When do babies start talking?

What age did your baby start saying mama? My daughter is 9 months and all she says is dada and baba


My son said mama a few days before he turned one.
He’s 2 now and it’s still his most said word

Mine said mama like 5 times in one week right after he turned one…
He turns two next week and hasnt said mama since. :roll_eyes::joy:

Every baby is different :ok_hand:

My little girl has had a cry that sounds like mama since 2 months. She’s 7.5 months and says it now looking at me

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My daughter was 1 1/2. She would say everything but mama. I think she thought it was a game to not say it because she would repeat what we said and then when it got to mama she’d say dada or nothing at all.

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My daughter is 16monthsold and only says mama when she isn’t feeling well or when she is cranky and tired. Almost everyday she is all about saying dada, But I think it’s because he is gone most of the time working

My daughter started with dada also and it took her til she was about a year to say mama…I would say mama mama and then she would yell dada dada back at me :joy:

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My 9 mo old said mama first just shy of 7 months, and then baba. We’ve been trying to get him to say dada but he won’t :roll_eyes::joy:

My daughter said baba first around 6-7 months, then dada… mama around 8-9 months.

Dada started early. Mama was like two months ago and he’s almost 21 months.

My baby os 9 months and still refuses to say mama

5 months, but I was also in her face a lot saying, “Mama”
I wanted her to say that before DaDa😂

In speech the d and b sounds are the easiest to make. Dada And baba are almost always baby’s first sounds. The “mmm” sound for mama takes alot more physical control of the mouth/facial muscles that she just doesn’t have yet.
I doubt at her age ‘dada’ is a word yet. Just a sound.

All kids start speaking at their own pace. I say enjoy it, once my kids learned mama they haven’t stopped talking. Mama needs some silence. If you’re really concerned, talk to your pediatrician, they can recommend exercises or programs (if necessary) to help your little.

My daughter is almost a year old and I have never heard her say mama. Her daddy and nana both say she has said it, but she wont say it for me. She can say stinky (her stuffed sting ray), kitty, cookie, dada, nana, baba, baby, love, yum.

My son is 1 (going to be 2 in July) and he just started saying mama around Christmas time! Lol soo not very long ago… I was kind of worried bc it didn’t happen fast and he was so comfortable saying dada(even calling me dada lol)
So we kind of made this plan where I would point to his dad and say dada and his dad would point me and say mama they really just learn at their own pace and lol fast forwarding now… we can just be like “where daddy go” and he would go find his dad lol or his dad would do the same and he’d come find me lol best of luck xx

My daughter will be 2 on Friday and started saying mama about a month ago :woman_shrugging:t2:

Like 2 months old​:joy::joy::woman_shrugging:t4:

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She probably says it when you’re not around

My son is 18 months and doesn’t say mama, not even close. Just says dad, not even dada lol!

My daughter started saying dada and mama at 6 months. By a year old she was saying over 20 words

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My daughter has said EVERYTHING but mom. She says peppie pig, dinosaur, pig, cow and every word. She turned 2, 2 weeks ago and just now saying mom.

Sounds normal to me. My granddaughter is 12 months and has been babbling mama dada for 2 months now. Once they start, that’s all you hear, all day long!

My daughter was 6 months. I lived with my mom and she heard me say it all the time lol one night she started crying and said it .

My daughter said mama once around 9 months and then didn’t actually start saying it consistently until after she turned one :slightly_smiling_face:

My son is almost 3 and I’ve only heard him say momma a handful of times. I guess he says it all the time when I’m not around :woman_shrugging:t2:

The " d" is easier to pronounce :grin:

9 months. She says papa and mama

My first said momma first at about 7 months? (That was almost 7 years ago) my second REFUSED to say momma at all until he was like 1.5 years. I think he did it to be funny lol. My 3rd said momma at about 7 or 8 months or so but mainly just says dada or bubba.

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9 months and mine says both. More dada than mama though. I just keep saying mama over and over to her🤣

5 months I think but cries it if we ask him to say dada the video was couple weeks ago when he officially learned to talk he’ll be 2 April 25th

Her first word was no and mama I wanna say like 4/5 months old

How old when they said their first word?? My daughter is 5 months and I’m so excited for her to say something

Hey teach her to mum mum mum and she’ll get it’s