What to take for morning sickness?

looking for advice for a first time mommy here and in my first trimester did any other moms have problems eating foods they loved at first but couldnt anymore after they found out they were expecting my pregnancy has made it hard on me to eat anything lately anything I eat makes me sick except for popsicles and eggs and some fruit any advice or help with a diet to give my baby nutrients without making me sick


Just eat what you can at this point… I survived almost half a pregnancy on BBQ chips and hot coke… No joke its the only things i could keep down … And she was healthy at birth…

Eat what baby will let you keep down. Take your prenatal

Yep. Couldn’t stand the thought of any type of meat, much less smell or eat it!

Prenatals and whatever you can keep down. I could only handle crackers, fruit, and juices. Any meat made me nauseous. Water even made me nauseous so I had to flavor it.

Just eat whatever. Honestly yes have a good diet but a prenatal should cover a lot. Remember there are very poor people who get almost nothing and they have babies fine

I had to get put on medication because I had severe nausea, I still can’t do anything with lemon which sucks because I love lemon water and lemon tea.

You only need 350-450 extra calories to sustain a pregnancy. That’s basically a pb&j sandwich. So you don’t need to worry, just take your prenatals and eat what you can.

Perfectly normal! You’ll crave things and you’ll also have aversions to certain foods. In my 1st trimester with my son I couldn’t eat eggs because it would turn my stomach instantly but by 13 weeks that passed and other than cravings I didn’t have any issues with food.

Yep. I loved BK b4 I got pregnant w my 1st child…during pregnancy, if I even saw a BK sign, I would get sick…I do like BK again but not in the way I used to. U will like things u did b4 again… u r just more sensitive when u r prego

I was able to eat fast food. Found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks. Alllll of a sudden fast food made me sick every time I ate it lol.

Food aversions are normal. With my first I had an aversion to fish and I loved fish. Went away once I hit the 2nd trimester though. Just eat what you can and take your prenatal or if you can’t stomach those, Flinstones vitamins.

You’re in the first trimester. That’s very common. Most people get through the morning sickness by 12 weeks, so hopefully you will be done soon! Just eat what you can for now.

I used to love eggs but ever since my first they made me sick and now I can’t stand them

I spent most my pregnancy eating chicken but it had to be plain no toppings or seasonings. Something about the dry tastelessness of the chicken helped it stay down. Also random times I’d CRAVE little debbie nutter butters lol God help my Fiance if I started craving them and we didnt have any in the house :sweat_smile:

I couldn’t eat bacon :tired_face::sob: and I freakin love bacon
I had to stick to bland non greasy foods at first but it got a lot better my 2nd trimester. Taking the prenatals definitely helps! Hope you get feeling better :heart: