What to give baby for acid reflux?

FTM here! My son is two months old and has issues with reflux since he was born. It has progressively gotten worse. He spits up after every feeding and has started spitting up hours later. He soaks his bibs and me :joy: We have tried keeping him up right for an hour, burping more frequently smaller meals, gripe water, and most recently adding rice cereal to his formula per his Pediatrician (he’s already on gent-lease ease formula.) The Pediatrician said if the rice cereal doesn’t work we will do daily liquid Zantac. Any mommas have babies on Zantac & did it help? I just want my baby to have some relief! Hate seeing him uncomfortable! But, also not supper happy about having him on a daily medication. So if you have a baby that has reflux, did Zantac help your little babies a lot without a lot of side effects?


My son had the same issue. And I put him on the soy formula and this stopped 97% of his issues.

My first baby was preemie and had to take the liquid Zantac and it did help a lot and after a while when he got bigger he didn’t need it anymore and his pedi took it off him and he’s been fine since he didn’t have any side effects so :woman_shrugging:t3:

My daughter had same issues, they switched her to soy she did good for like a month then got constipated and having gas issues. They then switched to alimentum and haven’t had issues since!

My girl was on it and it solved the problem we waited six months to wean her back off and see how she did and she didn’t need it anymore

My daughter had the same issue, it was awful!!! I also had reservations, but honestly she was suffering. We did it and it made ALL the difference!!! A different baby. Happier, less fussy, and kept her food down. It definitely worked miracles for us!

My baby girl had the same issue, but she got dehydrated took her to the e.r and she had to get surgery in her stomach because there was a muscle that was retaining her food and throwing out. After surgery she was good

My son was on Zantac as a baby. It took several days to make a difference but once it started working it helped a lot.

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Try pediatric chiropractic

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I had to use enfamil AR for my daughter plus the Zantac it worked like a charm

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My kids had the same issue and unfortunately the drs couldnt do anything about it. We had to wait till they both grew out of it. Mu daughter qas about 7 months and my son is 10 months and unfortunately still suffers from it. They both were/on enfamil ar.

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Take him to his dr asap and get him on zantac. His dr wil prescribe it.

I had to put all five of my children on soy only my fifth child spit up afterward a lot. we had to put him on Zantac and it works somewhat it’s not as bad as it was before but he still spits up a lot. He went from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding with the same amount of spitting up. he isn’t ever uncomfortable it just happens to him I mean he gets soaked everything in our house gets soaked I have to do laundry a few times a day and he is 7 months old now he’s just a puker.

My son had same issues we did every formula and soy was the only thing that helped and also Zantac made a world of difference he is still taking it at 8 months twice a day they said he should have grown out of it by 6 months but no such luck

Mine was on baby Zantac and it worked great

Need to see an ent ears nose throat doc

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Zantac and Enfamil AR have been our life savers!


Zantac helps but if I were you I’d switch to similac Alimentum or Nutramigen formula

My son 4 month old son has been on Zantac for the last two months it’s definitely helps with reflux but not spitting up. He spit up a ton still but is now a “happy spitter” I was very hesitant but he was in a lot of pain so I had to try it and he hasn’t had any side effects

My son had to take Prilosec when he was a baby. It worked well, but they stopped making it for a while, so we switched to something else. It may have been Zantac. Also, it turned out he was allergic to milk, eggs, soy, and nuts.

My baby grew out of it . Hate medications .

My son did that since birth and ended up being diagnosed with Laryngomalacia at 4 months old. It’s worth asking about.
His case wasn’t super bad and he grew out of it by a year old.

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My son is 5 months old and has been on zantac since he was a month old it definitely help

My now 16 year old was on Zantac. Overnight she was a different baby. 100% turn around. Less fussy, happier, no spit ups in large amounts.

My daughter had acid reflux, this was this was 12 years ago when she was a newborn. It was horrible. Our pediatrician prescribed Prevacid, and that worked for her. The good news is that your baby will most likely grow out of it (when her esophagus and trachea have developed / lengthened a bit more.) For us this was the case when my daughter was about 9 months old. Hang in there!

