What to do for tooth pain during pregnancy?

I am 9 weeks pregnant. Since I found out I was pregnant like four weeks ago, I have been having horrific tooth pain. I cry myself to bed or wake up crying because it hurts so bad. But during the day it’s fine! But I am so exhausted. The dentist wants to pull it, but me being nine weeks, I’m scared & anxious. I want to wait, but I also don’t know if I can wait that long. I have an appointment with my Ob tomorrow. I’m obviously going to ask her but if anyone has any advice. I really want it out, I need it out, I want to enjoy my pregnancy, but I can’t with all this pain. Can you please give me advice on what to do? It hurts so bad… note - Tylenol doesn’t help & the round of antibiotics didn’t do much for me either.


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Just get it pulled or it will get worse and worse especially sense your pregnant then it,could,lead to a septic,infection and cayse even,more problems.


I would trust the dentist… if it needs to be pulled get it pulled.

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I had two wisdom teeth pulled with my 2nd it ll be fine

You are allowed to have your tooth extracted during pregnancy. Ask for anesthetic without epinephrine. You don’t want the tooth to abscess and introduce infection into your blood stream.


So when I was pregnant w my son I had the same type of issue it was AWFUL. I went to the dentist early on like 8-9 weeks and they said they’d extract the two back teeth I needed pulled in the third trimester so I literally just used like ambisol type numbing stuff nonstop and tried to forget about it I really hope they can get you in sooner girl :crossed_fingers:t2:

Dental work is fine when pregnant


I was 10 weeks pregnant when I had to get my tooth pulled , I didn’t know when you’re pregnant the hormones can cause tooth aches and what not . I was in so much pain :sob: I recommend getting it pulled .

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Do it early if your going to do it. They waited to pull mine until I was close to 30 weeks and it induced my labor at 34 weeks. Had her before her respiratory system wasnt fully developed. Not save later in pregnancy

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Get it pulled! If it gets infected it could easily enter your blood stream and cause worse problems…


If their saying they can pull it safely I’d let them. I ended up with a bad tooth at 32 weeks and it was hell. I couldn’t use anything due to being so close to the end they gave me an antibiotic and I used heat on my face to help dull it until after I had the baby

My dentist prescribed me a mouthwash that would numb my gums to get me through until I could get my wisdom teeth out

Get it pulled just don’t any pain meds that they give.

I’ve had 2 fillings and a root canal beginning at 10 weeks. Im 33 weeks today.

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I went through the same thing and let it go until my 2nd trimester. The dentist told me that it’s safer to have dental work done in your first trimester than any other time in a pregnancy. I had to take a 10 day round of antibiotics (approved by my OB) and then had a root canal, which was almost painless.

I had my tooth pulled while I was 7 months pregnant

You can still see a dentist while pregnant.

U can get dental work done while pregnant and it’s better in the beginning stop waisting time and prevent something more serious from happening like ur lives.

Your gums also swell it’s called pregnancy gingivitis and it makes your teeth hurt also . It went away for me in my third trimester thank god . It felt worse than having braces . Get a non alcohol mouthwash for your gum health and carry those dental flossers around . Any tiny piece of food that gets between your teeth will cause then to flare up . Tylenol does nothing . I constantly used max strength oragel on my teeth

To hold you over until getting it extracted, rinse with hydrogen peroxide after brushing and then rinse again with a mouthwash… orajel does make a mouth wash with numbing for tooth pain! Also, not sure if safe during pregnancy, but midol helps tremendously with the pain… just ask doctor first!

I had a tooth pulled early on in pregnancy and all was fine.

Clove oil normally helped more with my mouth pain than tylenol

When I was 16 and pregnant I had bad teeth I was like 8 months pregnant close to my due date they gave me the gas and I went to sleep and didn’t wake up till he was finished never had a problem out of it I think you would be fine to do it or you can try Excedrin migraine that works too I had one so bad I spent 7 Days in the hospital it was a huge not under my eye family got it pulled thank goodness

Take a black tea bag,doesn’t have to caffeinated. Soak it in warm water then place it on your sore tooth, the tepids in black tea will help greatly. But get that tooth out asap!

