When did your toddler realize how to use a blanket?

When did your toddler realize how to actually use a blanket? Our son is 18mo. I just put him down wothout his sleep sack and with a blanket instead…


I started using a blanket for my daughter around 7 to 8 months when I saw she was moving all around in her crib trying to get warm. Shes used one ever since.

My son is 4 and still doesn’t use a blanket. I think it’s because I swaddled him for a really long time.

My daughter was around 14 months when she realized how to use a blanket the correct way

You know what just as many babies die now to accidentally suffocating , as used too , my kids all had blankets since birth , and 2 chose to sleep with it over or near their face , all still here 21 and over

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Just use a sleep sack till they get in a toddler bed babies shouldnt sleep with blankets

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6 months he will grab the blanket and pull it up tuck it under his arm or neck if the room is cool ,he’s had it since birth