When can I take maternity leave?

Would anyone know anything about FMLA/maternity leave!?

I am pushing 32 weeks. My belly has been hurting real bad lately. Hurts to bend over, sleep on my left side, if I sleep on my right my hip kills me. I work in a factory… they have me on FLMA but probably have used anywhere between 2-3 weeks so far due to being so sick in the beginning and hurting so bad now. Wanted to try and get my doc to go ahead and take me off. You have 12 weeks under FMLA. If I were to be taken off work now that’s 8 weeks in itself until my due date. Am I still entitled to 6 weeks after I have the baby? Or is it basically up to what my employer handbook has as far as FMLA AND maternity leave running concurrently?

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Have to give 6 weeks but it can be unpaid

FMLA and maternity leave if offered by your company should not run concurrently because that would be double dipping but I would call and ask HR

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Fmla usually does not start until after the baby is born before that it would be state disability.

Does ur company offer short term disability? I had to go out early and got that until I had baby then maternity kicked in

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FMLA only covers 12 weeks

Do u have short term disability? That’s what I used for 6 week maternity

FMLA is only 12 weeks and only saves your job…STD is what pays you while you are off… so ifbu have STD you will get paid 6 weeks for vaginal birth and 8 weeks for c section but they will NOT have to give you a job to return too as you will have used all your FMLA…unless your job offers Maternity leave too…mine does not and I almost got screwed last year had a baby used 12 weeks FMLA and then needed my gallbladder out 3 months later… luckily I talked with HR and got 2 weeks off approved for gall bladder and STD paid me for both instances

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Talk to HR. I don’t know if it varies by company or by state, but if your doctor determines you are physically unable to work because of risk to the baby’s health or your health, you should be covered under short term and/or long term disability. Pregnancy is a condition of you, the employee, not of another family member. The FMLA is to protect your employment if you need to take off an extended period of time due to a family medical situation.

Need to check with your HR dept at work some are different than others…you’re entitled to your maternity leave paid but your doctor has to sign off on your FMLA whether it’s in the beginning or a extension on your maternity leave and usually it’s unpaid… I took a FMLA for 6weeks tacked onto my maternity leave due to how physical my job is I wasn’t fully healed when I went to get checked at the end of 6weeks and I had some signs of postpartum.

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My dr let me go out at 35 weeks bc I had polyhydranios and gd. My thighs and legs were so swollen I couldn’t even bend them. I was on state temp disability until I gave birth, then got 12 weeks through fmla. My company and dr did everything basically. I would talk to your dr then to hr.

That’s something you should ask HR at your job about. It can vary from company to company

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It depends on the company you work for how they do FMLA. My daughters father had to use his sick days and vacation days before they would let him use FMLA.

Fmla gives you 12 weeks. If you need more time then you need to use short term disability. That what the girls I work with did when they had their babies. When I had my kids I didn’t know anything about fmla and my job didn’t have std so I only got 6 weeks maternity unpaid. Luckily since my son had medical issues my job let me take an extra 2 weeks

Some factories have short term disability plans.