What to do for lower back pain in pregnancy?

Hey moms! I am a stepmom to a five-year-old boy and am pregnant with my first baby girl! I am 35 1/2 weeks pregnant. Just wondering what are the best ways to help with lower back pain and Braxton Hicks! Mine are getting SO BAD! THANKS

My back and hips were really bad, I found going on a pregnancy ball helped a lot x

Acupressure pillow/mat and warm baths also getting on hands and knees, forehead to the floor for a few minutes to take some pressure off and getting your partner to massage you in this position with your head resting on a couch or something helps too

There are some really good pregnancy yoga videos on YouTube too that helped me! I worked retail while I was pregnant so my back was always killing me

I lived on my pregnancy ball & heat patches/hot water bottle. I used my partners back support to strap my hot water bottle to my back on the worst days when I could barely move, it was amazing! X

Drink a lot of water!!!

I was experiencing Braxton hicks every 10-20mins for 3 days straight (so bad they hurt just as bad as true contractions!)
The only thing that “helped” was morphine shots from the hospital. It didn’t help the pain, but it help me sleep!