When does morning sickness go away?

for anyone who had morning sickness, when did it start to go away? i’m 17 and a half weeks and still experience it almost daily… some days way worse than others


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I had it the whole 9 months

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It was about 24 or 25 weeks for me.

Mine stopped only after id given birth unfortuantly

I had it for 9 months

I just turned 13 weeks and mine went away! I feel full still and can barely eat, but I’m not nauseous and I’ve been less constipated.

First 2 pregnancies it stopped by 18 weeks, third pregnancy I suffered with it the whole time


For all 3 of my pregnancies… the sickness lasted the whole 3 trimesters, until they came out.

Had it the whole 9 months. Literally up until I gave birth.

Day Of delivery with both of mine :weary: zofran helped a little

Mine lasted as long as the pregnancy

With my 3rd child I had it for 5 months was so sick to the point I had broken blood vessels in my eyes due to throwing up. nothing worked except eating cold lemons it was the only thing I ate in the mornings to rid of it good luck.

Both my kids I had nausea the whole time, I was even vomiting during labor, sometimes it just dosnt go away

I’m on my third pregnancy & it has been by far the worst. Went away about 20 weeks & im almost 23 weeks.

I’m so sorry you’re going through such terrible morning sickness! I’ve been there and it sucks! Mine lasted 3.5 months, bit everyone is different. Crackers, Sprite, and ginger chews helped me big time. Hope this helps! :heart:

Day of delivery for 3/4 zofran saved my life honestly

I’m 34 weeks and have has it since week 6 lol

Had it the whole 9 months.

I had it my whole pregnancy :pregnant_woman:

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And after I delivered I ate everything! Starving

With my first I had it up until the night I delivered him. With my second I had it for the first 5 months. Everyone is different. There is no real “time frame”

Mine didn’t go away at all… the entire pregnancy… both pregnancies… I was even throwing up on the operating table but that was more than likely from my spinal.

I had it 16 weeks with my first, 14 Weeks with my second and 18 weeks with my 3rd.

Everyone and every pregnancy is very different.

It’s different for everyone evert pregnancy is different and everyone’s body reacts different

With my youngest when I had the baby.

Never :unamused: for me until the baby came

Eat life savers they help the fizzy packets some people have morning sickness the whole 9 months

Everyone and every pregnancy is different. I barely had it with my first at all. With my second i had it bad up until about 14 weeks n got a break… but it came back in the 3rd trimester :woozy_face: hope it gets better for you! I know how hard it is

I had it until the 7 or 8th month for both my pregnancies
:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: prolly not what you want to hear tho

I puked whole way. Twice

I had it till I had my son

Whole time pregnant I was sick

Who knows. Everyone is different.

Everyone is different but I was sick the entire time I was pregnant. Best of luck to you and congratulations!

Drink a lot of water. Sips at a time. Part of morning sickness is dehydration

Try preggie pops. They worked wonders for me

1st child (Boy) whole pregnancy even when delivering… 2nd child (Boy) 2 weeks, 3rd child (Girl) none

Try sour candies. Sour patches helped me a lot with morning sickness.

Each pregnancy is different. It can stop now or it can stop after you have baby. It just all depends and there isn’t a set timeline

1st all the way through and was puking even when I was the hospital. 2nd was done by the time 2nd trimester came. 3rd (currently 24 weeks) and I still have it

I’m 30 weeks and it’s hit me again.

never, that’s why it’s called all day sickness
both my girls i had aweful nausea, talk to dr they can give uzofran i think it is

It varies. With my first I was throwing up until about a month until I delivered… nothing helped, with this one, I was nauseous and throwing up for only 4 months. Some different things help, but it will likely be trial and error. If it’s real bad, talk to your obgyn and they may be able to suggest something or prescribe something if needed. :yellow_heart:

I was nauseated until about 7 months didn’t throw up every day but extreme nausea

Like others here first one was still sick during delivery 2nd and 3 rd were better it seems the body gets better at tolerating pregnancy but the 1st can be really tough. Good luck try everything if that fails talk to your Dc there are meds you can take.

Never went away with either of my pregnancies until I delivered them. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Mine didn’t until 2 or 3 weeks before giving birth

Almost 3rd trimester

Every pregnancy is different. With my son- I ate before I got out of bed. With my daughter- I had morning sickness all day everyday until my 6th month. Crackers work…

mine stopped at 2 trimester like clock work for both my pregnancies. bless to all yall who struggle with it further and or harder than I had it.

First born it went away after 4 months second born it stayed the whole damn time haha but peppermint candy helped with the nausea alittle bit

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I had it until the day I had him, literally every single day.

Almost 16 weeks and mine is still bad. Lemon flavor sparkling water helps.

Mime went away when he was born i threw up violently several times a day every single day

I have 2 kids and never had morning sickness with either one

Mine never went away it just got worse the farther along I was and it was so bad that I would cough and end up throwing up

It may be hyperemesis gravidarum you are experiencing. I had it for two pregnancies and it was awful. I had it all forty some odd weeks unfortunately.

Mine lasted all the way through :woozy_face:

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It depends on the kid. #1/boy I think it was about 5 months. #2/girl the whole pregnancy plus some afterwards. I was nauseous so much It became normal. #3/boy none I didn’t even know I was pregnant until his father had a dream & I decided to test. I was about 4-5 mos. I found out his gender at my first OB appointment. It was supposed to an u/s to figure out my EDD. I found out a lot more :joy:

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My 2 girls I had morning sickness the whole 9 months. My 4 boys I was only nauseous for 3 months

That’s how I found out I was pregnant and I was throwing up until the day I went into labor.

With one pregnancy I only had it for a few weeks but the other one I had morning sickness morning afternoon morning night and then anytime I smelt food for the entire pregnancy

I had morning sickness with all 4 of my pregnancies. I only had morning sickness in my first trimester…after that, it went away.