When can babies get a hair cut?

hi i am a first time mom . around what age did your LO get a haircut? my son is 1 . is he too young?


My sons 2 w curly hair ive only done a trim here or there … every parent is diff grow it out if ud like

Mine got his first haircut shortly after he turned 1

Cut my daughter’s hair right before she turned 1. It was out of control!

i got my son’s haircut at 1.

1 1/2 because I was so scared he was gonna lose his curls

Oldest got his first a 9 months old. And has gotten one almost every two weeks since.

I got mine on his 1st Birthday.

Normal age is when they turn a year old. With my first, we waited until he was about two and his little brother had his first hair cut when he almost three.

My grandson had his at 9 Months His hair was past his Shoulders

My boy is 18 months and he just got his first one… he had some adorably sweet curls that no one wanted to cut but they got unruly

I cut my oldest sons hair when he was 2 months old bc it was past his nose. My next one he was 3 but he had an extremely curly fro and ny last one a year and a half bc it was getting into his eyes

Before his 1st birthday

My daughter was 2 but it also didnt help that she didnt have hair until like 1.5 :joy: but its up to you. Dont let anyone tell you what you should and shouldnt do for your baby

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I think it depends on the length of hair. My little boy had his hair cut the weekend after his first birthday and before his party.

before his 1st birthday

With my daughter she was over 1. With my son he was 6 months he had very long wild hair and his hearing aid wouldn’t stay on.

We cut mine at 3 months and about every month and he got a full on fade at the Barber shop at like a year haha

We dont plan to cut our son’s hair until he asks for a haircut, whatever age that happens to be

Girl my son will be 2 in June and 2 weeks ago he got his first hair cut its whenever u feel ready

My son is almost 20mo he hasnt gotten his cut. He cant sit still AT ALL and when you try to get him to sit still hes a nightmare so I’ll probably hold it off for awhile yet.

We cut our boys hair at about 4 months old, because his hair started getting in his eyes