What to pack for the hospital?

What was on your list for the hospital? & what helped you heal faster. Im at a loss & I get induced on Tuesday


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Chapstick, comfy socks, your own pillow and a cozy blanket.


Stretching clothes, disposable undies, own shampoo & conditioner, long cell phone charger,

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.shampoo conditioner…small brush…lotion…baby outfit…charger…phone…jammies…wipes…

If you’re in the U.S take your own Tylenol or Motrin. The hospital will tell you you’re not allowed. That’s so they can charge you $20 per pill.

Nail clippers for baby. Some babies are born with long nails & tear themselves up. They will not clip their nails. Also mittens for baby, same reason. Protect her from tearing herself up.

Good lotion you both can use. Chapstick. It’s dry in hospitals.

A long phone cord. The longest you can find. The closest plug can be a ways from your bed. Headphones, I like the headband ones. They stay on better & are more comfortable to lay down with.