When does mucus plug come out?

Is it normal for my mucus plug to fall out at 33 weeks, it was clear with no blood now I’ve been having 2 or 3 braxten hix contractions every hour. Baby has been moving fine. Is this all normal, can your plug fall out this early?


As long as its not more than 6 BH in an hour u should be okay!

yes it can…and it recreates itself many times and u can loose it many times


Clear piece of mine feel out at 33 weeks… Here i am 37 weeks 3 days and baby is still in there… I think your okay!!

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Yes. It falls out even earlier than that too

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Learn something new every day…

Mine fell out about 3 weeks before! Freaked me out. I went to the hospital to make sure everything was okay. If you are worried go to the hospital. That’s the only way your mind will be at ease.

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Yes it’ll come out in small pieces but it replenishes itself

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Lost mine at 34 weeks, here I am 6 weeks later going to be induced on Monday. I lost pieces of my plug every couple of days up until 37 weeks.

Mine fell out in chunks starting at 32 weeks. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything. My OB said it was quite common, and it regenerates.

I was told by my doctor that if the mucus plug falls out it doesnt really mean anything (though I always believed different.)

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Mine fell out at 33 weeks with my first. With my second i lost small pieces here and there. It can regenerate though.

Yeah as long as it’s clear, it’s not the “bloody show”

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Mucas plugs regenerate

That’s not your mucus plug that’s just slimy discharge which is normal during later pregnancy mucus plug WILL have blood in it which you can lose anytime and it can grow back. I’m on my 5th


You sure there Braxton Hicks, just saying

Yes, its fine. Mine fell out at 28 weeks. I had an induction at 39.

Yep can even regenerate

I never seen mine in 2 babies lol. Ask a doctor

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They regenerate. I started losing some at 16 weeks and continued seeing more once or twice a week until my water broke.

Probably not your plug

Mine came out about 34 weeks so you should be good. Just makw aure there is no leaking fluid

Your plug can come out little by little with or without blood & it can also regenerate. No worries!

Yes it can and will rebuild

It’s fine but I would go to the hospital instead of hitting up Facebook

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MUCUS PLUG DOESN’T REBUILD OR REGENERATE you may think that but it’s cause little fall out at a time


Mine fell out at 33 weeks. Had lots of Braxton Hicks. No labor until 38+5

I lost mine or parts of mine 3 times and went full term. Very normal but if any cramping or bleeding call your dr asap

I lost pieces of mine really early with my 3rd my doctor didnt beleive me because it was so early but I knew it was and not discharge

Ur mucus plug falls out several times during ur pregnant and it comes back. It has no indication on when u will go into labor

Yes it can and it can regenerate. Unless it has bloody tinge with it I wouldn’t worry. Keep an eye on the pains thought they if the get more consistent go get checked out

Most women will loose there plug about 2 weeks before baby comes. Never hurts to go to doctor to get it checked out