What to do for infant constipation?

My little girl is 2 weeks old today. She hasnt pooped since the night before last and her belly seems to be really upsetting her. Is there anything I can do at home to try to get her to poop before scheduling a doctors appointment?


If she is bottlefed try changing her formula.

I dont think you give newborns enemas unless directed by a doctor
… so dont do that unless directed by health professional


Warm prune juice and a warm bath
Sometimes our bodies need to be in a sitting position and I find a warm bath always helps my kids poop

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Use a q-tip to stimulate her rectum (NICU taught me this so it’s not crazy lol)

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It’s actually normal for children that small to only poop once a week weird I know but true. If you are breast feeding or bottle feeding with diary feed soy milk that’s diary free

I use telement drops in my new borns bottle

If your breastfeeding thats quite normal.


Windi. They have them at the store. We’ve used it on our child and it’s the only thing that helps for us

You can also try the bicycle motion with her legs that sometimes helped get things moving.


I wld change her formula to simalac sensitive put 1 tsp of Karo syrup and use Mylicon gas drops

If you are breastfeeding it’s normal… dont give a baby that young anything without seeing a doctor first. Esp not prune juice or water!!


I remember an incident a whole back. It wasn’t that the babes couldn’t poop. The passage was too narrow so the baby screamed and cramped all the time. Medically the passage was gradually stretched. Just my 2c worth.

Def don’t give anything without dr approval at that age. If you are breastfeeding it’s normal to go days without.


Vaseline on a rectal thermometer insert it to help her. My baby has the same issues it works wonders just be sure you have a diaper under her butt


Is she formula fed? If so it may be the formula and you might want to try a different one.

Jesus Christ…what am I reading? Give a 2 week old an enema are you kidding me… yep please don’t do that…give her a lovely warm bath and massage her stomach used to work a treat for my son as being that young not a lot of medicines are appropriate x good luck


Move her legs like shes riding a bicycle, a tbsp of dark karo syrup mixed in bottles, & rub the tummy!

It’s completely normal! Her little body is using up all those nutrients. Make sure she is getting enough in her belly. My daughter isn’t poop for 10 days after she was born and I didn’t realize it was because I wasn’t making enough breastmilk. Just massage her belly and put a lukewarm washcloth on her belly to help out. And PLEASE don’t give an enema!! Don’t give your baby anything until you speak to a medical PROFESSIONAL WHO HAS TREATED YOUR CHILD PERSONALLY

If you’re breastfeeding this can be quite normal; Check with Pediatrition

I had to do anal stimulation with a qtip and Vaseline

Holy cow… some of these recommendations are quite scary… I would start a probiotic (gerble soothe ) if formula fed may need to switch formulas my son had constipation issues due to formula until I put him on gerber gentle…if breast fed this is normal… can try gas drops and gripe water for upset stomach… windi is also a good choice…

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A teaspoon of Karo syrup in her bottle should help. My doctor said it is completely fine to do this.


Ive heard bicycling legs can help get things moving. That never worked for mine though. I used to rub her tummy clockwise while rocking her she pooped every time


Try some unflavored pedialyte

Gerber probiotic drops

White Petroleum or vaseline on the thermometer, in the rectum, not too far tho

Breast fed? Rub her tummy in a clockwise motion, tummy time, lay her over your knees, curl knees to her tummy.
My son didn’t poop for 13 days as a newborn. We ended up giving him a teaspoon of apple juice and that worked within minutes, but I HATED GIVING IT TO HIM :disappointed: I would just call your dr, I don’t think it warrants a visit

Oh my Lord the things I’m reading here!!

Give her a warm bath, bicycle her legs and massage her tummy in a clockwise direction.

Worst case, some cool boiled water. Just half an ounce/a few gulps before each feed until she’s been.


Babies don’t have to poop every day. If you think it is bothering her, keep her belly warm, rub her belly, move her legs around… She may cry a little but could help in the long run.

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Bicycle legs. Do not above anything up her bum. Wtf. Nice warm bath and check formula isn’t bunging her up. Xx


Definitely try doing the bicycle motion. A nurse also told me to stimulate her with a baby wipe. The bicycle motion worked for me though.

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Rub a little castor oil on her belly

Karol syrup is what my dr had us do and she pooped that day a teaspoon in her bottle she will go my duaghter was like 6wks old when dr had ua do this i would call your ped…but Karol syrup will not hurt them just use a lil a teaspoon.good luck

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Try mylicon and or milk of magnesium those helped my baby boy go after 2 days of being constipated

Qtip with vaseline. It doesnt hurt. I paired it with apple prune juice from gerber and it would work within 1-2 hrs

I use milicon drops and gripe water mixed together. My lo did the same thing, after giving her this she pooped.

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Warm bath and put little soap on butt let stay for second or two then warm rag on butt than get out tub hold baby on side and should help

Could be the milk constipating your baby if your formula feeding or the baby isn’t getting enough but if you’re breastfeeding that can be a sign that the baby is not getting enough breast milk or it could be an allergic reaction to the milk itself formula and you may need to change the formula to one that has probiotics in it to help with Digestive Health. I would call the pediatrician before giving your baby anyting because most things that people suggest especially the older generation are not safe for babies

2 weeks old call doctor and ask

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Belly rubs. Anything warm. Google baby massage for constipation

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Call the doctor. Some babies don’t poop as often, my baby poops every few days if she’s only eating breastmilk but she is older and didn’t start that till around 3 months, before that she was pooping at least once every day. Their digestive system is still new. We always had good success passing gas/getting her to poop with gripe water.

qtip with vasaline. works like a charm

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I would say exactly what Vanessa Barnes and Angela Birk said. I have also used a very small amount of kero syrup with my kids in the past. Something my grandma tought me that always helped but definitely try move the babies legs in a bicycle motion rub the tummy and or a warm bath first and remember they dont have to go everyday.

Breastfed babies can go a week without pooping and it’s normal. I would get gripe water or mylecon drops for her tummy and maybe a warm wash rag on her tummy.

Heat, massage and “bicycle legs”. Place the baby laying on their back on your lap, with their feet towards your abdomen. And “bicycle” their legs putting gentle pressure on their abdomen with their legs.

its normal for babies to not poop daily, ebf can go 10ish or more days. and i think formula is maybe 7days.
but if you think its causing her problems do a “rectal” temp that ALWAYS got my son to poop.

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If your asking a fb group…gp is a must to put your mind at ease xx ask…gp and share findings to help ease others xx

Take a rectal temp, massage her stomach, do the bicycle exercise with her legs make sure that she is thoroughly burped

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One word of advice given to my husband with our first baby by her Dr. Leave her alone she will shit when she is ready…

My doc said to use pedi lax liquid laxitives

Put some Karo syrup in her bottle


Warm prune juice. Glycerin suppository

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Put a teaspoon of white Kayro syrup in her bottle. The sugar makes babies poop.

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If you rub your baby’s stomach starting at the bottom of ribcage with your pointer and middle finger making circular motions down towards under the bellybutton it will help your baby’s intestines move poo.

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Also you could after feeding, moving her legs as if she were riding bike that helps stimulate intestines for poo.

Stimulate her rectum with the tip of a flexible thermometer and vaseline. If there is a hard piece of poop you can make it easier to pass

Slow bicycle kicks, bring her knees to her tummy/chest in a squat while on their bakc, hold for 5 seconds then release. Repeat that a few times. Rub your baby’s belly in a circular motion going down.

Honestly I would feed her pears blended up so smooth its a liquid pears or peaches helps adults poop

If you brest fed eat lots of proonse

Glycerin suppository which is known as a soap stick.