When do round ligament pains start?

Hi there,
I am just a couple weeks into my second pregnancy. I was wondering if anyone else felt round ligament pains right away with 2nd pregnancy. Happens throughout the day and I know they say those pains don’t typically start till the 2nd trimester.
Anyone else get them early?


I definitely did!! I’m currently 13 weeks now and I’ve had them the past couple of weeks…

Most moms feel things a lot sooner the second time around, because your body is used to it & you know what it is.


Congrats mama. You’re gonna feel everything sooner and a lot more intense lol. I’m at the end of my second and figured that out.

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The more babies I have the sooner the round ligament pain starts. Especially if my babies are close in age.

I’m 30 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy and felt so much pain immediately. I felt implantation cramps too I almost went to the ER but then I realized what it was since I was between periods. I think 2nd time is much more painful and feel everything way sooner.

I felt them through all three of mine constantly! Hope it feels better soon!

My third pregnancy from day one

I have had them from about 8 weeks with this pregnancy. I’m currently 25 weeks and they aren’t as bad now. This is my second pregnancy

:raising_hand_woman:t3: right from 16 weeks until i gave birth with my second. I could barley walk let alone move near the end. 2 years later and I still feel pain at times. :disappointed:

Definitely and the more you have the worse it gets. Especially if your on your feet alot or carry lower.

I definitely felt a lot different this time around compared to my first

I did. Probably because mine were really close together.

Each one yes i did. Everything tgats a symptom of pregnancy I felt early

I felt it around 17 weeks

Everything is earlier with each pregnancy.

Im 12 weeks n have been dealing with it for more than half the time already

They told me I had round ligament pain with my third pregnancy, but it was actually a hernia :neutral_face:be careful and try to take it easy on any lifting if at all possible.

Yesssss it was TERRIBLE.

I bloated right up around 4 weeks and had pain then I evened out with the bloat and it became baby.

I started feeling it towards the beginning of my second trimester this time. Especially when I go for long walks

Not true as previously stretched muscles remember what to do under the stimulation of progesterone to maintain the pregnancy

It was absolutely awful, so extremely painful. With my 2nd and third I had them early. With my 3rd it started at 8 weeks, there was 18 months between those pregnancies. With my third the pain didn’t stop until I was about 33 ish weeks. My youngest is 5 and I’m 14 weeks and thankfully haven’t had any pain, yet.

I had to do physical therapy because it was so bad for me

I had them early but this is my 3rd pregnancy but first one carrying into 2nd trimester. It could also be a UTI

I’m pregnant with my first and have had round ligament pain in my first trimester.