When do kids stop napping?

Whatever works… I would keep the “nap” and let him play… it’s at least a quiet time and if he needs a real nap, he might fall asleep

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I think all kids are very different, mine get up at about 8am and then they both nap at about 2pm and then they go to bed by 10pm (I know that’s late, but it works for us.) my oldest is 4 and his sister is 2. They are not set on a schedule at all, it changes all the time, but they do still nap at least once a day.

If my kid is tired he just freely goes up and naps. :woman_shrugging:t2: He’s 3.5 though

I’m about to be 45. Ill still nap if given the opportunity. :rofl::rofl::raising_hand_woman: as a kid, I would resist a rest. But now, I’m up for a nap anywhere any time.


Oh you wanted some parenting advice. Lol. So while we didn’t have nap time, we had quiet time for short periods where TVs and electronics were off and we relaxed in our rooms. Read a book. Play a quiet game. Nap. Whatever just relax for a minute.


My daughter is the same age and doesn’t nap either. She wakes up around 9am and goes to sleep at 9:30pm.

We switched from naps to mid day quiet time around that age. Like she had to stay in bed for just a bit and if she fell asleep great, if she just kinda relaxed and talked to her stuffies great.

I had one child who never napped, but she was willing to stay on her bed & read quietly.

Oldest two were 2 and stopped napping - youngest was 18 months.

We stopped naps moved to quiet time. If they nap. Or not it’s okay. I go off of their mood for the day if they don’t nap.

My 3 year old son doesn’t nap anymore, he hasn’t had a nap since he was about 2, every child’s different. And yours is sleeping a good decent chunck in the night so it sounds perfect to me :ok_hand:


Kids are different routines are really good to have but what my mom used to do and I tried doing with my two sons was figured out what time would be the latest I would try to put them down for a nap and how long would be the latest I would let them sleep for and see if they would be fussy you know your child better than anyone Hun so you know if they are getting tired and as far as putting them in there room for some quiet play time I do not see anything wrong with it my two sons are 8 and 9 and I still sometimes let them do that together because they have to share the same bedroom

go with the flow with your child you cannot schedule a nap. let him fall asleep on his own. that is what i did with my daughter stress free

All our kids gave up naps just after turning two. It sounds like he’s sleeping well. If he seems happy and content, he’s probably just ready to give up his naps.

When my daughter was that age she would go to bed between between 8/9pm and would always be awake no earlier than 9am. Some mornings I would have to go and wake her up. Some just don’t need the naps in the day at that age. As long as they get there feed before they go down and have a clean diaper on they will be fine.

My daughter took naps till she was 4. My son never stopped :laughing: I could not get him to nap after he was 2. As long as he is not having melt downs from being tired he is fine. If you need a quiet time have him take a “rest” time and lay down. If he sleeps he needs it or he can play quietly for a little bit.

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My step son is 4 and most of the time after school he will take a nap on his own for maybe and hour or so he gets out of preschool at 1 we let him go to bed at 9pm and wake him up for school around 7-730 it’s pretty much routine at our house even the same on weekends if he’s tired we let him sleep varying on time so he sleeps long enough at night

Both of mine stopped napping when they turned 1

My son stopped napping at that age. I had a rule, you don’t have to sleep, you have to rest. I would let him read, watch a movie, or do something quiet for about 2 hours.

My boy now 5 quit taking naps at 1. He never sleeps threw the night. Even now. He is on a medication for it. He was also diagnosed with adhd. Tested high for it.

My sister boy was more like urs. They changed nap time to quiet time.

After 2 I don’t think they need a day time nap, they be tired come 6 pm bath pj’s book snack n bed that’s my routine anyways. I’ve had 5 kids and never let my kids sleep after age of 2 in the day. One off here n there. I think it’s better to cut out the day time nap and have a early routine also sets them ready for nursery.

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My sons the same age. And we are about to transition him to a race car bed also lol. While he still naps, he doesn’t want to go down, but he’ll fall asleep after 15-20 minutes. Night time same thing, fights it (because he wants to keep watching mickey mouse clubhouse lol) but falls asleep easily. He still naps for about 2-3 hours and sleeps from about 830ish-7-8am. I’ve actually been putting off doing the bed transition because of the fighting to go down. But I can’t put it off forever. (It’s only been “put off”, for 2 weeks.)

3 years old and still naps 2-3 hours a day we’ve been in a big boy bed since 13 months as he climbed out of his crib/cot

My 3yr old (January 2019) still naps at least a couple times a week. But she likes her sleep. She will usually sleep for 12 hours at night if she doesn’t get that she is cranky and will be napping during the day (her choice. I dont force nap time) ex no nap yesterday we all went to bed by 10pm. She will sleep 9-1030am. (Im a 3rd shifter that just had a baby 4 wks ago. 2 more and I go back to work)

Small prizes or rewards for lying quietly. You don’t HAVE to spend money. Rewards could be things like helping you with meals or meal prep, extra outside time, or whatever suits your kid better… Start a routine. Try reading a story,(only 1!) putting on quiet, soft instrumental music. If they’ve laid quietly for so many minutes, give them a book or sensory toy. Remind them that listening to your words and obeying is a way of showing love towards you. Children love to make their parents happy! Just make it enjoyable and loving. Oh, and lots of physical play before nap/quiet tims.

