When do they check for gender?

With the way my appointments are scheduled and how I go for check ups every 4 weeks, my next appointment is at 17w 1d. I know at 20 weeks they usually tell gender and also do an anatomy scan to check if everything is growing properly and looks great. Will they schedule me again at 20 weeks or make me wait the full 4 again since I’ll be 22 at that point? Also, has anyone found out gender around 17 weeks? My husband is leaving (military) and we were planning a gender reveal for us to find out what baby is together before he goes and we’ve picked a day. I’m trying to figure out my chances of figuring out at that appointment for free before scheduling with a 3/4D place and paying half the cost for a non refundable deposit but will if I have to!


If you want you can also have blood drawn. It will test genetics as well as gender and you’ll know within the week. Most insurances will cover this procedure in full.

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The less ultrasounds the better. There is no guarantee that baby will even let you see! That’s how my son was, I had to wait forever.

Call your office and ask?

They usually determine the sex anywhere from 16 to 22 weeks. All depends on what the baby wants to do

Off subject, but just wondering how do I post a fan question? Messenger?

I had a 4d at 17 weeks and it was very obviously a boy hahaha first thing that popped up on the screen was a massive willy Haha no mistaking it good job we wanted to know

My gender test was at 21 weeks because that’s how the 4 week check up fell. They probably won’t schedule you back until 22. That’s when they’ll do it.

I found out at 16 weeks what the gender was. The last 2 kids they did the anomaly scan at 18 weeks with the gender but I paid for an extra ultrasound at 16 weeks with my third but my dr office did the scan

If they didnt schedule the ultrasound for that appointment then you will probably have to wait. However, I’m sure there are places around that do the “fun” ultrasounds. Nothing medical but they will scan specifically for gender. That may be an option so your husband can be part of the gender before he leaves! :blue_heart:

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I found out at 14 weeks :heart:

I found out at 18 and a half so maybe I’m not sure

I went at 17 weeks, and they scheduled mine at 20 weeks. I asked them about it. But, I ended up catching the flu the day before my anatomy scan appointment and ended up having to go back in a week. So, just ask.

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I found out at 16 weeks with my first , 17 weeks with my second and 15 weeks with this baby . They will most likely be able to tell if you get an ultrasound! And with your circumstances with your husband , they should definitely do one :blush:

They usually do Anatomy scans between 18-22 weeks when you go to your appointment ask them to set up your anatomy scan for sooner than later it doesnt have to be the same date as your next 4 week check

Quite often your next appointment will consist of them scheduling that ultrasound. That’s the way my 2 were anyway. I scheduled it to be done before following OB appointment, so they could review results with me. My first was done around 20 weeks, second around 19 weeks.

i found out at 16 weeks with my first, through ultrasound.

Where I live it depends on the relationship you have with your doctor. The reason they don’t tell early is because some cultures will abort if it isn’t the gender they wanted. My doctor knows me well and was willing to tell me as soon as they knew, which was after my 12 week scan with baby 2 and 3. I declined anyways and wanted to wait until birth to find out.

I found out at 14 weeks with my first pregnancy because I went to the ER with horrible nausea and they asked me if I knew and if I wanted to know. Then with my son I found out at around 12 weeks because I went to an ultrasound I paid for. With my last pregnancy I found out at 11 weeks because I did the same. This time around I’m 11 weeks and I just begged my doctor lol to please tell me, and he took a look.

I found out about 14wks with all of mine (5). My Dr was always right!

I found out at 18 weeks bc where I go they do an ultrasound every appointment, but then got scheduled two weeks later to do the 20 week anatomy scan

I found out at 15 weeks!

I did an early gender ultrasound with this pregnancy at 14 weeks and it was accurate. I’m 20 weeks now and did an ultrasound yesterday and they confirmed the gender was correct.

I found out between 14-16 weeks every time

If it is done in office more than likely next appointment. If done somewhere else should be able to have it done at 20 weeks.

I found out at 13 weeks and 4 days, I payed for an ultrasound, Google gender reveal ultrasound near me , it’s like $45-60 depending on what package you choose.

I found out at 16 weeks

Best thing to do is ask your drs office about it. At 20wks I went to the lab for ultrasound 3 days after my initial appt at the office with this one and my last ob office was in another city but they scheduled my ultrasound in their office at 26 weeks, and my first i didnt find out until 30 weeks at another city because they also use the lab tech and were booked up until then.

I paid for a 3D scan at 16 weeks. My insurance would only cover the 20 week scan since any other wouldn’t have been medically necessary. And when you get it will depend on the office. If they do them in the actual office, you will probably wait. But if they refer you to another place (like my office did), it will get done at the 20 week mark.

I got my scan at 15 weeks… was told its a girl the whole time up til my check when I was about 34 weeks. It was most def a boy! Idk how they missed that… i had already had my baby shower and everything. Wait as close to 20 weeks as possible

I found out the gender with my first at 16 weeks. They will probably just schedule you an ultrasound at 20 weeks instead of another exam

I found out at 15 weeks with a 3d Ultrasound

I knew what i was having at 12 weeks from the blood test

I had the blood test around 11 weeks with my last two. It was right, two more girls ugh! Lol.

