When did your child outgrow the picky eater stage?

My daughter used to eat everything we put on her plate. Ever since 15 months, though, she won’t eat meat or vegetables. I understand this is normal and kids can outgrow this stage, but this is 9 months later, and she still won’t. We’re both working parents and can’t just puree the food, so that isn’t an option. When did your child outgrow this stage?


My daughter is 9 and still picky. Get used to it, lol.

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Mine is 12 and still awful. Good luck :rofl:

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My grandaughter will be 4 next month and it still hasnt gotten any better its awful if anyone around her has a plate of food she gaggs lol good luck they keep telling me to be patient she will come around

My 2.5 year old won’t even eat Mac n cheese or chicken nuggets. :roll_eyes: he hates everything.

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Im 26 and still picky. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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My daugther is 7 an had been lien it since she was 16 months but I now know what she likes an done an my son is 2 an is just the same picky

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She didnt.she is still picky

They outgrow it???!:rofl:

Kids are picky as long as you let them. They will get hungry and eat what you make them. I always lety daughter have her picky days on Sundays. And it’s worked for us otherwise she eats what I make. Sundays are her free days.


It comes and goes throughout childhood.

I don’t think they all do. My husband is 33 and is the pickiest eater in the house!

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I swear they never outgrow this stage. Especially my daughter. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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My daughter was about 3 and stopped eating red meat. She didn’t start eating red meat until she was around 12. She still prefers chicken over read meat. And she is going to be 27

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I’m 26 & still picky lol

I’m 27 and still picky

Parent of 30 years 3 grown on thier own, Iam going to have to agree with Kristina Rumph, what you allow, is what will continue. There are foods that kids genuinely dont like and I would never force a kid to eat Brussel sprouts, Liver w Onions ect. It’s been my experience that if a child is being accommodated at EVERY meal without ever picking up the fork, they will LEARN to pick up the fork when the Parent STOPS accommodating to the behavior. A night or 2 of ,Sorry kiddo that’s dinner, No dessert, No snacks if you dont eat dinner AND STICK TO IT, you will see difference in what’s left on the plate. My eldest son was cooked carrots (texture not taste)
My eldest daughter cheese of any kind
My youngest daughter Eggs . They are all grown now, and STILL wont touch cooked carrots cheese or eggs.

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Kids have different personalities. My oldest (4 years) used to be more open minded but now she only wants the “kids foods” like PBJ, Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets. She will eat pretty much any and all fruit though. My younger one (2 years) will eat or try just about anything you put on her plate.

My daughter is almost 7, still wont touch meat and veggies. Sooo never :grimacing:

My oldest is about to turn 3 and we are still having issues but it’s slowly getting better just keep working on it

My son is 3 and picky. I just keep what he likes on hand.

My brother is 42 and still picky AF

Mines 9 ans he has nevwr been real picky until now… And I have had spaghetti until I feel like a wet noodle… I think it comes and goes just depending on the kid… My 11 year old. Only eats a hand full of things… But my 2 year old will eat anything that dont eat her first… So idk…

Put the meat and veggies in front of her tell her she is eating what everyone else is eating. She won’t starve herself so she needs to eat what you put in front of her or she goes to bed hungry simple as that but you are allowing her to be picky with her and accommodating her meals more than likely for her to continue to be picky

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Im 30 and still super picky :joy::joy:

My child didnt become open to foods until he was 5, almost 6. We had to force him at first, but now he embraces new things and actually admits he likes them. It was def a battle! Good luck!

I have one that is still a picky eater and is 28. Another one is still semi picky at 31. And two others out grew their pickiness in their late teens. Go figure. You just never know.

My son is 8 and still very picky. Chicken nuggets cheese burgers fries carrots and milk are his life lol

My 7 year old son is extremely picky still, my 3 year old is a little picky when it comes to certain things, I think it depends on the child

For real! I swear it seems like the only thing I can get my kid to eat is chicken! And ge used to eat just about everything before!

Mine are both picky. I just make what they like, try to get them to try new things, and keep it moving.

My girls are 6 and 7. They are still picky eaters. Th e 6 yo more so than the 7 yo

Don’t know yet. Oldest is 42 and still picky!!

Never, he is 10 yo and still picking food

My oldest child (my husband) will not eat any vegetables except carrots and occasionally raw cauliflower with ranch dip.

My mother-in-law’s son (aka my 38 year old husband) never outgrew it lol

only had one picky eater out of 5 hes 44 and still hasnt out grown it


My daughter stopped eating meat at 13 months. She’s 3, and still wont eat anything with meat in it. Can’t even hide it from her. She will try it, but always spits it out. We’ve just adjusted our lives around our vegetarian.

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My two five year olds and three year old would not eat meat they would eat hotdogs and chicken nuggets or if the meat was mixed with something like hamburger. But just recently when me and their dad eats steaks or chicken they will eat it.

I started my girls off with veggies and meat and then later with fruit, once they got use to veggies. Then they stopped eating meat and took a long time for them to want meat again. I just kept putting the veggies and meat on there plates. Consistency is good. Now they are pre teens that eat pretty healthy. Just make sure to always have good variety on there plates and it should subside.

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My son is 3 and is so damn picky. All he ever wants to eat is junk it drives me nuts!! And he refuses to try anything new :roll_eyes:

Granddaughter and niece 14 and still picky eaters

Don’t force it, i get my 3 year old to eat veggies by buying vegiterian meatless hotdogs and corn dogs. I find vegan and vegiterian options do help supplement my sons diet.