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Can’t stand tooth pain. I’d have them pull it. Get it over with.

See a dentist. Good grief

To let tooth pain that bad go can be dangerous. Infected teeth can and does cause Sepsis. This can cause death. Make sure you are given a antibiotic before any work gets done on your tooth to prevent the spread of the infection to your brain, heart or anywhere else in your body.

I had two teeth pulled when pregnant and I was in the same boat as you. Just do it is all I can say

Don’t let it go to long! I’ve had a toothache for over a month. 3 courses of antibiotics and need to see a oral surgeon. The longer you wait the worse it’s gonna be!

Get it out, please. There can be so many problems if you don’t!!!

Just getting over again and let him pull it painless and you don’t have to go night night

With my first pregnancy I experienced terrible terrible tooth pain and waited way too long to see the dentist, but once I did I had a lot of work done including having wisdom teeth pulled. Your OB will approve, mine did. Better have it done now b4 having a newborn and having work done then and continuing the pain throughout pregnancy, trust me it will get worse the farther along you get. Take care of it now!!!

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I had a tooth problem while i was pregnant. The dentist wanted to do a root canal but of course that’s not covered under insurance. So i had it pulled. My first one ever pulled and i was more worried about the pain from that then anything. You will be fine, it won’t affect the baby at all. I was kicking myself when i left the dentist because i was so worried about the pain and had none!

Just get it out, you will feel much better

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Girl just get it pulled you’ll feel so much better.

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There is no reason you can’t get it out. They numb the area locally and pull it.
For now, lavender oil on your jawline and clove oil on the tooth itself.

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I was 5 months pregnant when i had to have a tooth pulled and everything was fine. They cant give you much for pain other then what you can take now but i thought it hurt less once they pulled it.

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I had tooth pulled at 8 weeks all was OK.

Get it pulled, they can numb you and then you will just have to stick to Tylenol once it’s out.

Having an infection in your took the can be more harm than just getting it pulled .

Get it out now. It can cause serious problems and if infection comes back and gets worse not only will it hurt you but baby too.

I was 6 months when i got a tooth pulled. Dont be scared you only feel one needle prick thats it. Its waaaayyyy better to get it pulled instead of leaving it in. And they can prescribe you Tylenol 3. Wont hurt the baby at all.

I had one pulled and had to wait till my 2nd trimester. To have it done.

I got a back molar pulled at 5 months pregnant…and I was completely fine no meds or ANYTHING. Good luck

I had an abscessed tooth pulled during my first pregnancy. Have it pulled, seriously.

I had a really bad infection and had to have some dental work done, I was in my last trimester but they called my ob and got the green light to give me pain meds after they worked on my tooth. My ob said since I wasn’t going to be on them long term and the benefit outweighed the risk of how bad the infection could get they approved it. I think it truly depends person to person so I would go in and just tell the dentist how far along you are and they will advise you, I am sure you aren’t the first pregnant woman they have come across.

You’ll just need to get a release from your OB. That’s how most dentist work with pregnant patients

Dental work is totally safe when your pregnant. My dentist did say that the second trimester is the best time to get work done if you need it, but you should be safe.

They can numb it and pull it.

It’s pretty safe to have it pulled. My ob wrote a note saying that I could be prescribed certain prescription painkillers ( she attached a safe drug list). You don’t wanna leave it in.

Swish warm salt water

I had fibromyalgia inmy tooth told to chew gum work your jaw it goes away worth try

Dental work is safe during your second trinester

i had all my teeth out asleep when i was pregnant i didnt know i was at the time my baby was fine

Get it pulled.Make the dentist aware you are pregnant and they have procedures in place. Its better to do it now before you get an infection or abscess.

I had to get a couple back teeth pulled with both of my pregnancies. It is safe and you will feel so much better once it is done. I put it off for so long also and when I finally gave in it was instant relief. Congrats on your pregnancy and I hope you are able to find some relief soon!!

I’m going to the dentist right now while being 21 weeks pregnant and trust me you don’t want to wait. I’m having a root canal done so I k ow your pain. Do it!