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They will tell you at the 17 week scan I went at 18 weeks and they told me

I also got a 3D at 13 weeks and it was correct you of course pay for that one

Usually places that do 3D have a gender package we found out at 13 weeks for 40$


I just did an anatomy scan and found out the gender of my baby boy this week. I’m 18 weeks 4 days! So they should be able to tell you.

My daughter I was 17 weeks. But son I was 14 weeks.

I knew that my daughter was a girl at 16 weeks

It all depends on the facility. I had my anatomy scan done at a high risk clinic, they won’t do it until 19 weeks at that one.

Depends on your insurance/doctor. We were only allowed 2 scans. And baby wasn’t ready to reveal the gender. So we paid for 3d/4d scan.

We found out my oldest was a boy at 13 weeks. He was the size of a pack of cigarettes. I watched him roll forwards and backwards and suck his thumb. He’s 6’5” and a father of his 3 year old now.!

You can get a blood test and get the results very early on…7 weeks is the earliest

Call and ask if they can do it at this appointment.

I went every 4 weeks until I was 32 weeks then I went every two weeks until 36 weeks and now I go once a week.

I had blood testing done at either 10 or 11 weeks

We did 3D they done always cooperate for the 20week scam (we learned the hard way with our little mermaid :joy:) our 3D was only like $30 and we got lots of photos of the ultrasound - it was sooooo cool. I went to a place called Ultrasona in Columbus Ohio!

Just wait to find out. Problem solved lmao

I found out at 16 weeks with my first and 18 weeks with my second

I found out i was having a little boy at 16 weeks

That honestly depends on you if you don’t want to wait that long you can talk to them at the office

I found out at 15 weeks with my second child and at 23 weeks with my first child’s gender.

They’ll more then likely just send you in for a scan between your appointments. They’re two different appointments so they don’t HAVE to do it the same day you have a check up

I found out at 17 weeks

I found out through an ultrasound at 12 1/2 weeks :blush:

I found out gender of the last 3 at 13 weeks via ultrasound

I found out I was having a girl at 21 weeks 3 days

It all depends on how your baby is positioned and developing. With my son we found out at 17 weeks and with the baby I’m carrying now my mom found out at 13 weeks 3 days. We gonna do a gender reveal so my husband and I don’t know yet

Call your OBGYN and explain the situation. If they can, surprise him at the Drs office. Then you can do a big one with family.
He’ll enjoy that memory of sharing this with just you. :heart:
If you need anything while he’s gone, feel free to pm me.

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A lot of doctors dont do ultrasounds after 12 weeks anymore. With my daughter i wouldnt know she was a girl unless i was high risk. I only had a scan because i was sent to the hospital for anatomy scans and nst’s every week.

Just call the dr office and ask them. They will probably work with ur schedule

That’s how my appointment was, they scheduled me at 20 weeks. They want to do as close to 20 as they possibly can

I found out at 13 weeks with my first. So far with my second I don’t know yet I’m 14 weeks. I think a lot depends on how the baby is positioned I do my 20week scan with a different doctor a specialist. That’s how they do it in NY

I found the gender when i was 12 weeks they did a blood test

I found out at 12 weeks with both my kids (thru ultrasound)

Tell them at the appointment what’s going on they might be able to do your ultrasound at 18 weeks to give you a gender

We found out we were having a boy at my 15 week ultrasound, it was actually really easy to tell.

I got a 3d at 12 weeks

Where I doctor an ultrasound tech does the anatomy scan. I had my OB appointment yesterday at 18w5d and my scan next week at 19w5d.

They’ll schedule an anatomy scan typically between 19&22 weeks. So they’ll likely schedule it around the next appt which would make you 21 weeks 1 day which is totally fine. But you could talk to them and see if they can schedule a separate appointment considering your situation. However, you can find out via ultrasound if you pay out of pocket for one at a 3d place. I found out with my first at 14 weeks 6 days and my second at 15 weeks 2 days. Both very obviously girls!

I did a blood test so I wouldn’t have to wait for the 20 week ultrasound.

I found out at 16 weeks with my second

This was at 17 weeks 2 days :joy: you can clearly tell what he was. They should definitely be developed by then. I think they start forming at 12 weeks. The way my Dr does it is a little different they have to order the Ultrasound then radiology will call and give you the date and time. It’s usually about a week or a little less from the appointment but every doctor is different. We have to get ultrasounds at the hospital.

I found out the gender with this baby at like 15 weeks. Think u can find out after 12… but if ur heavier it may be harder for them to tell

At 16 week i found out and usually thats the time when u may know the gender

I found out at 18 weeks

I found out at my first ultrasound at 14 weeks with my daughter. I didnt think theyd tell me the gender so i didnt tell them i didnt wanna know yet :joy: surprise ruined but :person_shrugging: i got over it.

I found out the gender at 14 weeks