What to take for wisdom tooth pain?

i need help im in bad pain i have wisdom and broke teeth pain i have surgery may 20th and ive took 800mg ibuprofen and pencillin is not helping :disappointed: i feel the nerves and painful anyways can i swish oragel mouth rinse toothache??? also any tips or something.


Clove oil! Also maybe you need a stronger antibiotic. Ask for clindamycin.

It could be turning into an abscess! I would call them and let them know and they will work something else out for you!!

Sea salt to rise and it will help ease the pain

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I’ve tried everything. I’ve taken so many antibiotics that my body doesn’t respond to them anymore and I’ve used all the teeth medicine there is. Clove oil has never let me down

Hydrogen peroxide for ten mins then rinse

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Using baking soda paste can help with the swelling of the tooth as well as ease pain. This home remedy can be easily applied by taking some toothpaste, putting it in a small container and mixing it with baking soda. You can make the application directly on the affected tooth.

If your wisdom tooth pain is the result of swollen gums around the infected area, tea bags are an excellent remedy.

Yes used mouth wash it stop the pain

Swish with peroxide hold in mouth then hear feel bubbling gee seconds spit out

ive just got the medicine today but it doesnt help with pain i tell ya that… it sucks im in pain bad and idk why they waitin till may to do surgery is ridclous

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I use table salt in warm water swish it around for 2 minutes then spit. I also use food grade hydrogen peroxide a little mixed with water & swish around. Helps with infection & pain. But only a quick fix.

I use peroxyl if I get an infection. It might help to put some salt in warm water, and rinse with it. Try to keep your tongue away from the sore area. The tongue just irritates it more. Heating pad might help.

I.agree clove oil maybe mix it with a numbing solution

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Crush up Tylenol with some water to make a paste and put directly on tooth


Get drunk lol jk nothing works for me. I just end up passing out from pain

Crush up pain medicine and put it directly on painful area. Orajel, heating or ice pack.

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Melt a small chunk of organic coconut oil over the tooth in your mouth just put the little chunk of oil on the tooth and it will melt close your mouth and it will melt that’s always help me

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Also, if you can find it, benzodent will numb on contact. I don’t know if they make it anymore, but anything for denture gum sores is usually strong enough to numb the area

Put the oragel in your gum

Call your dentist or goto urgent care. You can rotate ibuprofen and Tylenol as well. Do warm salt water rinses and idk when you started your antibiotics but if it’s been more than 48 hours and still no relief then call whoever prescribed it you may need something else. Amoxicillin is typically prescribed it’s strong and works well. Clyndamcin isn’t “stronger” but if penn or amox aren’t working then ask for Z-pak everyone is different. (I’m in the dental field)

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Call dentist for recommendation. No need to suffer for any length of time

Go to hospital for tramadol


Rinse your mouth with peroxide

BC power pour it on the tooth helped me back in the day when I was in that boat.

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Am I the only one who swishes hard alcohol (I used jack Daniels) for tooth pain that nothing else is helping? Lol


LISTERINE!!! Swish for a couple of minutes several times a day! Oral antibiotics would be ideal tho… The pressure of the infection on the nerves is what is causing the pain, reduce or eliminate the infection, reduce or eliminate the pain… Clove oil is a more effective topical analgesic than orajel btw

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Clove oil. Instant relief. I’ve been thru this many times😫

I was feeling the same back in Nov. I’m pregnant though and didn’t have surgery scheduled until December… nothing worked I’m so sorry, I had to go to a different dentist who could do it faster. Luckily I found one that could do it the same day. But because I am pregnant, I had to do it all while awake…
He removed all 4 wisdom teeth and my broken one with infection.
I truly hope you find something… I never tried, but I heard gel capsules help a ton

They cannot do anything for a toothache at the er
This happened to me last month. There is a temporary filling you can put in the tooth with oragel. They sell it at Walgreens.


Exposed nerves hurt no matter what you do :disappointed:
I know Walmart used to sell it, I haven’t been to an American Walmart in some time now but there’s stuff you can get in the tooth care aisle (maybe a cvs or some other store like that may carry it?)
It’s a temporary dental filling. It was my life saver when I broke my tooth last year and for various reasons couldn’t get it fixed until last month by a real dentist. It stopped the throbbing stabby pain from air and stuff getting to the exposed root.

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I would say go to the er when both my back upper wisdom teeth broke back in december I went to the er and the gave me pain medicine (I dont remember but I think it was tramadol) and and antibiotic and then some prescription strength Tylenol.

First off theres nothing worse than a tooth ache or ear ache😭 but I seen use Nyquil hold in your mouth …but I’m sure it’s probably the alcohol that helps but worth a try…I have 2 been hurting me😭

I just recently saw a video where they grounded up cloves, added olive oil, mixed and soaked it all up with a cotton ball and put it on the tooth that needed it for like 15 minutes. It’s supposed to work amazingly well for any pain or inflammation.

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Girl same !! Orajel cream !!! It’s amazing

Google it… I did and found garlic powder and salt made into tiny balls with droplits of water placed in the spot hurt can relieve the pain …tried it and it worked on my pain…just a suggestion

Whiskey swoosh it around till the burning from the whiskey stops.

Clove worked magic for me

Orgel adult PM is great

Crush an asprin put the powder directly on the area


Tooth joy its 12.00 by sunfoods. I used it while pregnant it’s cloves and a mix of natural stuff to help gum and tooth pain. It helps!!!

Gargle peroxide multiple times a day

Oil of cloves followed by the dentist