will be later on. Stop that.


Help them learn to self soothe. A small blanket. A stuffed animal. Night time white noise or nature sounds. My daughter used to do this but slept so well when I had thunderstorm lullabies or nature sounds playing. Some kids also experience night terrors, and my daughters were brief. She’d wake up and we’d cuddle a minute and after she listened to her songs she would be asleep again.

Probably when she’s about 18 and moves out :woman_shrugging:

This is the age that babies go thru separation anxiety. They also start having bad dreams or nightmares. All normal. Children continue to have regressions into toddlerhood.

Pick her up. they can get scared when nobody comes, feeling deserted. Hold her cuddle her read to her talk gibberish she won’t care just be there with her. I raised 4 girls on my own and was always there for them when they cried.

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Sounds like she’s over tired or possibly a medical issue like acid reflux if it’s all of a sudden screaming themselves to sleep

Don’t have a kid if you expect to sleep all night every night. Idgaf. They aren’t puppies that you can throw in a room and shut the door and say see ya in the morning. Letting them cry is cruel and ridiculous.

I probably wouldn’t sleep well if I was screaming myself to sleep either. Go hold that baby