When can you find out gender of baby?

How far along were you when you found out the gender of your baby? can you find out earlier with a 4d?


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I was told 14-15 weeks. But mine you couldn’t tell untill 19 weeks. She has a very slow growth rate

You can do blood work at 7 weeks ! And you can by ultrasound at 13 weeks !

Panorama blood test can be done as early as 9 weeks.

Typically, at least where I am, it’s at the 20 week anatomy scan appointment. There are things available, however, that allow you to check earlier than that but there’s so many times that they just aren’t reliable. I’m on my fourth currently lol and I just wait out til the 20 week appt.

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I found out with a blood test at 7 weeks

My doctor offers a Gender Reveal Ultrasound at 15wks, it’s 65$.

I asked at my 16 week appointment for both my kids. Most doctors seem pretty willing to try if you ask. With my second they weren’t able to get her in a good position to see so I didn’t find out until 20 weeks. Blood tests are pretty accurate if you want to go that route though.

From 10 weeks with a NIPT. I had results back before 11 weeks with this pregnancy.

Blood test like mentioned above

You can do all these things but I did a fun science experiment with my pee and baking soda both times and it was correct and super fun finding out results lol two tablespoons of baking soda add some of your urine if it fizzes it’s a boy!

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I believe it’s typically 8-12 weeks with bloodwork.

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16 weeks with this baby my other son was 14.5 weeks we found out

Genetics testing at 11 weeks

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Blood test is the earliest I was around 15 weeks

15 weeks with first baby and was told too early at 14 weeks with my second

I was 19 weeks with my first daughter and 21 weeks with my second daughter. Didn’t do any of the extra early tests mostly because I didn’t want to spend the extra money lol

I found out at 20 weeks

7 weeks with a DNA test.

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If through a scan most accurate is 20weeks.

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13 weeks with a blood test

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Genetic testing 11 weeks. Found out ours.

There is a place near me that is for elective ultrasounds, she has a 100% accuracy as early as 13 weeks

Genetic testing at 10 weeks. Just ask your doc if they offer it


Generic testing I found out at 7 weeks before they had that I was 17 weeks ultrasound

Found out the gender of both my kids at the he 16 week ultrasound and my daughter the same… actually most women I know found out at 16 weeks, unless they didn’t want to know and be surprised :slightly_smiling_face:

Did the sneak peek testing at home at 6 weeks. Confirmed with the Dr’s blood test at 10 weeks. Then had an ultrasound to see her at 14 weeks where you could definitely see the gender.


As early as 7 weeks with a blood test. I recommend one from the hospital. Some you can order online tend to be inaccurate.

You can find out before 13 weeks through a blood test

Harmony test i knew at 10.5 weeks

10 weeks with a blood test

I did sneak peek gender! It was amazing found out at 9 weeks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m now in my final trimester can’t wait for her to come

I had genetic testing done at 10-12 weeks and found out at about 16 weeks that I was having a boy. Result times can vary though

Blood test at 10 weeks at your doc office

9 weeks! Sneak peak blood test!