When do babies start walking?

Anyone have advice for helping a baby to start walking?? My daughter has a walker (push kind) and uses it constantly but doesn’t walk on her own yet. She’s also really tall so that might make it harder? Idk, any advice is welcome :blush:


Doesn’t matter about being tall. Just stand her up let her get her balance then let her go and see if she goes off on her own

She will walk when she is ready all comes down to balance


dont push her.
Babies developed WHEN THERE BODIES ARE READY !!!


She’s using the walker for balance and learning to find her feet. She will walk when she is ready there is no time frame on it. Don’t worry just let her do her own thing

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My son used to have this chair that she pushed around, i think thats one of the thing that helped him out walking

All babies are different but I read somewhere that babies who are supported by walkers seem to walk on their own later than babies who don’t.

You could try putting the walker just out of her reach and standing her up facing it. She might step to it, if it isn’t too far. She will walk when she is ready though. My girls started early, but both of my sons were over a year old. All kids are different.

All babies are different and they’ll do it when there ready not much you can do doesn’t matter on there height, both of mine were walking by time they were 1, but I know people who’s little ones have started at 15 months and others 9 months x

My son took a long time to walk. He used the walker and when he walked without it he held your hand and latched on so tight to you because he was afraid. Then one day he randomly let go of his grandmas hand and just took off on his own. Hasn’t stopped walking and running since lol. Be glad your tiny human is taking a while, when they learn to walk they get into EVERYTHING

Doctors say that the walkers don’t actually help the child walk but I still use mine mostly to strengthen my sons legs. As well as the jumparoo and stationary saucer. With my daughter and what I plan to do this go round is putting my hands under the arms and helping him hold himself up, go through the motions, things like that. Every child is different and will get there.

Johnny jumper. They make their legs stronger

The jumper that hangs in the door way was the best thing for my son. They wanted to send him to a specialist, so we got the jumper and worked with him daily lowering it slowly until he was basically standing in his own! Then walking came quickly after.

My youngest son didn’t start walking till he was 16 months old, she will when she is ready

Mine pushed tge walkee for 3 months this past week he finally started walking on his own hes 11 months but hes so clumsy he kinda looks like a drunk sailor lol

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Two toys on ipposite ends of the room.

Just give her time. There is no set guideline for when they have to walk and all babies are different.


Don’t push her. She’ll walk when she’s ready

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Help her by you sitting on the floor. Hold her around her hips. Roughly around where her tailbone is. Press your thumbs gently against where your hands meet.

Both my kids learned how to walk playing with a broom. They were walking at 14 months

All of mine took off a few weeks before or after turning 1. She’ll get there :blush:

My daughter walked for a while only while holding our hands. We started holding the back of her shirt instead and she took off!

Every baby walks at their own pace and time. Mine walked at 8 months. I am old so my kids didn’t have walkers and I didn’t hold them all of the time. So I think they knew they had to become mobile if they wanted to get from room to room.

My first started walking at ten months and my second at twelve months they are both tall boys in the 75%…usually around a year or so just give her time

She will walk when she is ready. Dont push her into it.

When she is ready,
she will get up and walk

My son was 14mnts before he properly walked they all are different :slightly_smiling_face:

they r all different she will walk when she is ready had a friend whose son was almost 2 when he took off

Let her be a kid,they grow fast enough

Have their ears. Chocked might be a balance problem

She will learn on her own. I was told that walkers hinder them learning so I never used them with mine. But I also dont know how true that is, it may just be an old wives tale.

My son had a balance issue, he didn’t trust himself, after the walker,he walked around with our broom. Then one day he dropped it and realized he could walk himself!

Give her time, she’ll start walking on her own when she’s ready.