What to do for sciatic pain

6 months pregnant - I am literally in pain every day.
My sciatic nerve is acting up daily now - to the point it can be excruciating to stand or sit for extended periods of time…
I also have pelvic pain that is the absolute worst if I sit for too long.
I work as a cashier - and although I have a chair, it’s not helping anymore because even sitting on a stool for 9 hours a day is killing me. I know I sound like a baby but I’m having a rough pregnancy… my mother and MIL both can’t believe all the issues I’m having… to the point I just cry at night from the pain… I don’t want to work anymore, but I have to for bills and etc. he works, but I don’t feel comfortable having him pay MY phone bill, and MY credit card bill until I take maternity leave… I’ve already mentioned to them I can’t work more than 1 day straight & I can only do 6 hours a day - yet they are making me receive an accommodation from the HR department which can take awhile, and I have to have my doctor fax paperwork to HR and wait for an approval (or disapproval)
I don’t know what to do. I’ll feel so guilty if I stop working…

Is that better? Or you just can’t post in general?


Chiropractor. My chiropractor fixed my sciatic nerve problem, and then when I got round ligament pain she fixed that too!

I would look into a chiropractor (check with your OBGYN to see if they have any they would recommend)- there are specific places that cater to pregnant patients that help a lot with sciatic pain (chiromom). Compression socks (you can find them on Amazon) and even compression arm sleeves are a lifesaver as well. Good luck!! You’re in the home stretch!!!

What they are saying with you having to wait for approval? I would check into that. You should be able to have a dr note and they should accommodate.

Chiropractor fixed my sciatica in a few treatments. You also might want to do massage as well.

Try a chiropractor. I know how you feel. My 2nd pregnancy was brutal with the sciatic nerve pain and I was a daycare teacher so on my feet a lot too.

First of all you are NOT AT ALL a baby!!! No 2 woman or pregnancies will ever be the same! I am 5 weeks away from having my 5th baby and luckily I don’t work now. I did work with my first 2 pregnancies and I did have to switch jobs because I was serving and couldn’t keep up and became super clumsy. I have heard wonders from chiropractors you should ask your dr for a referral to one that is experienced with pregnancy and the pain you’re having. I don’t want to be a bearer of bad news but if you’re feeling this way now there is a good chance it will get worse as baby gets bigger, so you def don’t want to wait on getting treatment options. Be honest with your OB he/she should be able to not only offer physical help but work help too!

I have terrible pelvic pain. I use a maternity belt and put it on while laying down

Go see a chiropractor and also get some foot reflexology

Sounds like SPD, it’s awful and excruciating

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I would definitely look into a chiropractor.

I suffered from sciatica look into a chiropractor it worked wonders very safe and healthy for baby also helps with a smoother delivery…DO NOT use any heat as that will only irritate your nerve…its inflamed so use ice packs!

Rethink feeling guilty for allowing the father to help support you while you carry his child. How would you feel if overworking harmed the baby ?

Chiropractic care for sure!! Its amazing!!

Not a being a baby at all with my last my hips were rotating while spreading making 1 leg shorter than the other. My doc would put them back for it to come right back forward when i left the office. People had to help me a lot as i couldn’t walk or stand that great cuz it hurt so bad

I understand with pain. I had internal hip socket surgery last year to remove 4 inches of bone cancer. I am 39 weeks.pregnant and have struggled for almost half my pregnancy. Take a deep.breath and know you’re not alone and def NOT a baby!! Do what you believe is best for you and your baby.

Chiropractors help tremendously. Look for one whose been around a while. They know what theyre doing and wont end up hurting you or baby.

Maybe look into seeing a chiropractor. I have heard they can do wonders for that kind of thing.

Look at maybe a belly band also… I’m having bad ligament issues and my doc recommended that for me to help and with sciatica my doc has sent me to pt and told me to use a yoga ball and that helps

I went to a chiropractor and he showed me spine stretches and had me lay on a tennis ball. Also stretch your calves by putting your foot on the wall and leaning forward. Stretch before work and at night.

I have the same sciatic and pelvic pain. you can only work as long as you think it’s safe. try cbd or a bump belt. i take cbd gummies and it helps the pain so much

My pain just past recently

I spent last 3mo. On bedrest due to this issue 3x. If you have disability insurance, you qualify to quit work and collect. Just takes a letter from your Dr. To verify your state of condition. At home, lay down. Do not sit. Also when it hurts so bad to walk at home. Crawl. I had no pain when crawling.

I had SPD… it was so excruciating I couldn’t stand up most days. My husband would have to lift me into a sitting position.

Hang in there I had that trouble with one of my children They sit on that nerve Don’t k ow if this will work but I used to pat my other side of my stomach He would move and I was better Hoping you the best

I went on maternity leave at 30 weeks
Due to pain and health and pregnancy related issues
If you need to take it early you can look in to maternity related disability assistance
That way you still have a bit of income

Tie your tubes Right after the birth.