My 5 year old is still picky… doesn’t eat any meat at all even my 21 months old

My sons 11 and still a picky eater, his diet as grown loads since he was small but he still doesn’t eat a massively wide diet


Try making smoothies and hiding veggies ! Also maybe ask your pediatrician if there is a child vitamin that is safe for them to take that has some iron if she won’t eat meat!

My 3 year old about to be 4 wont eat meat and I just offer him some when we have it if dont we dont mind we just dont force him

My 4 year old is still a picky eater. You have a long way to go

I’m 22 and just not getting out of my picky eater stage :joy:

My 2 year old daughter used to eat anything that wouldn’t eat her. In the last 3 months she wont touch a veggie, ground meat, or red sauce. She literally gags every mealtime. I make her take a bite of each item.

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My oldest 2 are the picky ones and they still are at 17 and 19 so idk😂

I got over that once they started because they realize that they had two choices one eat what I say they’re going to eat rather they like it or not or two starve

Considering our oldest is 14, I’m beginning to think never.

She’s in her 20’s . Not yet :laughing: picky eaters don’t starve they just try your patience … good luck

Work with the child to get a list of things she likes, then play the game of raw or cooked. Give her a list of must haves eg 2 veg,2 fruit. Milk or cheese use pictures or sticker board if you feel the visuals work for both of you. Hope these ideas help

My “picky eater” just wasn’t digesting certain foods well and couldn’t communicate it until he was speaking well, around 3-4.

Now there are recipes on Pinterest…ways to mix begs into some foods that taste great… use Search for recipes that you know they will eat.

I’m still waiting for my 36 year old husband to outgrow it so if you find the answer let me know.

Seriously though, get her hands on in the kitchen and she’ll start to try new things.

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Don’t give her any snacks or junk food, she gets hungry enough, she will eat.

I have not outgrown it yet. I am 49.

Growing up in my childhood, my parents didnt allow us to be picky eaters. if we didnt like the food, we didnt eat…and then next day the same food that we didnt eat the day before was waiting for us the next day reheated and all… We learned really quick to not be picky eaters. The only exception to that rule was if you were allergic to the food.


I’m 37 and still a very picky eater. I cannot eat many textures of foods. Maybe check and see if her tongue looks odd. My daughter had a topographical tongue where her taste buds moved around every few months making foods taste different.

I NEVER allowed my three to do this. They ate what was put in front of them or they only got water until the next meal.


58 and still extremely picky…no cheese is a big yuck. Growing up I live off of PB&J!:heart:

I don’t think it ever goes away, my girlfriend has a 5 year old she won’t eat anything but top ramen chicken nuggets mac and cheese. I am still a picky eater at 28.

My hubs is 48, so for him I’ll say never! :joy:

Mine is 4 and we’re still going through it. I’ve just come to realize that he will grow out of it eventually.

My 8 year old is still picky but so is her 36 year old father and 62 year old granddad. Some kids are great eaters, some not as much. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Probably never but only time will tell.

In my house I offer what I have made, reasonable items, and if she doesn’t eat it then I don’t pressure her but I also don’t replace it with snacks and stuff. She will not starve. She will eat it when she gets hungry enough. I do this with all three of my kids. I refuse to argue over food or force them to eat. But I also am not a short order cook. I don’t expect them to eat everything nor do I cook items they have legitimately tried and really disliked. But they cannot just refuse meals and still have snacks.

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Just keep offering her foods. Always. Dont stop offering meats and veggies once a day. She will eventually get over it and eat more, the older she gets. Ive had 3 kids do this and then get interested in the foods again when they’re older. That doesn’t mean that they will eat everything. As kids get older they realize they dont like something so dont expect her to eat every single thing ever given to her. But she will eat more of a variety as time goes on.

I have a 26 year old that still eats like a picky toddler. :roll_eyes:

Some things they don’t outgrow. I have a 3 bite rule in my house. They have to take 3 bites of everything on their plate. And if they want a treat after dinner they have to eat everything. It is harder on me than them sometimes. You can also find really fun plates for kids on Amazon. There is one that looks like a board game and when they reach the end there is a small treat.

My girl (20 months) goes through phases, she’s not picky by any means (heavily credit blw) but she’ll go through phases where all the veg or meat gets thrown or she won’t eat anything but eggs. We just keep offering her her normal meals and don’t make any special ones and eventually she gets back to eating everything. Same for my 6 and 4 year old nieces and 16 month old godson. Or it would be true for him if he didn’t eat anything and everything :rofl: For the older kids the rule is you sit until you eat, no exceptions.

Well my daughter will be 7 in a few weeks…

He’s 18. I’ll let you know when that happens.

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Our daughter even turning 3 would snub her nose at many foods. Shortly before turning 4 seems she has developed her curiosity to try new things.

My son is almost 15, and still picky! My pediatrician always told me “they will eat when they are hungry” and he always has.

My 6 year old (oldest daughter) is still some what of a picky eater, but she has gotten better over the last few years. It depends on each child my oldest child (my son) I believe left that phase around age 4. However my youngest child and youngest daughter (5) has never really been a picky eater.

Between 2-3 years old they continue the pattern. Then they usually will change there habit. Provide them a plate that has divided areas this helps them.
Good Luck!