Go to a dentist ASAP. Waiting only makes things worse. There might be an ER dentist in your area to help you. Good luck.

Id have it pulled i had 1 pulled during 1st trimester best thing ever

I had to have two pulled when I was pregnant. I’ll be the first to tell you I am terrified of the dentist. Always have been but when the toothache kicked in and not being able to take anything to help it I had it pulled. Go to someone who will numb your gum really good. You’ll do just fine. :heart:

Dental work is perfectly safe and needed when pregnant. Too much stress on you is too much stress on your baby. Just call your OB and get a recommendation on what you need. You need sleep and food and drink when you’re pregnant.

I had tooth pulled in second trimester…

I had a tooth pulled when I was 7 months pregnant. They numbed my gums (lidocaine?) and pulled it right out. Was fast and painless. Healing wasn’t bad either, I think I just took advil or tylenol. For sure talk to your dentist.

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:sob: this brings back bad memories…I had horrible tooth pain (at 7 weeks), went to the dentist told him 100 times I was pregnant said I’d be ok put the led vest on me said it needed to be pulled gave me a shot on my gums and said when I hit second trimester he’d remove it. Fast forward 5 weeks went in for my 12 week appointment couldn’t find a heartbeat went for an ultrasound baby measured 7 weeks, no heartbeat.
Don’t do the dentist if you can avoid it until second trimester…Definitely see your ob, Definitely ask a million and one questions. Don’t let them just say you’ll be ok and leave it at that

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I used vanilla extract! It’s a natural anaesthetic

I suffered with 2 toothaches when I was pregnant got one pulled and the other a root canal but I had to wait over a month each time the pain was unbearable ice packs on my face became my best friend good luck I hope everything works out for you

Get it pulled ASAP
An infection is much worse during pregnancy than getting a toothed pulled


Dr. Tichenor mouthwash

Get it pulled and let the dentist know you’re pregnant. They have protocols in place. Tooth aches are for the birds.


I had one pulled while pregnant and did fine. From someone that has had lots of issues with my teeth, laying down will make the pain a lot worse. Try and sleep in a recliner.

I have had plenty of work done with a note from my OB

It depends on the situation. If money is tight, your cheapest option is to just pull however, you can also get a root canal. So it all depends on what the situation is. Root canal can also give you pain relief and you still can keep your tooth.

Our dentist here won’t see a pregnant woman unless she is 14-34 weeks pregnant incase they have to prescribe you medicine after getting a tooth pulled and most can harm the baby before the second trimester. I had horrible tooth pain in my first pregnancy until I was able to get it pulled. My doctor had to prescribe me antibiotics for abscess a few times and told me to use orajel, anbersol, and tylenol for the pain. Talk to your OB about it before getting it pulled and see what they recommend with you only being 9 weeks pregnant. I am 16 weeks with my 3rd and I had a toothache recently found out it was another abscess caused by something stabbing my gum and wasn’t the actual tooth so antibiotics and tylenol with codeine is what she prescribed to help me through it. Each OB is different though.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What to do for tooth pain during pregnancy? - Mamas Uncut

It’s safe to have your teeth pulled when pregnant, both of my pregnancies resulted in a loss of a tooth! Damn babies sucked the calcium straight outta my mouth and 2 of my teeth ending up falling apart🤧 lol

I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I went thru a similar situation right before the start of my second trimester. I was so miserable!!! I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep and no matter what I did it throbbed and made me wanna cry. I’m high risk due to previous loss at 19 weeks so I was super scared to have it pulled. After about 3 weeks of straight pain and agony, I finally went to the dentist and let him pull it. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Go get it pulled, make sure you tell them you are pregnant and you will be fine. It can turn into a whole lot of other issues, especially being pregnant. Good luck :heart:

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Friend of mine had a root canal during her first pregnancy, have it pulled, it’s fine.

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When I was pregnant with my 1st (18 now) they gave me percocet and pulled my tooth. My daughter was born on time and healthy. She graduated high school with 2years of college done too! I know it’s scary but leaving a bad tooth in can cause sepsis and that’s not something you want especially being pregnant!!! A bad tooth is serious. Please talk to the dentist, if you arent comfortable find another dentist.


