What to pay a babysitter?

What’s the going rate for an in home sitter? Just a few hours here and there, some evenings for date nights. I’m in Missouri, if that helps.


I would say 10-12 if you give dont expect any cleaning or major cooking. 15+ if you expect a clean house and for them to cook for your kids. If you have more than 2 kids, any have special needs or under a year I would bump the cost up.


I have 3 kids all in bed before sitter arrives and all sitter has to do is watch the monitor and physically check them every half hour. Sitter is welcome to the kitchen and the tv. I usually leave her $20 unless I’ll be out past midnight then I give $40 never out past 3am tho. (And haven’t been out since being pregnant)

I am 25 I used to babysit for my sisters and some of their friends I’d get 10 per kid and if I’d babysit my sisters kids I’d get 7 per kid (I know I shouldn’t of got paid at all since I’m their sister) but it was for them to work so honestly I’d say it depends on the situation if your going out for 2 hours a night I’d say like 20 dollars.

I pay $15 per hour for date nights (they only time we really need to pay for a sitter) we have 3 kids that are easy to sit for and I plan a easy dinner or leave pizza money