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If sleeping like is and all night your doing good be thankful and if playing quit in room may wear self down to nap.or not but be thankful sleep all night

My kids loved naps but not the same time daily especially if we didnt to the same activities

Kids are different I wouldn’t force a nap. If he sleeps good at night your good.

Girl my son is 4 but since he’s been 3 I don’t want to force a nap on him. If he naps he’s riled up until 11 at night or midnight, no matter what I do, but doesn’t get up until 9:30 am which is nice but when he doesn’t nap he’s in bed by 8/9 pm (which is also nice) but up by 7 am. Hes getting ample sleep either way, so I leave it up to chance. After lunch we have a block of time between 1 pm and 5 pm, where he cannot be on any kind of screen at all. We put on music in that time block and thats it. If he naps he naps if not then not. He starts big boy school next year so he needs to be up by 7 am every morning so getting into that system. Your baby has some time before that comes an issue. Idk how your day looks day to day, but maybe try a block of time during the day that no electronics are able to be accessed (save your phone) and if baby naps they nap if not they don’t. Your tiny human is getting ample sleep either way so maybe try it that way?

I would take it day by day. My two kiddos quit napping around that age, but every child is different. I honestly got tired of trying to make them take naps, as long as they were sleeping a good amount at night I would skip the naps.

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All 4 of mine stopped sometime at age 2

Mine were around 2-3 when naps stopped. Otherwise they’d be up all night. They get up between 7-8 every morning, depending on when 6 starts his first class.

No they grow out of naps around that age depends on child. I’m procrastinating getting a bed for my son because of this reason :joy: he will be two next month he naps ok but there are days he’s not having it. Usually depends on day and wake up time etc.


My daughter stopped napping completely at 2.

Every kid is different. I have friends who’s kids stopped at 2 some 2 1/2. My daughters going to be 3 in June and still naps!

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All of mine were around 3 but my 4 year old still takes a nap about once a week


Depends on the child… my first born napped until he was in grade 1… My second stopped at 3 years old and my third stopped at 2.5… all 3 every night in bed a sleep by 6:30-7:00pm…

My 2.5 year old wakes up at 7 am, naps around 2:00 for half hour to go pick up kids from school and in bed at 7-7:30pm. Ensures enough sleep time for her developing brain and no tantrums due to being tired during the day. It’s worked for us. Maybe it can work for someone else who has issues with nap time :relaxed:


Every kid is different sound like you have a no napper which is good if he goes to bed by 9 and will sleep all night


My son did once in kindergarten. He would usually fall asleep coming home from half day pre-k

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I would def take it day by day. My 3 year old won’t nap anymore, but she also gets ridiculously over stimulated then refuses to sleep at night and it’s terrible. Even my bigger kids though, especially like in the summer when we’re all home together, swimming, playing outside and going all the time… I set aside around an hour and a half during the babies nap time for “quiet time” they go to their rooms and either watch a movie, lay down, read, or play quietly while the babies nap because otherwise it’s awful trying to keep the little ones down with everyone else running around crazy. And most of the time, especially like I said during summer when we’re really active, their happy to oblige. So I’d just take it as it comes, if he won’t sleep, just set aside some time to chill out for an hour or so. I have to, it’s the only time during the day I get to just regroup or make phone calls or whatever.


My daughter stopped napping around 8 months, she would lie down to rest but just never slept again during the day. My son is 4 and he still takes naps, at least 2-3


My kids stopped naps around that age. But I did have a 2 hour quiet time where they played quietly in their room. That was my time for bathing, cleaning, or whatever I needed (me time)

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Around 2 to 2 and a half they don’t necessarily need a nap and should sleep about 12 hours a night. But you know your little one. If they’re sick I definitely still do naps. Or extra cranky.

Day by day. If he wants a nap, let him. If not, don’t. Some kids nap it that age, some don’t.


My son is 9 and stopped napping entirely at 2 1/2.

My daughter just turned 2 and takes one small nap a day.

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Bruh I’m an adult and I nap every chance I get lol but seriously my daughter is 5.5 and she loves a good nap


My oldest stopped naps at 2 1/2 and my youngest and 3 now and still has an hour or 2 nap. His toys are in livingroom amd playroom. His bedroom has his bed, pillows, blankets and stuffed animals and he has a baby goats in his door way.

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I think they still need naps if I feel like it needs to happen I would have 10 year Olds nap cause at times with 10 to 11 kids napping is a little break for you and my 2 year old is napping with one of his sissys baby’s just depends on you and the kiddo

My kids still gets nap if they still need to or if they feel like they need one

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My mom tolde I stopped taking naps when I was 9 months old ND my oldest stop when she was a yr old my youngest one still take naps ND she is 3

My girl stopped day sleeps in oct, she is 4 in March, sad day lol my 4hrs of peace through the day is over :rofl::sob::joy:


Depends on the child. Mine had both stopped napping by 1yo but would fall asleep in the car or the buggy if we were out. If hes not over tired by bed time id let him be.