We did Zantac, Enfamil AR and a crib wedge. Fewer ounces more frequently and burping after every ounce. Keeping the baby upright for 20 minutes after feeding.

My daughter had the same problem. I switched formula several times before finally going to the Nutramigen. Her doctor prescribed Zantac and it does help. She’s 15 months now and on Lactose free milk, doing great! Hang in there.

My son was the same he was on zantac until a year and a half it helps with the pain but it will not take away the reflux because the reflux gets better when they have a year and they can control ther movements

I switched to similac prosobie soy and that was the 9th formula and finally held down, we finally got sleep, started gaining weight, it was a good fit for us. Yes they had him on zantac also for all 9 different formulas

They tried giving our son Zantac and it zoned him out so bad he looked stoned all day. We took him off it and put him on Nutramigen formula (he had been taking 3 oz and spitting up 2 oz). After the switch, he he would take 3oz and only spit up about 1/2 oz.

Sound like my son. It turned out he was allergic to milk he is on a non-dairy diet and all of his issues went away. It took 2 years of me push his doctors to find answers but now we know

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We went to enfamil ar and kept her propped up

Alimentum or Similac Total Comfort. The added rice made everything worse for my boys

My baby was on Zantac. He did the same thing. Total difference. It helped him so much! He eventually grew out of it.

Get referral to gastroenterologist! Baby should see a specialist. My son was the same. We eventually had special formula from pharmacy. Game Changer!

I’ve done Zantac and it definitely helps. However by far the best formula on the market for little ones with any type of digestive issues is the Nutramigen


My son has the same issue and zantac has been an ABSOLUTE LIFE SAVER


Try using a crib wedge… it will alleviate a little of the little ones discomfort

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Zantac helps, adding rice can make it worse and there’s really no nutritional value in it. He was on similac alimentum and did not help until we switch to Nutramigen

Zantac didn’t work with my daughter, she wouldn’t ever even swallow it. We put her on Gerber soothe and she gets oatmeal cereal in every bottle and that’s the only thing that’s helped with her reflux

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maybe try soy formula before the zantac


My nephew was on it and he helped him a good bit. He still had a little bit of spit up problems every now and again but for the most part it helped more than anything

Probably a milk allergy my son had to be on augumentin

My son was on every medicine for acid refill. NOTHING worked. I had to stop breastfeeding him and he could only take elecare formula until he was 13 months old.

As crazy as it sounds, look into a chiropractor…they work absolute miracles with acid reflux…both of my boys have been going since they were 3 weeks old!!! It makes a world of difference!!!

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Yes it helped a lot. No side effects.

My daughter is on two medications plus gripe water and rice at night. I went to a specialist after the first wasn’t cutting it. It will help so fast

My son was until he was one only thing that worked. It was a lifesaver. No side effects at all.

He didnt sleep through the night until after he got on it. He was a different baby after and so much happier.

My son was on zantac for the first year of his life.

My daughter was put on it and took it twice a day. She also was switched to enfamil acid reflux formula, it helped. Also after feedings I would keep her in a upright position for at least 30 mins. Propped up at the head at night

Zantac worked like a charm.

My daughter is on zantac and enfamil added rice. It works for her. I also have to give her her zantac and wait 20 mins before I feed her and works like a charm! Again for her😁

They thought my sons was reflux for a while, we went through so many different formulas and everything, he was on medicine no relief! They did a dye and watched him drink a chalk like substance (not sure what its called) and found it wasnt even reflux he had a milk allergy the whole time! We switched to soy and he was like a brand new baby! No fussing, no spitting up, slept good, all around happy!

My daughter was the same!!! My dr prescribed prevacid… she was 7 months old… I had to go a town away to get it mixed for her age in a suspension formula.

It made a huge difference… also elevated her bed with a wedge to raise her up at night… meals were measured and given at set times or as close to throughout the day… because smaller frequent feedings would mean more gastric acid constantly being released to digest her meals. That has worked for us long term… a healthy diet… free of grease or oils, spices, and lower acidic foods. Shes now 10… medicine free.

My grandson has been on since he was about 3 months. Made a huge difference for him.

Prescribed liquid zantac, dr.brown bottles, and pre-made Similac Alimentum did wonders for my baby!!

