What to give a gassy baby?

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Had my little boy 2 weeks ago he has some bad gas I have little remedies gas drops which works for some of his gas but not all of it so he gets really fussy what are somethings you would recommend. Thanks


I’m having this same problem. I’ve called his doctor and haven’t heard anything back yet. I’m thinking either acid reflux or a lactose intolerance because he spits up more than he should. Good luck momma

More tummy time, bicycling his legs


Moving his legs in a bicycle motion, warm bath or warm rag on his tummy. Also make sure you’re burping him really good.


Rub his back and tummy. Circular motions allow the gas to pass easily


Is he formula fed? Maybe ask his doctor about changing it. If he isn’t, try gripe water.

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Leg exercises and warm baths with your little guy being so jumping there is not a whole lot that can be done but also if you are breastfeeding check your diet to see if anything you are eating could be causing gas. Good luck with your sweet babe :black_heart:

Leg exercises and burping him after every feeding

Pushing his legs up to his chest and around in a circle while holding them together. Always worked with mine…

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Gripe water is magic!

Push his knees into his belly. My son was the same way. I would do it every time I changed him.

Skin to skin… especially with somebody who runs hot (my SO runs hot I do not so it doesn’t work for me but he can do it)… bycicle motion with his legs. Gripe water shouldn’t be given under a year old, hold him upward for feedings and burp really well. Also if formula fed could be the formula itself. If it’s breastmilk avoid foods that cause gas.

Bend his knees, whilst bent do circular motions in a clockwise direction repeatedly then a flower type massage across the bowel has to be clockwise and same when doing the digestive massage like making your hand as a wind screen wiper. Still do it to my 3 year old when struggling. Another one is baby faces outwards in your arms and pat the back whilst rocking.

Since the baby is two weeks old though it can be acid reflux, can be the formula if you are formula feeding. I had to switch my son to sensitive cause the original one I had given was giving him so much gas

What are you feeding him? Breast milk or formula? If it’s formula, change brands. Talk to your pediatrician about different brands. If it’s breast milk, you may be eating something that gives him gas.

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Water with a drop of karo syrup. Make sure to keep him covered when going outside so he’s not sucking wind & burp him good.

Put warm cloths on tummy its soothing

Warm bath if the babies umbilical stub had fallen off I let my daughter soak which helped

Had that real bad with my son. Gripe water, 1 oz of chamomile tea, warm bath. Push legs into his chest gently. Lay him on his tummy accross you knees and gently bounce while patting his back. Change feeding position to a sitting position

The NICU taught us to push the knees into the belly, circular motion and then roll down. Worked almost every time!!

Don’t rush your baby when they need to bring up wind. A friend of mine use to get me to get my baby to sit on my lap and then I would hold babies cheeks with my hand and let baby rest and then stroke babies back from the bottom to the the shoulder blades and just gently long slow movement.

Do circles on his tummy with your hands clockwise. Bicycle his legs. warm bath. Gripe water. Lay him on his back, tuck his knees to tummy, and rock his knees side to side keeping his shoulders stationary

Hug him and pat his back gently. Then lay him on his tummy for a few moments and then onto his left side. Rub his tummy gently. Pick him up again and hold him patting his back. You are just slowly and gently helping him change positions. So then lay him on his back and talk to him smiling while you very gently move his legs out and then into position bending knees and then up just a bit more towards his tummy, back down to bending knees and then legs out again. Do not do anything to cause discomfort or pain. You can keep doing this and changing positions slowly for a while and he will burp or pass the gas.

Mylicon drops all natural and helped my daughter!

Enfamil gentlease with regular gripe water during the day and the night one before bed

I just seen he is only 2 weeks I would speak with your pediatrician

Breastfeeding? Might be something you are eating upsetting his tummy.

If youre breastfeeding try to avoid eating gassy types of foods im sure theres a list online somewhere… but it all goes straight to babe … otherwise at that age just hold him rock him burp him rub his bum while on your chest /shoulder …be his comfort you can not spoil a brand new baby i promise lol


Rolla towel and lay him across it, on his tummy.

Look up colic massage on YouTube

Put him on his back and gently push his knees to his abdomen. It opens up the airways, so to speak, and helps to push out the gas.

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Lay him on his back and move his legs in a bicycle movement, and gently push his legs into his tummy (not hard at all) it will help move things along in the tummy

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I always heard playing them skin to skin belly to belly helped

if formula fed u might have to look at something for lactose sensitivity or lactose intolerance. if breast fed i would advice cutting out things that can make them gassy like lactose, chocolate, beans/green veggies. bicycles, massaging stomach, laying down across the knees rub their back in upward motions, make sure to burp them extra, gas drops, gripe water, leg jumps

More burping. If you use formula, after you mix it, let it sit to settle some. If you breastfeed look at your diet. I had to eliminate gas causing foods such as beans, broccoli etc, it helped a ton. The pediatrician recommended not drinking dairy but that wasn’t it.

burping him … and not feeding him cold bottles … heat them up there are many ways to warm them up without creating hot spots …:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: not room temperature bottles either … your body temperature is higher than room temp if your breastfeeding you may need to really start watching what you eat !!

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and stop feeding these babies and laying them down !! they need to be up right !! I see this all the time !! I don’t understand this at all why would you feed the baby and than lay them flat ?? it makes no sense to me …

Warm baths, belly massages and elevate him after feeds

I burp him i didnt go through this with my first baby and we have him on formula and we go back to the doctor this coming up week i can cheak with her

Gripe water and bicycle his legs. Burp him more often as well


Put a little karo syrup in his bottle with his milk

Yes check with your doctor. Baby having bowel movements? My son had colic.

Watch what you eat if breastfeeding

Burp him more between feedings, gripe water, and do that thing with their legs like bicycle legs and pushing them to help it try to come out.

This things worked amazing for my little girl. Pop it in and slowly move it around and once you hear a whistle sound its letting out the pressure beware poop might come out but seriously the best thing!

Lay him over your lap on his tummy and pat and rub his back in a circular motion.

Oval and more burping