What to expect when giving birth?

Hey mommas!! I’m due in a very short few days, I’ve never stayed over night in a hospital so I’m getting really nervous. I’m especially nervous for other people to hold my baby once she’s arrived. Did other moms feel like this? Did you get over it while in the hospital? If not, did you let others, besides dad of course, hold baby?


You’ll get over it… If not , you don’t HAVE to let anyone hold your baby. Its your baby. Best of luck!

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Well the doctors and nurses will be holding and caring for your baby in the hospital. But other than that you dont have to let anyone else hold them until you are ready! Just dont let anyone come to hospital. Tell them to wait.

You don’t have to let anyone hold your baby. Only me and my bf and a very few select nurses were allowed to hold both babies when they were born

I was nervous about staying in the hospital as well. It’s not bad, plus you’re gonna be so tired and focused on your baby to worry about that. Also if you don’t want anyone to hold your baby then speak up it is y’alls desicion. Good luck!!!

My oldest… no one but me held… I was super protective… lol. . Instinct and all… which worked out. Ex had zero interest… his mom held baby eventually though.

My middle… my grandma held her… but no one else until 2 weeks…

My youngest… my grandma held… no one else until 3 months…

I get a kinda scary, momma bear thing with my newborns…

Well nurses and drs etc will be holding your baby. It is up to you to decide who will hold her other than that.

Grandma and Auntie, of course got to hold her (first girl of the next gen)
She was born Dec 4. There were a lot of people I didn’t want holding her when it came time for christmas.
Luckily, all the mamas in my family completely understood and didn’t push the subject. I do know some people aren’t like that.
If you have a problem with someone holding your baby or just normal “I’m worried because she brand new and my baby” jitters all you gotta do is say something.
It will eventually pass.
I recommend bringing your own pillow and maybe a comfy blanket with you. Having your own pillow makes the hospital stay that much better!

I always looked at it this way other family members friends etc are just excited to meet bubs too but I always made them wash and sanitise their hands and no little children could hold baby and I never let them pick baby up while sleeping you’ll get a lot of visitors who just want a quick cuddle stick your guns unless baby’s awake for a feed or a change if your uncomfortable just politely say no this is yours and hubbys time.:blush:

Your baby, your rules :blush:

I was the same for my first pregnancy and ended up being in the hospital for about 5 months in all… Trust me if i survived that an early delivery at 32 week and a NICU stay then in the hospital after from bleeding out and blood clots im sure you will be ok for a few nights… I was scared to but im sure everything Will be ok… Good luck and congrats

All new mom’s go through this, especially with your first. New mother’s are FIERCELY protective! As far as staying at the hospital you’ll be so busy cooing and taking care of your new baby you’ll probably not even pay much mind to being there. Bring a few comfort items from home for yourself like a special blanket, robe, comfy Pj’s and stuff like that. As far as letting people hold your baby you do not have to let them. Everyone is going to be so excited to meet her and hold her but that’s on you. If you want just allow a few certain people to visit there, like grandparents and siblings. Always make sure they wash and sanitize their hands before they hold her, and tell everyone to please not kiss her while she’s so young. These thing’s should be common sense for anyone visiting, but you never know lol. Keep your visitors to just the people closest to you like I mentioned above and ask everyone else not to visit cause you and dad want your time to get to know the baby and get use to her, and use to being parents. Plus you’re gonna be in pain and if you’re anything like me or most or us for that matter you’re gonna be exhausted and nervous from going through child birth. You don’t have to let anyone hold your baby though. I did but only grandparents, and a few other close relatives. Your nerves are gonna be on edge anyway. Most women are nervous after giving birth about people wanting to touch and hold the baby. She’s been in the safest place in the world for 9 months where you could protect her constantly so it’s an adjustment :slight_smile: Just make it clear if you don’t want visitors ahead of time, or just invite the one’s you want and ask them to limit their time cause you’re gonna be exhausted and you and dad need that time to bond with baby, and if you’re breastfeeding that will give you time to work with her and the lactation consultants If you need them. You are a brand new mother and you need all the time and help you can get while you’re there :slight_smile: Congratulations and know these feelings will pass and you will calm down as she gets a little older. New mom nerves are real lol.

Babies are big business for hospitals so many compete to make it nice for you w nice rooms & amenities. Staff come in & out at all hours to check on you, but most hospitals kick you out after 24 hours post birth if you & baby are OK, longer if you have a C-section, so you won’t be there long!

You order room service for your meals; one hospital near me has a “Le Stork” restaurant where you & SO can go instead to have a steak or lobster & wine dinner in your hospital gown & IV. Most places are rushed and there are lights & sounds though they try to keep both low at night.

You can usually have your baby in your room all the time, but I took the opportunity to have pros watch my baby while I got some rest, as you will be sleeping very little for quite some time! Most hospital rooms now are single occupancy and you will likely have a handicap-style bathroom in your room.

You’ll get basic toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste) & towels/washcloths & a hospital gown, net underwear, pads, slipper socks, a water pitcher & cup & they will supply all prescribed meds. You may get a “gift box” with little bottles and sample formula whether you breastfeed or not. Diapers & wipes should be on a shelf under the rolling baby bassinet. You pay for it all, so take it all home with you! If you want, bring any special toiletries, cosmetics, comfy clothes & underwear to wear and/or go home in (but remember, you will likely be bleeding, sore, breastfeeding).

The more people who interact with your baby the more comfortable she/he will be with others. You can insist any visitors wash hands first, and tell them to stay home if they have any illness at all. Staff already has to be as germ-free as possible.

Most doctors should talk to you about your birth plan (drugs, people allowed & not allowed in during labor, delivery, recovery, no bottles or yes bottles, circumcision or no, etc.)

Most hospitals have birthing classes & tours of the maternity ward during the second half of pregnancy as part of the process.

While you are in a recovery room after the birth, TVs in the room should have lots of instructional videos for new moms & dads on breastfeeding, bathing & changing baby, caring for their navel & circumcision if you have that, etc.

Make note of any questions as doctors & nurses are usually stretched thin so you have to ask right when they come in the room. You should be able to get yourself to the bathroom on your own, but if you need to hit the call button do it early as it may take up to 30 minutes for a staff person to come to you.

Info on your doctor, nurse, CNA & anyone else attending you should be on a white board in your room, along with other info about where you are. Staff may change from day to day or week to weekend.

You will have a standard adjustable hospital bed & mattress which may also continuously inflate & deflate some to prevent any bedsores & discourage blood clots. You may or may not be hooked up to an IV or have a port in your arm. You can request pain meds, or anything else to make you more comfortable but you may have to wait for a doctor to find the time to write a prescription.

Just think of it as a more sterile and noisier hotel stay, but you can’t lock the door. Some hospitals actually have pretty good food now too!

I’m getting induced this Saturday at 40 + 6 weeks ! N I’m feeling the SAME things

Also going to b stingy on ppl holding baby

Yes i did and i was very thankfull for all the help i could get being i had my first at 15.

Hospital stays aren’t scary. Not conducive to a good night’s sleep because they are never truly dark and nurses come in and out of your room at all hours to check on you, but generally not bad places.
As for other people holding your baby - doctors and nurses may need to hold them for a short time, but at least they sanitize their hands. Anyone else you can tell not to hold your baby.

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