When do adult teeth come in?

My daughter is 7 and in May she had 2 have her 2 front top teeth pulled out because of a infection… She has lost some of her other teeth and they her adult teeth have started to grow in… My question is the front 2 top teeth havent even started growing in yet, does it sometimes take awhile? It has been almost 3 months since they were pulled out…


Following my daughter had one pulled out and nothing has came in yet and it’s almost been a year

My son had his front two teeth taken out when he was 4. Hes 7 and his permanent teeth still havent grown in yet. The dentist said it could take up to 5 years for them to come in, but they will come in eventually lol :smirk: but since shes already 7 shouldnt take more than a year or two

Were they her baby or permanent teeth? Usually by 7 their baby teeth have already fallen out and the adult ones are in…

It can take up to a year especially when the tooth is pulled out too early or when it has to be removed too prematurely


The two front will take longer. My son had his pulled and it took 3 years for them to grow in

They always take much longer to come in when they are pulled verses falling out naturally. It will come though eventually.

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I had this done as a toddler (3). My baby teeth stopped coming in, only beinghalf way through. They had to remove my teeth. I went into the 3rd grade before my top two front teeth fully came in. Everyone’s body develops different. If you are concerned, ask her dentist to do an x-ray and they can give you an estimation on when they will come in.

Dental hygienist here! Usually if they have to be extracted then the teeth were still in the process of growing in like said above so they will take the time they needed to push through the tissue. They will come in but it might take awhile! I wouldnt be concerned as long as they xrayed and saw they were present and not missing.


They take longer when pulled out instead of naturally falling out. Teeth naturally fall out bc they get loose from the pressure of other teeth dropping down.

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They were pulled & she didn’t lose them naturally. They don’t fall out until the new ones are already in place, & the top front teeth are large.

My daughter lost her front teeth last December and didnt even start to grow any back until june of this year. Give it time momma, they’ll come.

My son is 9 and his two top adult teeth are just now coming in. He has them pulled when he was 2.

My first tooth I lost was a front tooth that was pulled and my adult tooth didnt come in for almost 2years

Double check with your dentist, they can take x rays to see what’s happening.

This happened to me as a child. They take longer because they probably werent even ready to fully come out yet. It took me almost a year to get them in. I was in kindergarten.

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It can take quite a while. I think they’re usually around 7 when the adult teeth come in. No worries they will come in.

It took me forever to get my two front teeth in… I went almost a year without them… sometimes they just take a while

I had my top fronts pulled around 4 so I was much younger but they didn’t grow back until I was almost 8 it can take a while!

My son top teeth took forever, I started to think that he didn’t have set number 2 in but now its all good. Don’t worry will eventually show up

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They erupt on their own time. It’s gonna take time since they had to be pulled prematurely. Be sure to floss and brush the adult teeth multiple times DAILY. Don’t wanna lose those

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When they are pulled in tends to take longer to come in.


If they were pulled it could take years for them to come in. My daughter had to have one of hers removed and it took 3 years for her tooth to come in. All children are different!

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Yes it seems like it takes forever for them two front teeth to come back. Then they look " funny" until the ones beside them come in.

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It can take almost a year depending on how far down her adult teeth were when pulled

Will take a while mama but it’s ok it happens lost my first when I was a toddler I was running around like toddlers do and tripped and smacked my mouth on coffee table and got my gum causing damage and my front tooth to die and get pulled it happens of course took a very long time to get my adult tooth I’m fine but mama she should get it in soon it usually around this age they get them in any how

My daughter had her pulled and she didn’t have front teeth for a good 6-7 months. She lost the other 2 next to them and didn’t have her front 4 teeth for almost a month. They all seemed to come in at once. I feel like it’s harder for the front ones to come in when they’ve been pulled because the gums heal up so much they have more to with through. Versus when they come out right as the tooth falls out there’s already a big hole there for them

My grandson had his out at 2 now almost 7 but no teeth yet. You can see them

I was 16 when I had my last 2 baby teeth pulled… it took almost 2 yrs for those sucker’s to grow in. My sr pic I was missing teeth!

My daughter pulled hers out. She was 5 i year later still no teeth​:joy::joy::joy:those was the top two…she was under the impression that the tooth fairy will pay her
I told her she cheated.lolol i always ask her for two dollars its an inside joke we have…she say mama no call her i need my 2 dollars

My daughter didn’t have her top two for several years.

Son had his pulled at 4ish they were in by 8. Each individual is different and with then being pulled the others may have not been ready to push through yet. Not at a young age They will when they are ready.if it bothers you can get a partial put in if needed but honestly my child pulled his specially made.onesl out and was fine without front teeth until it was time for them to grow in almost 4 yrs later! Some take awhile also once they do start to grow in.

If they were baby teeth that were pulled it may take time. No teeth being there doesn’t just trigger the teeth to start growing they will come in when they are ready

Yes, when baby teeth fall out, its because the adult teeth have pushed them out. So the adult teet]]] pop thru quicker. Her baby teeth had to be pulled, so her adult teeth will take longer to come down. If u want to be more comfortable take her to the dentist. When they did xrays, b4 they pulled the baby teeth. The dentist would of told you if he didn’t see the adult teeth in the xray

My son had his 4 front teeth removed and 3 grew in within 2 years. The 4th one took about 5 years. I kept taking him to the dentist and having x Ray’s done to make sure the teeth were there. It’ll happen. Just have patience.

When they come out too early it takes longer for the adult teeth to come in.

It’ll take a while because they were pulled out.
The only reason it doesn’t take long for others to grow after you lose a tooth is because they were already coming up.

If it been pulled out it will take longer sometime

Its different if they get pulled out than if they fell out by themselves

At 7 that is hard for a kid to go to school. I would look into a partial for the time being. Being pulled the adult teeth are not there yet. Normally they push out the baby teeth.

Bottom central incisions usually come in first, around 6-7yrs, top central incisions 7-8yrs, bottom lateral incisions 7-8yrs, top ones 8-9yrs. So it could take some time!