What to do for rounf ligament pain?

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:cherry_blossom:FTM jw what it felt like when you Mamas had “round ligament” pain? Some words to describe it, so I know if that’s what I’m feeling or not? Thanks!!!

for me, round ligament pain was a pain in my groin, like those ligaments where your crotch and hip come together? right where underwear hits - the crease.


What Amy Ritz said! Its terrible. Ive been going thru it! Hang in there.

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If you don’t know better you think it’s contractions. It’s not. Sorry.

Kind of like pulling a muscle or a cramp, painful but tolerable

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Like you got stabbed. It’s a super sudden super sharp pain near your hips or along your pelvic area from hip to hip. It hurts so bad.

Like there is a bowling ball on top of my cervix

A knife in the groin area

The pain the doc described as round ligament pain felt like someone had attached a rope to the muscles on the sides of my stretched out belly with a hook and periodically yanked as hard as they could on them at the most random of times.

Felt like hell. Constant pain in your belly and you feel like it’s contractions but since it’s constant it’s not. Drove me nuts my entire first pregnancy.

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I had this pain on both sides of my belly early on and it only got worse as my pregnancy progressed. I wasn’t able to walk fast because I would get a stabbing pain that wouldn’t go away unless I put pressure on it and had to walk super slow. I used lots of pillows to support my back and tummy, n one for my knees. It really sucked.

Also down the sides of your torso! I had some serious pain especially at the end

Pain in lower stomach for me. Felt like tearing from inside but would come and go.
Had an emergency dr visit at one point because every time I twisted, walked too fast, or got out of a chair I got stabbing pain.
They assured me it was just round ligimate pain and sent me home.
It will come and go, sadly. But when it goes you will feel 100% (other then the other normal symptoms of pregnancy)
Hang in there mama!!

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felt like my hips were being ripped off tbh, I remember one time when I was laying down on the bed and I went to sit up and it felt like both of my hips broke at once, it was horrible and so painful I just froze up, I literally couldn’t move until the pain subsided and my face was froze like the bloody scream mask the entire time

I felt like hips were being rips off every single day​:cry::cry:

For me, it felt like my hips had been broken with occasional jabs of sharp shooting pains but I had pretty bad SPD and was literally unable to walk or sit upright on my own for months.

It hurts to do anything lol

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It felt like tearing or ripping on either side of my pelvis, sometimes like a stab. The pubis dys… whatever felt like my pelvic bone broke in half right in the middle, almost like I was going to fall if I kept walking. Very weird feelings to say the least. Hope this helps.