Zantac can help. You will notice a difference when baby can sit up

We did nexium and yes it helped

My daughter is on similac alimentum and it has helped so much.

Zantac was a wonder drug for my Parker, he was a different baby when I gave it to him. He was so miserable with the pain of the acid, I knew he did not have colic.

My son was Zantac the first 6 months after he was born. He had reflux so bad he lost a lot of weight his first week. It helped tremendously! He still spat up, but not nearly as frequently or as much. He is three now.

So my in laws are from Bosnia and sweared on chamomile tea. Doc ok’d it and we started my son on 1oz. It was magical.

The gentle ease formula actually made my daughter get sick quite often. She did way better on regular formula! I also know of a mom who’s baby had these symptoms and there was a lactose issue for her baby and she ended up having to use goat milk! Good luck! You’ve got this!

My baby was on Zantac at like 6 weeks old I want to say and I saw a difference right away. Our pediatrician said Zantac is a short term medication as your baby’s liver gets used to it so it stopped working as well after about 2 weeks. Then we switched to Prilosec (first-omeprazole) which she has been on for a month now and works wonders :grinning:

Have him checked for pyloric stenosis

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My now 3 1/2yr son has been on Zantac since he was a newborn. But gerd runs in the family so they don’t even play around at all. It helps out slot once that first few days are over and the baby has it in their system but most babies don’t like the minty taste. Goodluck momma.

Zantac helps SOOOOOO much! U will be so happy to see ur baby feeling better my last 2 babies were on it n w in a few days u could see a huge difference!

My little one is 4 months and is on zantac. It’s helped some

Did not help either of mine. My daughter only got better after the chiropractor and my son had reflux issues because of lactose. He handled the enfamil ar the best. We didn’t find out about the lactose being the issue until he was off formula.

I have heard of parents using a soft carrier to hold baby up right

Use soy formula. Probably a reaction to the milk powder in the other options. My son had reflux and spit up every feeding. Even wheezed while sleeping because reflux was so bad
Soy was a life saver. It stopped all of it.

We did zantac, and it was okay. We had to out my son on Enfamil AR, which is for acid reflux.

Yes mine was prescribed zantac but i found she abdominal pain side effect was not worth it. But mine had silent reflux which resolves itsself by 8 weeks and she was 7 weeks. But your baby might.need a small surgery to fix a valve in there my nefew had to. It wasnt reflux after all just a small surgery fixed it

We tried the Zantac and it didn’t work, surprisingly when we didn’t burp her she stopped spitting up :woman_shrugging:t3:

We got a barium study done to check her stomach for pyloric stenosis I think it was called

My baby done this but the entire bottle would come up. He had a cow milk allergy and had to be put on nutramigin.

My Son which is 13 now and my Daughter which is 6 they both had it bad to and we tried everything"changing formula, Zantac, and meds that the docs prescribed and NOTHING would help them. My kids Grandmother got a tum when my Son was 5 months old and broke it to tiny tiny pieces and would give him like 5 little pieces and that helped do when I had my Daughter and she started with bed reflux we did the same with her and it also helped. Just a suggestion and proof it worked with my Baby’s. Just might want try

We had to switch to soy formula for our youngest!!!

My son has been on Zantac packets since he was 2 months old and I used oatmeal cereal in his bottle and kept him upright for at least an hour after feeding him. It seemed to help him

Neither one of my kids could keep down any type of formula.
My mother made a bottle of half water and half milk and Kayo Syrup. About a tablespoon of syrup because it will regulate the bowels.
You will have to play with the amount of syrup according to your baby’s bowel movements.
Eventually less water and syrup and more milk. You can mix a little cereal or baby fruit.
When I took my kids to the doctor for checkups and they asked me about how they are eating and told them that all of the formulas were not working and told them about the milk, water and Kayo syrup, they were furious and said you can’t give that to a baby. The milk was staying down and my kids gained weight at a normal rate and were both healthy.
Sometimes you have to try old remedies to see what will work for each individual baby.
It’s better than giving Zantac to an infant.
Just a suggestion.
Hope you can find something that is right for your baby

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My son has been on zantac since he was 2 or 3 months old. And nutramigen formula was a huge help! Hes 1.5 now and on zantac once a day

Zantac was a freaking LIFESAVER with both of our sons!!!

