When did you deliver your third baby?

When did you moms deliver your 3rd baby? I had my first two at 37 weeks and so paranoid that I’m gonna deliver this baby earlier… My son is 3 and my daughter is 1 almost 2 and my kids literally never sit down…. I’m always having to chase them around, I work 5 days out of the week on my feet also…


Bless your dear heart :heart:. I had 3 kids . My last one surprised us all . She was late ( they all were ) and I was in labor for 48 hours even though my contractions were only 2 to 3 minutes apart . You just never know as each one is different! She is a spitfire though and such a gift from God at the same time ( and is 27 now ! )

I had my first at 40 weeks even and I had my second at 36 weeks

I was induced with my 3rd at 37w due to low amniotic fluid. Baby was small 5lbs 1oz and they put him in the NICU for low blood sugar which they said is common in small babies. He had like 9 day stay. Hes 15, 16 in june.

37 weeks is full term soo it’d be okay , i delivered at 40 weeks and 2 days ( i had to be induced bc my blood pressure randomly was high )

I had 3 37weekers and 2 39weekers…
1,3 &4 where 37weekers 2&5 39weekers

#3 was my hardest pregnancy. I thought he was gonna be the death of me. I was in labor for 2 weeks. At a 4/5 forever. He came at 38 weeks. My water finally broke. The other 2 before him also came at 38/39 weeks.

My oldest was due August 23 but came 21st she popped out not induced. My 2nd was due April fools came 2 weeks late got induced came out 4 hrs later.my 3rd was due July 3rd I believe beginning if July anyway a week late got induced thought she was never gonna come out.my oldest is 28,middle 12,youngest 11 for now.

37 isn’t early. So I wouldn’t be worried.

I had mine at 36 weeks and on my oldest daughters 4th birthday…

My first one was born at 37+3 she’s 6 now, my second 37+1 she was 16 months old when her brother was born, and my third was born at 39 weeks exactly and he just turned 2 months old. You’ve got this!

Had my first 2 at 37+0 weeks and 36+6. My third came at 38+0 weeks. Only my first one my water broke on its own. Everyone else doc had to break water since labor was over 18+ hours each time. Currently awaiting baby 4 and I’m scared he will come EARLIER since he’s measuring so much bigger than all my other babies. ;(

My 3rd I had 5 days past her due date. My 4th I had 3 weeks early then my last 2 were past their due dates also lol

I had my third at 39 weeks 5 days(induced). My first was 41 weeks. My second was 41 weeks 6 days.