What to gift a child?

Hi All. My daughter is 7 and gets invited to birthday parties from friends at school. What amount of money should a gift be? Is a gift card tacky?


I don’t think it’s tacky. Maybe like 5-10 dollars

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I don’t think its tacky. Maybe 10 -20 bucks

No, I don’t think gift cards are tacky. If they are good friends, I would say 25.00. If casual 15-20

I always spend less then $20

$10 $20 gift card is great especially for younger ones makes them feel rich lol

10-15$ and its no tacky

My son is 11 and got $10 iTunes or Nintendo switch gift cards from his friends

I would do $10 unless they’re good friends, then maybe $15-20

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I’d say like 10-15 and I always do a $1 card :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Lol Mama grab a couple LOL Surprise Dolls!! They are less than $10 and are my daughter’s favorite thing to give her friends :heartpulse::heartpulse:

$5-$10 I normally do 5 below

Gift cards are great. No more than $10 should be nesseaary , unless you wanna splurge.

I think it’s the thought that counts. Do what you can afford. Being present at their friends party is half the gift. I’ve done 10.00 in a card or a more expensive gifts and the kids are never let down.

I do usually 20-25 I text the parents for ideas for their child what they like, and if not sure I’ve given gift cards so they can pick their own thing

My limit is under $20. Gift cards are not tacky. They are great if you don’t know what the kid is into.

Man, my 9 and 11yo girls LIVE for gift cards. Google Play, Walmart, even Dollar Tree lol They like having the POWER! :joy:

Go to 5 below. You can get some awesome gifts there!

20$ gift card to the closes food place next to her school so she can be excited to go after school without it being inconvenient for her mother

I have 4 kids so I do 10 one weekend there were 5 partys :smirk:

No, a gift card is good, I think then they can pick what they like. Probably £10 for school friends

My 12 & 7 year old both get $20 to spend on party gifts but if it’s right around $20 I’ll cover taxes or whatever up to $25.

$20 gift card to Target.


My daughter is 7 and LOVES gift cards. Gives her the freedom to buy whatever she wants. $15 giftcard would be good or a $10-15 gift.

I’m cheap as hell if it’s a kid I don’t know I would say $5-$10 but if it’s a good friend $20-$25

My daughter is also 7. We do $20 for friends and $30 for the bestie! Good luck!

My daughter did one in april and her mom sent and ideal list of what the child would like and she also told us what the child was in to and that helped alot birthday shopping.

My daughter is 4, and we just do $10 cash in the card for friend’s birthday parties.

I don’t need that extra stress of trying to buy gifts :joy: I’m a mom of two young ones working 2 jobs.

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10 for acquaintances and 20 for actual friends

$15-$20 If you give a gift card I would throw in a candy bar too

I just typically just ask the parents what to get them. That way I know for sure if they just want a gift card or an actual gift! Saves time and energy!


We spend $20 and we have bought gift cards to fun places like a jump park, arcade or the movies

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Gift cards are amazing it gives them a chance to spend the money on themselves

No what you can do is put the gift card in a small box or bucket of kids snacks like chips and gummies and juices and have the birthday card and gift card inside it. $10 is good because kids love to buy their own things. And make it one of those every where visa cards that can be used anywhere.

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I give $5-$10. Kids don’t need that much money at that age (just my opinion!) My girls get invited all the time too.

I always shopped the clearance rack and would buy things to have on hand for when the kids were invited to Birthday parties.

I have a $20-$25 limit. I also do that if you don’t care to come to my child’s birthday/ dont give a gift I do the same back. I only say that because on my boyfriend’s side his brother and his wife always invite us to their kids parties and we would always give a gift but they never would come to ours or give anything plus my youngest daughter is 2 years old and they have yet to come to anything that she has had… even her birth! Plus I have a friend who doesn’t always come to birthdays but expect us to come to her daughter’s birthday and I won’t anymore if you don’t do for mine…

I think 20 bucks max is decent! And since the child is young do a dollar store one then they can get a bunch of things.lol

Gift cards to places like the zoo, movies, dq or stores r nice.

10 dollars if they’re not besties. If they’re close maybe 20

My limit is nothing over $20

I base it off the relationship my child has with the kid. If it’s just a classmate 10-15. If they are good friend I like to do to 25. When giving cash I do 25 so they can spend 20 and 5 should over tax.

Over in uk we keep it to £10 as kids are invited to that many parties

$10 gift, if you know what the child likes.
$10 cash if not.

Gift cards are great. Or even just $10. But if this is too much $ then I have gone to dollar tree and put a craft basket together for $5. Little craft kits with paper and crayons. Who doesn’t like fresh box of crayons

I have 4 kids, 3 at the “get invites” age bday parties and they get invited ALL the time. My oldest is at one now lol. We spend between $20 and $25. Thats more then enough to find a “main” thing and cpl treats or small items.

I usually do $20 sometimes less if I don’t have much money I always do cards but one of my son’s friends mom does books instead because cards get thrown out