What to pack in my hospital bag?

FTM and I’m 34 weeks pregnant with a baby girl due mid June. I think it’s time to pack the hospital bag, just in case. What’s the ABSOLUTE necessary to pack and how much of each (baby and momma)?
Also, what stroller and baby seat do you recommend me getting? I want ease of putting away, super safe, and not cheaply made. TIA, everyone!


Shouldnt need anything for the baby except some clothes and a carseat, the hospital will provide everything else including diapers, breast pump, formula, baby soap etc. For yourself just bring clothes and toiletries. As little as possible is best because you always end up taking home way more than you brought.


I was on the fence about bringing my boppy pillow and I’m SOOOO happy I did.

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I packed going home outfit for me, my husband, and our son (but had to go buy newborn outfit cause 0-3 was to big), diapers, wipes, pacifiers, cell charger, snacks/drinks, slippers, hair brush, deodorant, robe…

Cozy comfy loose clothes for momma. Slippers or thick socks. An outfit for baby. Basic toiletries. Hospital will send you home with lots of stuff.

Pack an extension cord for your phone charger. You’re going to be there for a while and you’re going to want to use your phone to take pictures. Can’t take pictures if you can’t reach your phone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Graco modes travel system!! I love mine. And I packed too much for my hospital stay. I’d say comfy PJs, soaps toothbrush, hair brush hair ties! Slippers phone charger. And for baby a going home outfit

Comfy clothes and shoes. Granny panties. Take one size of newborn outfit and one size of 0-3 month outfit. Cause you won’t know which size will fit better for the bub. Get mittens for the baby. Basic toiletries. Phone charger/phone. Your boppy too! I didn’t take mine and I wish I did!

I know someone said the hospital Will provide most od the stuff for baby but the hospital I delivered at had diapers that were not very good and recommended we use our own. Packed some baby clothes, baby blankets, swaddlers for the baby. Robe for myself, my slippers. Snacks and food and drinks I wish I would have brought. I was starving after birth. I had my mother in law bring me my straightener. Definitely not a must-have but for a couple days I felt gross, sweaty, curly matted hair. I felt so much better when I got showered and felt good about the way I looked after birth. Hubby spent an hour bonding with baby and I got to make myself feel a little better. I wish I could give birth again and again. Minus the pain and saggy mom belly, the experience was beautiful and I love every minute of being a mom. Good luck to you. I like to think ya can’t overpack but if you forget something it just kinda sucks.

Earphones! Just incase theres other mums giving birth…u may want to zone out while your waiting or trying to sleep :slight_smile:
Otherwise thongs, loose pyjamas, travel size hugiene products, hairbands, babies outfit, phone charger, maternity pads just incase

Phone charger, some snacks. Comfy clothes for after birth, and going home. (Everyone is different, I had a great recovery, I put on clothes the next day and was comfy) outfit for baby to go home in. I packed my BF some pajamas and a change of clothes as well. Toothbrush and toothpaste, brush, deodorant. Take EVERYTHING you can from hospital, they’ll give you everything you need after birth.

Pack a back scratcher

DONT FORGET LOTION AND CHAPSTICK. You will reget if you forget that.

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I like to bring an extra duffel bag to pack with hospital supplied diapers and pads and whatever else they give you, they will keep restocking them and you can keep packing them away
I did this with the hospital pacifiers and nose suckers too, every chance I got I “lost” them and they would get replacements for me

I went with Graco. 3 year’s later and she still loves her stroller! Also some jammies going home outfits phone charger pillow and blanket shower stuff

Also either a noise maker or a noise app on your phone. The beeping from the machines got on my nerves!

Bring your own pillow!!!

I go with the baby trend jogger set

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The Doona! As a first time mom you may not realize how heavy infant car seats are to carry! The Doona eliminates that and is also a stroller so no stroller taking space in your trunk!
Also-hands down-easiest to fold up!

Britax BSafe seat and BReady stroller. Super safe, we’ll made, and a great company!