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I heard around that age toddlers will not need to nap as often or long. My son is also 2.5 and his naps were usually 12-2 some days he’ll nap longer or shorter. Maybe try tiring him out before a nap. But I think as long as they’re still sleeping though the night, going to bed and waking up a reasonable time they should be fine. Just gotta find more and new ways to keep them entertained. They’re just growing up🥺

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My kids and grandkids took a nap on the couch after lunch but I would never let them nap to late in the day or else they wouldn’t sleep till later at night.Nap at 12- 30 pm till no later than 2pm but some day not at all.

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Boys seem to be twice as busy as girls. My son stopped it was an issue of forcing him to nap. And then he would wake up so charged up. So I just stopped it. He sleeps just fine and wakes up early for school he is 5 years old

Im old and I still want naps🤪 it really depends on the child. Some stop early some later.

My son is three and for the last six months or so I don’t force him to sleep. We do make him take a “rest time” and lay down for about an hour and if he sleeps good if not then fine but he seems to still need some wind down time everyday

We call it quiet time. They can do quiet activities in bed no electronics. Puzzles and picture books. Between 2-4pm everyday.


Depends on the child but most kids will stop around 2.5/ 3 years of age. My daughter is about to be 3 and most days no longer naps

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Maybe burn him out before nap time

Depends but you can put a bed rail up so he can’t get out as easily. My oldest napped til he was 4.5 middle stopped at 3ish and my youngest is 2.5 and still naps otherwise is a cranky mess.

My son quit taking naps way before my girls did, my grandson also has a race car bed they are so cute

My daughter stopped napping a month or 2 after she turned 2

My daughter stopped napping a month or 2 after she turned 2

With both of my kids, we stopped naps around 2, unless needed, and they went to bed around 8 or 9 and slept all night

Just do a quiet time rather than a nap if he doesn’t really want to. Read books, a movie or quiet play during that time


Mine stopped at 2 unless he is way overly tired then he naps some but then it messes up his sleep at night :woman_shrugging: so I avoid naps unless it is necessary hes over 3 now.

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It depends on his body and how much sleep he needs or doesn’t need.

All 3 of mine stopped napping before 2 yrs old. I’d put them to sleep at 730 and they would sleep till 630am. It’s tough sometimes not getting that break during the day but it’s nice having the evening/night to yourself and it’s not going to hurt them to skip nap time


All five of mine around 2-2.5 depending on if we are in the car when they are tired or extra busy running around.

Take it day by day. I’m 38 and I still nap sometimes. :joy: Somedays will be more exhausting for him than others and he will want a nap. Other days he won’t.


Sounds to me like you’ve got this :heart:

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It depends on the day. If my 2 1/2 year old wakes up after 8 or 9 am, I don’t force a nap because he won’t want one until 3 or 4pm. On the days he wakes up earlier and will take a nap by 1 or 2, I allow a nap. He woke up at 5am yesterday and definitely took a nap ( for 4 hours). He still went to bed by 9pm. Today he was awake 7:30am-7:30pm

My 5 yr old twins still nap 3hrs a day

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Mine stopped at 2 going for 3
And how I miss those naps
Now his turning 4 and hyper from the AM to PM

My son never liked to nap. After a year old it was very rare if he napped.

I’m 33 and still nap when possible :joy: My 5 year old likes to take a nap after school, but I try to deter her from doing so or else she will be up all night. You know what’s best for your child though, sounds like he has a great sleep schedule. I wish my girl would sleep until after 7am on weekends. :sweat_smile:

My daughter stopped naps at 2. Unless she was sick or going through a growth spurt.

My son stopped napping about 3 months after his 2nd birthday he will Only nap now once in a while if we had a big morning he goes to bed 8pm latest and will sleep untill about 630 7

Mine doesn’t anymore cause I found its easier to put her to bed at her bedtime.

Depends on the child. My 9 year old girl stopped around kindergarten age - who knew kindergarteners don’t take naps in schools these days?? I sure didn’t know! My 8 year old girl takes naps every single day as we are homeschooling now and she just loves naps. She also wakes up ungodly early on her own - between 5 and 6am and goes to bed by 8pm. We joke that she’s our little old soul lol my 2 1/2 year old daughter loves naps but she’s having a terrible time coping with weaning off breastfeeding and refuses all naps until she basically just falls asleep wherever she is.

My son napped until 4ish. He’s almost 8 now.

I mean, it really depends on the child. My son was around 18 months when he stop napping.
But my daughter is my youngest and she just recently stop napping. She will still have the occasional nap here and there. She just turn 7 ( I find we know very well when she needed a nap because she got extremely grouchy)
 We still do a quiet time 11:30 to 1:30  when they’re not in school, so they don’t have to nap, but they have to be doing something quiet for the one who wanna take a nap

Mine is 2 1/2 and still naps. She gets very grumpy if she doesnt

Probably a sleep regression. When depends on the kid.

I put mine down and said they didn’t have to sleep BUT had to rest, 1/2 the time they fell asleep lol


Mine turns 5 in January and still naps

My 3 year old still takes naps