I had this with all 3 pregnancies, so bloody painful I know. I got mine pulled out the 1st pregnancy but 2nd and 3rd I lived with the pain. Just get it out it doesn’t get any better, dont torture yourself.

I have legit been in tooth pain/jaw pain since the start of my pregnancy. At week 15 I had a coronectomy on my bottom right wisdom tooth, at 32 weeks I had a root canal on my front top right tooth. The pregnancy had been hell on my oral health. I’m now 34 almost 35 weeks and still have jaw pain. I see a neurologist once a month for nerve blocks cuz the pain radiates up into my nerves in my skull on right side. It used to be debilitating until I started getting those

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I had horrible tooth problems in late 2nd trimester and whole 3rd trimester I was high risk I didn’t have dental so I couldn’t do nothing about it my ob gave me antibiotics for it that would help for a week or two but that’s it I was in horrible horrible pain I would sit and just cry I couldn’t hardly eat anything hard the whole time. Please if you can get it taken care of do so cause my daughter is about to 1.5 and I now have 4 bad teeth that cause horrible pain and that are broke due to pregnancy. I took iron drunk milk constantly and nothing helped. She killed my teeth badly.

If you have an abcess that poison isn’t good for you or the baby. I hope you find relief soon.:heartbeat:

I’ve had a tooth pulled almost every pregnancy and found out in my last pregnancy (twins) that I had a vitamin d defiency! It ruined my teeth, I advise you to go ahead and get it pulled if your Dr ok’s it, and take your vitamins your baby and body needs them !!

You need to get it done before your 3re trimester. I had alot pulled with my last baby and she is 5 yrs old now. I was terrified but I was so glad to have them pulled

Your causing more stress and damage on yourself & baby not removing the tooth, and not getting enough rest. I’m 3 months pregnant and had a tooth ache too. Went straight to the dentist and had it fixed up. You’ve nothing to worry about just tell them your pregnant ect and they’ll look after you. Xx

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I had dental work with my first pregnancy. My OB stressed that it was important to have it done before baby was born cause getting away to the dental office was gonna be nearly impossible with a new baby. He had me wait til my second trimester. Your dentist will make accommodations for your pregnancy. Mine didn’t do xrays but instead used a special HD camera. Local anesthesia is exactly that…local. So it’s not gonna cause issues for baby. Take care of yourself so you can enjoy your pregnancy.:heart:

Pull it I went through the same thing. I wish I would have let them pull it. It got way worse later. If its effecting your ability to eat it needs to goo.

I had a tooth pulled at 34 weeks!! It went well. I would def consult with your OB to make sure it’s okay for you to get it pulled.

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Go see a dentist. Tooth infection & abscesses can go to your blood stream very quickly & can attack the heart muscle.

I have had dental work in the past. Your dentist should be able to tell you if it’s safe or not. I went routinely to have work done while pregnant. :slight_smile:

Glove oil honey! Seriously the best stuff for a toothache. You can get it at Walgreens or Walmart or other places. You just need a dab. It will make your mouth water & it doesn’t taste the greatest.
Ps. For the guys, don’t touch the oil then touch your wee wee, it burns! Lol

Oral health is important when you’re pregnant. Do what is needed for the sake of your health, it could interfere with your eating habits if you leave it to absces, that could lead to preterm labour and other complications. Taking care of you is taking care of your pregnancy/baby.

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I had the same pain. And finally said no more and had mine pulled 2.weeks ago and I was 19 weeks

It’s from low iron. I had the same problem during pregnancy. Get it fixed or pulled and get some iron supplements so the rest don’t start giving you isues

Omg why won’t have another baby ha I had horrendous toothaches.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What to do for tooth pain during pregnancy? - Mamas Uncut

I had the same problem during my early pregnancy.
I used to gargle using lukewarm water mixed in salt each time it hurt especially at night.
It worked like wonder and never had the problem again.

Ice, wrapped in a towel on the face works xx

Clove oil works every time! It’s hot on the tongue but sssooo worth it