My cousin had problems with reflux and would throw up we found out that she couldn’t have formula and they ended up having to put her on goat’s milk

My son was diagnosed with it, they put him Enfamil AR and Zantac. It helped a lot.

Both of my boys dealt with reflux and zantac did nothing for them. I suggest a pediatric gastrointeroligist and a formula change. Sometimes (a lot of the time) the reflux is accompanied by a milk protein allergy.

My son had the same problem! Come to find out he had a milk protein allergy. He got put on Similac alimentum and it stopped. He’s 2 years old and still can’t have any type of dairy products.

My grandson was and it did good

Have they done an ultrasound on his belly? Just always best to rule it out, but I thought my son had a formula allergy. It turned out to be Pyloric Stenosis. He was 4 weeks old and needed abdominal surgery immediately. Not suggesting that they haven’t looked into that! I just always like to make sure people are aware, because I had no idea his spitting up/vomiting was something so severe.

nutrimagen. my sons were both allergic to formulas even soy.

My daughter had to have soy milk bc she spit up so bad

Mine was breastfed and stopped breathing due to reflux and they tried a few different meds for him, his was a stronger kind and he ended up with a sleep monitor due to his reflux because it hurt him so bad he would stop breathing and he was a preemie, went to gastrointestinal specialist and all, still have some eating problems at 9 but get him help no joke about it. This is serious with little ones

Ask your pediatrician about prescription formula!!! My daughter had this same issue with breast milk. Weaned her over to regular formula and had the same issue. Tried prescription formula and everything stopped and she was happy and drinking her bottles with a happy belly!!! The formula is called “nutramigen”

My son used zantac as an infant for the same reasons and it definitely helped without any noticeable side effects. I think that it’s worth a try and you should see improvement fairly quickly. If you don’t then time to try something else.
I’ll add that he was exclusively breastfed till he was 1.

My son was put on Zantac because his reflux was so severe he didn’t put on even an ounce of weight from 2 months- 4 months. We tried keeping him upright for 90 minutes after each feed, and he was still violently spitting up all over himself and me, and everything else. The Zantac helped him immensely. He put on weight and stopped spitting up. He was able to come off it around 10 months old.

Nutramigen is what I used on my daughter at first as per pediatrician and for every ounce i think it was 2 tsp of cereal in it. It’s been five years lol (:joy: seems forever to me ago).medicine they gave her Prevacid. It worked well. But eventually we had to change completely to a formula called neocate. It smelt so bad. But once we changed to a medicated formula and the Prevacid. It helped. Also, if you have insurance you can claim these formulas because it’s needed as a medical reason! Check your policy out! I also noticed whatever was the worst timing for her for the acid reflux I would give her a little bit of cereal to eat by 2.5 months. It seemed to help as a barrier. Every baby is different. Had her sleep on her stomach. Lifted the crib. Gripe water. And lots of cuddles. It’s hard! Even for you to watch and experience this. It’s never easy! It’s down right scary watching a full blown attack. To the point their breathing changes cause it hurts so bad :weary: my thoughts are with you!! You can do this! It’s just figuring out what works best for ur baby. But I would definitely ask the pediatrician what he thinks of swapping to one of the two formulas I suggested for your case as well! As long as you know you aren’t alone and don’t be hard on yourself because you haven’t found a solution yet! We all struggled and had to learn. Deep breaths. YOU GOT THIS!

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My son had an issue with reflux. The gripe water even made it worse. We actually found out it was the formula he was on that was causing the reflux.

Zantac was amazing for my son when he had reflux as an infant. At 3 months I started to introduce baby food (per our pediatrician) just a couple little spoonfuls after each feeding to help keep stuff down. But again my pediatrician recommended us to do that as the zantac helped but he still had a little reflux.

I would try Enfamil AR. It’s made specifically for reflux. It worked wonders with my son! Good luck, mama :heartpulse:

Yes, Zantac made a world of difference for my baby! So glad we did it…

My daughter was the same way. Allergic to most formulas even soy.