What were your pregnancy symptoms?

were y’alls symptoms different the second go around? i have been so incredibly nauseas, it’s like a motion sick feeling i had last time i was pregnant. but no breast tenderness at all, which i had the first time horribly. i just thought i have been sick but it’s been going on for too long. i’m gonna test tomorrow, just wanting to know what to expect lol.

I had that feeling when I was pregnant with both my girls

I had worse morning/all day sickness but it was for specific things. I couldn’t look at or smell raw or cooking meat my first trimester with my second. Korean food was pretty much the only thing I could eat regularly, it had to be a specific craving otherwise.

I missed my period which I never did before that was my first clue. I didn’t have many symptoms except terrible acid reflux.

This one I was in a car accident 18 days before I found out. First symptoms were metallic taste, nauseous all day headaches, lightheaded, and dizzy all the time. I thought it was all residual from the car accident. This was all prior to my missed period

My first no periods hated smell of hot dogs,and ate the he’ll out of cheese corn but at that anyway and with all 3. My 2nd I ate the he’ll out of fish and I’m not a sea food person and cheese corn. My 3rd nothing out of ordinary just ate more fruits and veggies but with all 3 no periods